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The Apprentice

Much Words. Much Wow.


  • On Lalna's lead, the first thing the pair do after gearing up is climb all the way up the incredibly high crags biome on foot, cutting a staircase all the way. Once they get over the top Lalna decides against climbing down the other side, in favor of building a diving board and taking a running jump off the cliffs!. There was a river below, and he had slept to set his spawn point, but still, that took some nerve.
    • Nano arguably one upped him; she followed him down after picking up both beds. She didn't have a second chance to fall back on when she jumped.
  • The hang gliders Nano made on a whim led to all kinds of awesomeness. The crowning moment would be episode 35, when, after gliding all the way to the Baked Bean Fort to get some essential supplies, they decide to use Lalna's slime island as the launch for the journey home. The nerdpole they make goes right up to world height, and they subsequently glide all the way back to their home in a single jump. The sheer celebration when they manage to land on their roof just sells the entire moment.
  • And two episodes later they top it yet again. With their rocket ready and fully fueled, Lalna suggests that Nano takes up the link book. She succeeds on her first attempt, becoming the fourth Yogscast member to travel by rocket, and the first to pull off a perfect landing on the moon. Her sheer delight when she touches down sends also makes this a heartwarming moment.
    • Notably, Duncan used team Jaffa's approach; send up one rocket with a Linking Book. Unlike team Jaffa though, they executed it flawlessly, and after just one launch now have a permanent moon link.

Flux Buddies

  • Nano and Lalna's method of flight, combining Jetpacks and hang gliders, is a joint awesome achievement for the duo. They came up with it between them, with Kim making the gliders in Galacticraft, and Duncan having the idea to boost them with the jetpacks later on. The result is easily the fastest method of travel yet seen on the server, as well as allowing for decent manouverability in the air when needed, and to top it off makes far more efficient use of hydrogen than a jet pack alone ever could.
  • Episode 20, a Brick Joke from The Apprentice lands - while exploring the moon in their buggy, Nano finds her old tower and the portal gun that sent it there. Cue epic music and much Squeeing.
  • Kim's great blood heist overlaps with a crowning moment of funny. In short, she decides to collect Taglocks for Poppets, and breaks into Sjin's farm and Hat Film's base to steal them. She gets several copies of Sjin and Trott from their beds, but then, upon running into Lewis, somehow manages to distract him and tag him from behind in person!. The crowning moment of funny is that she literally did it just by typing "What's that over there" prompting Lewis to look around.
    Lewis: What was that dinging sound?
    • To make it even funnier and more - Kim and Duncan almost die laughing afterwards and Kim announces to Duncan that "you'd be so proud of me!" and they actually get away with it!
  • Duncan's holiday to Disneyland (literal Duncan, not Lalna, although it was played as such in the series). Nano is left running Panda Labs herself, and just about everything she does while he's away is awesome.
    • Nano's attempt at a peace treaty with HAT films. It went about as well as anybody expected it to, but while she was still trying to be friendly Kim managed to get their coordinates without being noticed, just in case it came to missiles. Then when things turned heated she went straight for their force field generator, and when Trot tried to stop her she utterly curbstomped him with a rocket launcher. Finally, she defended Lalna's missile silo from all three Hatters, taking them out without much difficulty, and chases them off while declaring nuclear war. She's certainly come a long way from being an apprentice.
    Nano: Dear Duncan. Whole you were on holiday in Disneyland, I did something bloody spectacular.
    • And the very next episode she upstages herself by killing death singlehandedly. She didn't intend to fight when she summoned him, so she didn't have half her weapons ready to use, or any potions. So she just hacked at him with her sword for two days until she won. By the time Lalna gets back, she's already made herself better weapons to make the rematch go quicker and smoother.
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  • The war against HAT films at the conclusion of the series is a long chain of awesome moments, for both sides. Nano and Lalna's various preparations give them a serious edge and they consistently seem to take the upper hand, culminating in Nano Becoming Death in the final showdown. However, the Hatters also come out swinging by completely destroying Panda Labs with a few decisive attacks. Basically, the entire sequence involves both sides cutting loose and fighting with their full potential, and it makes for an epic finale.
  • Hannah and Nilesy are in between both bases, so those missles would have flown over their bases.

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