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Our Sexy Mafia Boss

Totally Captivated (Hangul:완전무결하게 사로잡히다, romanised as Wanjeon Mukyeol-hage Saro Japhida)is a Manhwa written by Yoo Ha Jin. This is her first work in the Yaoi genre. Her next multi-chapter work in Yaoi is Ilhago Ssaugo Salanghala.

Summary: The mafia threatens Ewon into working for a loan shark, where he's forced to run errands for no pay. The culprit who doomed Ewon to this life is none other than Jiho, Ewon's jealous ex who still burns at Ewon's infidelity. Their gang leader Mookyul, with movie-star good looks and the bizarre, drunken habit of biting people on the neck, takes a keen interest in his attractive new errand boy. Will Ewon be able to survive the violent underworld (not to mention the constant sexual harassment) he must endure as an underling of Mookyul? (Source: myanimelist)

Completed with 49 chapters, 1 epilogue (2 parts), 3 author-written doujinshis, and 1 artbook.

This work contains examples of:

  • Ferris Wheel Date Moment: Played for Laughs when Ewon gets forced into a Ferris Wheel ride with Mookyul and Killer Bear (a former mafioso), the latter of whom thinks Ewon is Mookyul's lover. All kinds of awkwardness ensues.

  • If I Can't Have You…:
    • Mookyul was looking for Ewon Jung for 10 years before finally finding him. Luckily Ewon feels the same way. Luckily for Ewon. Mostly...
    Mookyul: I was gonna lock you in a cage if you told me to let you go, but it turns out for the best, since now we won't have to go through the pain in the ass of fighting.
    • Ewon really, really hopes he doesn't mean that. (He does.)

  • Love Allegory: a deliriously sick Ewon tells Mookyul the reason he doesn't want to be in a relationship is because Mookyul is like the chocolate on top of a cake that he once stole because it looked so good but melted before he could ever eat it. Mookyul tries to convince him this is stupid and in this case Ewon can have his chocolate and eat it too.

  • Office Romance: Ewon gets strong-armed into working for loan-shark Mookyul as penance for cheating on his boyfriend (now Mookyul's lover) Jiho. After months of slave-labour and Belligerent Sexual Tension that everyone can see, Ewon and Mookyul fall for each other.

  • Priceless Ming Vase: Played with. Ewon breaks a priceless vase given to Mookyul by the mafia boss. When the guys inform him that Mookyul will kill him over it, Ewon proposes gluing it back together since he is good at puzzles. Unsurprisingly the guys tell him to run and hide and never come back. Meanwhile, Mookyul doesn't notice the vase is missing, but is rather upset that his favorite Butt-Monkey has run away and forcibly brings Ewon back, while Ewon's terrified he intends to kill him. In the end, to emphasize how unnecessary the whole debacle was, Ewon eventually does glue the vase back together and it looks flawless.

  • Starving Student: Ewon Jung, an orphaned Scholarship Student, calculates a conman's loan in terms of boxes of ramen at one point, and will go along with almost anything for a free meal.

  • Stepford Smiler: Ewon. He smiles, he's friendly, and he will be an Extreme Doormat... until you push him too far. But he's been so utterly and completely broken as a child that if you dig a layer beneath his engaging exterior he's basically an Empty Shell. As a result, he's pretty damn promiscuous, and will shy away from any serious relationship.

  • Trauma-Induced Amnesia: Ewon completely forgets a rather important childhood event because of the beating that immediately preceded it, and the hypothermia that immediately followed it - unfortunately for him, the violent Hair-Trigger Temper mafia boss for whom this was also an important event for does'' remember, and gets fairly pissed off that Ewon doesn't. He eventually remembers after a period of Poor Communication Kills which finally leads to him again almost freezing to death.