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They are so different but they are together.

Iori Tanaka works in a big company and has a bad habit for dating married men. After just another painful break-up she gets drunk in a local bar and ends up sleeping with a bar emoployee — 18-year old Minami Sendou.

These two girls are total opposites of each other. Iory is a well-employed OL with decent family situation, but is a bit lazy and prone to drinking at home, while Minami is a former deliquent with abysmall home situation but good houskeeping skills and dominant character. Still, they decide to move togeteher and pursue their relationships.

Fuzoroi no Renri (不揃いの連理, lit. Rationalism of Irregularities) is a yuri manga written by Mikanuji. First published on the author's Twitter account since June 3, 2017, and on the author's Pixiv account since June 14, 2017. The series has been published in book format by Kadokawa since March 14, 2019.


Fuzoroi no Renri contains examples of:

  • Age-Gap Romance: Not as significant as it could be, but Iori is in her mid 20s while Minami is 18. Later chapters introduce Kujo-sensei, a high-school PE teacher and one of her pupils as a potential love interest.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Iori has a tendency to drink in a local bar after each break-up. Though, she is a bit of Hard-Drinking Party Girl in general.
  • Gamer Chick: Both Heke and Shinohara/Lala. Though, the former started playing online FPS only to get closer to the latter. While the latter was also a famous streamer.
  • Good People Have Good Sex: Despite getting together by chance and Iori only going out with males before, main couple has a very active sexual life.
  • Office Romance: The third couple (sort of), Heke is a mangaka, while her love interest Shinohara/Lala is also her editor. Though, it is sort of invoked as it was Heke's plan all along to get closer to her idol both in game and becauise of work.
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  • Opposites Attract: both the main couple and 3 introduced potential couples fall to this trope character-wise. Though, they tend to have similar interests.

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