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The Apprentice

  • Nano just finishes her portal gun, squees over it, and out of sheer curiosity, she shoots up towards the moon expecting nothing to happen, despite Lalna's warning. Anyone who's played Portal 2 knows what happens next, and the mod maker did as well. The portal winds up sucking up Nano and Lalna, killing both of them. After they're done laughing, Nano accidentally opens another portal, which is still linked to the moon, inside her tower. It kills Nano twice, and then devours almost the entire first two floors of her tower, including the chest full of material mined from the quarry.
  • Nano mentions hearing weird voices whispering to her while she's sleeping...Lalna's immediate response? "Oh, that's just me." And he watches her and throws popcorn because it's funny.


  • Shortly after crash-landing in Episode 1, Sjin and Lalna have a friendly exchange of words. Nano, on the other hand, is less than pleased to hear from him. Lalna notes that she's surprisingly angry in that recording, causing her to explode at him for being so calm, given the bizarre turn of events.
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  • The biome with the two-block tall ferns in episode 2 first cause Nano and Lalna to lose sight of each other, and later obscure Lalna's vision so much he falls in to a ravine.
  • In Episode 4, Nano states that if they made a statue of Sips to launch a rocket out of, it would come out of his ass. A graphic illustrating this pops up.
    • The idea was so funny that there was a highly upvoted thread on Reddit suggesting that Sjin make his next Let's Build a "Sips Bum Rocket Launcher".
  • Duncan building complex expensive machinery and then completely forgetting why he built it.
  • Referring to their basement, where the smeltery is located, as the sex dungeon. This becomes so much of a Running Gag that Hannah, in a separate Minecraft series in the same universe, asks Nilesy if he's "heard about their sex dungeon?" and Nilesy is, understandably for an outsider, quite squicked out.
  • Episode 11 has Nano and Lalna trying to fix a staircase. As the title of the episode indicates, it takes them a few times.
  • In Episode 26, they find Sjin's base and decide to troll him by leaving statues everywhere.
    • Lalna tells Nano a few episodes later that Sjin hadn't been able think of a way to work the statues into an episode, so he had just deleted them. Their reaction is an equal mix of anger and sadness.
  • A brief moment during Nano's launch into space when the rocket shooting into space accidentally sets Tiddles the cat on fire, cause them both to panic.
  • After establishing the moon base, they use a nether portal to break out of their age into the overworld. The entire video is quite funny, but there are two highlights
    • First, on arrival Lalna immediately tries to hang-glide through a hole in a nearby mountain. That turned out to be an unloaded chunk.
    • When they do get into flight, they immediately find Lalna's old castle, now completely overrun by flux and ruined. Nano lands on it and comments that she likes the new purple color scheme of the place, and suggests moving back in. Meanwhile, Lalna is promptly infected by taint, swarmed by tainted mobs, and then killed, all the while yelling about how dangerous the castle is right now. Nano subsequently gliding off entirely oblivious to any threats sells the moment.

Flux Buddies

  • In episode 39, aptly named 'Blood Heist', Nano decides to go out and see whose blood she can steal, since she knows Hat Films and Sjin are recording something together and probably distracted.
    • First she manages to make her way into Hat Films' base, but as they only have one bed she only gets the DNA of Trottimus. (Unbeknownst to her, Ross had respawned in the base after dying and saw her snooping around, but decided to leave her alone.)
    • Later, she visits Sjin's Farm, where she can see everyone running around. Despite her attempts to be stealthy, Lewis spots her rather quickly and confronts her via chat. After a quick exchange where she claims to want to borrow sugarcane, he tells her goodbye. She then quickly types 'Hey Xephos! What's that over there?' and Lewis actually turns around and Kim taglocks him while his back is turned. Her mischievous laughter while she flies away is hilarious. Made better by A) you can't point your finger in Minecraft, and B) Lewis heard the dinging sound of her taglocking him, but had no idea what it was.
  • In episode 65, Kim finds a journal signed by Lalnable Hector. As she reads it, the in-game weather actually gives dramatic thunder.

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