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Freakling is a book written by Lana Krumwiede. It takes place in the city of Deliverance, which has been sealed off from the rest of the world for over two hundred years, after the Great War. In this city, everyone possesses a psychic power known as psi, or almost everyone. Those who don't are banished to the Powerless Colony, forbidden from entering the city. The story revolves around Taemon, a boy who in addition to psi possessed an additional power "mind-wandering", which allows him to reach out with his mind and instantly learn how something is put together. A handy skill, when psi allows one to manipulate anything, so long as you can envision with your mind. However, Deliverance shuns those who are different, and so Taemon hides his ability, until he one day he accidentally reveals it to his power hungry brother Yens, rumored to be the True Son. After surviving a murder attempt by his brother, Taemon wakes up to find that his psi has disappeared. Now having to hide his lack of powers, or face banishment, Taemon finds himself drawn into a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the city of Deliverance.

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