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Manga / Dash & Spin: Super Fast Sonic

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Dash & Spin: Super Fast Sonic was a manga series written and illustrated by Santa Harukaze, and initially published in Extra CoroCoro Comics Special in the early 2000s in Japan. It is a Denser and Wackier In Name Only take on the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

The series would eventually be published in two volumes in July 2003 and February 2005; both releases are now out of print, however volume 1 was briefly re-released for free in 2020 to commemorate the release of the live-action movie.

Dash & Spin: Super Fast Sonic contains examples of...

  • Denser and Wackier: Is it ever! Characters regularly go Off-Model, Slapstick is plentiful, and there are several instances of Toilet Humor.
    • Bloodier and Gorier: A strange combination of this and the above; despite the large amounts of Slapstick, there is also a ridiculous amount of blood (primarily from Eggman) shown after injuries.
  • In Name Only: If it wasn't for the Sonic characters and some references to the games (primarily Adventure 2 and Advance), it could probably be passed off as a wacky fever dream.
  • Insult Misfire: At the end of the first chapter, Eggman tells Cockroach-kun to kill all cockroaches (Sonic); however, it malfunctions and attacks him instead. Sonic's response?
    Sonic: "Scorched black... just like a cockroach."
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  • Naked People Are Funny: Eggman during "Treasure competition on South Island!".
  • Precision F-Strike: Particularly from Sonic, Knuckles, and Eggman.
  • Off-Model: Very intentional given its wacky nature.
  • Toilet Humor: Yes, in a Sonic product. Sonic is shown or at least Implied on multiple occasions to using the bathroom (or peeing in a field), Eggman at one point pees on Amy (with no attempt at covering up), Knuckles is asked on whether he took a dump in a pyramid...
  • Treasure Hunt Episode: "Treasure competition in South Island!" (Volume 1 Chapter 4); Amy claims that the most romantic treasure in the world is on South Island, causing a competition to find it. It's revealed at the end the "treasure" is nothing more than Eggman's Fundoshi (a type of traditional undergarment worn primarily before World War II and is now typically used as swimwear).
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  • Weight Woe: Amy in "The girl and the High Tech Diet!" (Volume 1 Chapter 6); she goes on a diet after gaining three kilograms before falling to Eggman's dieting machine, and then becomes Nothing but Skin and Bones.