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Stat Meters

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Graphical depictions of a statistical quantity, most often the player-character's current status. Most often takes the form of a straight or circular line that empties and fills as the stat's value changes.

A graphical representation is often prefered to a numerical point-count display, as it reduces the feeling that the game is entirely numbers-driven, despite the fact that all computerized games must be so. RPGs are the perennial exception, as long-time players really seem to like numbers. A graphical display is also easier to understand at a quick glance, which is all you can find time for in a non-turn-based setting.

Ammo counts are usually depicted as just a set of numbers, often rounds in weapon/rounds in reserve; however, a graphic to accompany this quantity is becoming more common.

The main types are:

  • Alliance Meter
    Shows how well-liked and trusted your in-game avatar is by the game's competing factions.
  • Armor Meter
    Shows the amount of armor/shields left.
  • Awesomeness Meter
    Shows the greatness of the spectacle, kills and/or stunts you make.
  • Break Meter
    Shows how close the enemy is to entering "broken" state, where it takes more damage than usual.
  • Charge Meter
    Shows how powerful your in-game avatar's "charged" attack will be when you launch it.
  • Completion Meter
    Shows how much of the game's content you haven't uncovered yet.
  • Experience Meter
    Shows how close your in-game avatar is to the next Character Level.
  • Karma Meter
    Shows your in-game avatar's moral standing on the scale from the Absolute Evil to the Paragon of Good.
  • Life Meter
    Shows how close your in-game avatar is to death.
  • Mana Meter
    Shows how much magical resource your in-game avatar has left to cast spells.
  • Oxygen Meter
    Shows how much longer your in-game avatar can stay underwater.
  • Sanity Meter
    Shows how close your in-game avatar is to a complete mental breakdown.
  • Sprint Meter
    Shows how far your in-game avatar can sprint.
  • Visibility Meter
    Shows how likely the enemy is to spot you while you're trying to hide.
  • Wanted Meter
    Shows how much your in-game avatar is wanted by the setting's authorities.