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"Whuppity Stoorie" is a Scottish fairy tale.

A man leaves his wife and baby. The woman is desperately poor but hopes her sow will have many piglets when it farrows. One day, the sow is clearly dying. A green gentlewoman offers to cure it, and the woman promises her anything in return. She does, and demands the baby. But, by their law, she can't take the baby for three days, and if the woman finds her name, she can't do it at all.


The woman goes for a walk in the woods. She happens on the green gentlewoman spinning and singing about her name. The next day, the green gentlewoman comes for the baby, and the woman has some fun playing at begging and pleading before she reveals:

"In troth, fair madam," quoth she, "I might have had the wit to know that the likes of me is not fit to tie the worst shoestrings of the high and mighty princess, Whuppity Stoorie."

Compare "Rumpelstiltskin".

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