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Nightmare Fuel / Cindy's Story

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  • One word: Malonix. To clarify:
    • The thing is absolutely bloodthirsty. Though small(it's roughly the size of a pillow), it possesses a screech comparable to a banshee's, Black Eyes of Crazy, and it's teeth are icy cold when they sink into your flesh!
    • Even worse, when it bites a human, the poor person transforms into one, and loses their entire humanity in the process! So far, a Park Manager for Stony Park and Alyssa have been bitten (the manager got better, and Alyssa never fully transformed before coming in contact with a Light Stone).
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    • And what if you're a Pokemon? Sure, you don't transform into a Malonix, but you still lose yourself in the process of becoming a vicious, murderous Pokemon, complete with Purple Eyes and strange markings all over your skin/fur. A lot of wild Pokémon in the forest near Pallet Town got bitten, as well as TY. And then it's revealed that it can be transmitted through mating, infecting the offspring and putting the mate at risk of death by crystals sprouting within them.
    • And lastly, there's an entire army of them in another dimension. Try not to imagine what'll happen when a portal to that dimension opens...
    • You cannot kill them, unless you want a Malonix Virus to stay dormant in an infected Pokémon, erupting over certain circumstances (like looking into a Malonix's eyes)! And if Ty is any indication, the dark side created by a Malonix virus is its own entity, torturing the minds of the poor victims.
      • And then, it seems like Malo!Ty is gradually performing a Split-Personality Takeover, and has so far controlled Ty in spurts such as scaring Pelee and Dynamite, mating with Cindy to conceive Keegan and Smoky (and nearly killing her with the Malonix Virus that came with the pregnancy), and clawing Celebi in the face.
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  • Anonimo's abuse of Cindy. Just think of the abuse that Charmander, Chimchar, and Tepig suffered in the anime, multiply it by about three or maybe even five, combine them, add a whip, and add a Fate Worse than Death, and you've got Cindy's experience as his Pokémon. Even as a Typhlosion under a new trainer, she still suffers from that early-childhood experience. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The time period in between Anonimo abandoning Cindy inside her Pokeball while it is buried underground, and when she winds up with Professor Elm is outright stated to be several months. Keep in mind that Cindy had been starved and severely beaten while recovering from nearly drowning/freezing to death. A theory utilized in the story is that Pokémon are unable to heal from injuries or die inside a Pokeball, which means Cindy had been consigned to a Fate Worse than Death with no hope of ever being rescued! She was lucky that a passerby unburied her Pokeball and gave it to Elm, who later managed to release her from her suffering.
  • Three Words: BLUE. FIRE. FRENZY. It's Exactly What It Says on the Tin, and it is horrifying!
    • It was especially horrifying in an actual nightmare that Quinn had: Cindy chases him, transforming from Cyndaquil to Quilava, and then to Typhlosion, while she's in Blue Fire Frenzy. Quinn woke up when Cindy was giving him a killing blow in the dream.
    • In an early chapter Cindy used it to attack innocent people. She even flamethrowered one guy in the face at point blank!
    • BLAZE'S BLUE FIRE FRENZY. It's implied that he actually killed several people.
  • The Explosive Blood Serum which Anonimo injected into the gang to blackmail Cindy is chilling. Imagine having that stuff inside your body, not knowing when you will explode. Also, imagine Cindy's end, knowing that if she makes one wrong move, her friends are dead.
  • The Blood Moon. That freaking Blood Moon. The fact that it's red should tip you off that something bad's about to happen.It activates a Malonix Virus inside a Pokémon, as demonstrated with Ty (during a battle, no less!).
  • Sombra. The fact that he's a runaway science experiment who was only interested in killing people and actually managed to dismantle entire cities without getting caught is disturbing enough! However, thanks to Amber, he stops being such a selfish jerk relying purely on instinct (both natural and artificial), and realizes that he's missing friends and family to help him overcome his gaping flaws.
    • There's still the problem that said experiment made him part Malonix. Which results in an altered appearance, different colored fire, and a terrifying Superpowered Evil Side that represents his sadistic side, which started manifesting when he was repressing the artificial Malonix instincts.
  • Imagine being chased by an unknown enemy. Imagine dropping your child down a cliff. Imagine being kidnapped right after. That's the story of Jenna, folks. Though Cindy did survive the plummet.
  • Cindy's third pregnancy. While it isn't the pregnancy itself, it's what came with it, a copy of Ty's Malonix virus attached to gametes from regenerated sex organs that not only infects the offspring, but Cindy herself. She goes into bouts of murderous insanity that threatened to kill Hailey, possibly Sammy, Ty, and Cinnamon, as well as slaughtered a bunch of wild Pokémon.
  • "Night of the Red Moon." Oh, goodness, where to begin?
    • It begins with Mind Rape. All we can say is poor Ty....
    • Once Ty looks at the Blood Moon, he hears nothing but his heartbeat and seems to slip into unconsciousness. However, his body gets up, with Malo!Ty as its host, and he proceeds to punch his opponent hard enough to dent its face. Then he throws his trainer into a wall, and lights the stadium on fire just before breaking out.
    • When the others band together to get him, they walk down an empty, desolate street. It's dusty and silent, with the exception of a pay phone with a frantic person on the other end. And when they finally find him, he had broken into a butcher shop, and he later comes out to kill the cops that are dispatched.
    • Malo!Ty popping his neck back into place after Jamie broke it. You could imagine the character's faces when that happened, especially Jamie's.
  • Copper killing a Malonixed Electabuzz. If Malo!Ty was any indication, you can't just snap the neck and expect them to drop dead; they'd pop it back in place. No, you'd have to go into OVERKILL. And that's what Copper did; he completely twisted the head around. Repeatedly.
    • And then right after? The Malonix virus seeped out as an evil spirit, and tried to make Copper its new host. Nutmeg pushes him out of the way, and becomes the new host. She switches to Malo!Nutmeg immediately after.
  • It was only mentioned, but the very fact that Dynamite looked at the red moon, activated his Malonix Virus, and killed his trainer is very chilling. Even worse is that once the red moon set and he found his trainer dead, he went Blue Fire Frenzy to hunt for the murderer... up until he realized HE was the murderer. His state when we see him next definitely proves it was a brutal Break the Haughty moment for him.
  • Just what does the Ultimate Revenge do? It sounds awfully brutal, especially since Team Vortex wants to use it against Cindy and co. And the fact that "direct descendants" of Cindy (since her DNA sample was the only one Team Vortex had) have to unwittingly light the ten torches that activate the Ultimate Revenge by entering Blue Fire Frenzy could only mean more misery for the good guys and any innocent bystanders (for example, Blaze's BFF).


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