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Trivia / Flux Buddies

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  • Acting for Two: Given that Kim and Duncan play their own Minecraft characters (Nanosounds and Lalna respectively) as well as their evil counterparts, this is a given.
  • Ascended Fanon: Nano's sapphire. Originally an item given to her by Lalna, depictions of it as a necklace became popular in the fanbase until it was permanently incorporated in to her Minecraft skin that way.
  • Fan Nickname: The fandom calls Speciman Five "Echo", and the duo of her and Lalnable are known as Blood Buddies and Clone Buddies to differentiate them from the Flux Buddies. Whether the latter remains in use is to be seen after the reveal that Lalnable is actually the original and Lalna is the clone.
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  • Talking to Yourself: Depending on how much a clone can count as being yourself, but this is another consequence of having to play two roles that interact with each other.

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