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Literature / Fluttershy and the Fine Furry Friends Fair

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"Fluttershy is shocked to discover that her pet bunny, Angel, wants to enter the annual Fine Furry Friends Fair herding contest! Who's ever heard of a bunny herding cows and sheep? Fluttershy agrees to train him, but their first practice is a disaster. Fluttershy is too afraid of failure to continue, until all her friends bring something special to help out."

The sixth officially licensed My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic chapter book of a series of books by G. M. Berrow, and part of the overall My Little Pony (Generation 4) universe.

After watching a bunny talent show, Angel Bunny wants to show that he can be very talented and special, as well, and decides to try his paw at sheep-herding at the annual Fine Furry Friends Fair. Fluttershy tries to help him, but the two fail to herd the sheep every single time. Between Fluttershy's nerves and Angel attempting something that no bunny has ever done before, how do they plan on competing?


This book provides examples of:

  • Alliterative Title: Fluttershy and the Fine Furry Friends Fair
  • The Cameo:
    • The Flim Flam brothers (under the names Farnum and Failey) show up at the beginning, putting on the Top Hat Bunny Cabaret, which is what inspires Angel to find his special talent.
    • Lightning Dust is mentioned, tagging along with Rainbow Dash when they go to Whinnyland.
    • The tiny ewes from the Crystal Empire return. They become Angel's sheep for the competition as their smaller size makes them a lot easier for him to herd.
    • Spitfire is mentioned, having been asked by Rainbow Dash to coach Fluttershy and Angel.
  • Continuity Nod:
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  • Market-Based Title: In the UK, 'Fine' is taken out of the title for whatever reason. Making it, Fluttershy And The Furry Friends Fair.
  • Nervous Wreck: Pretty much Fluttershy's problem. She fears that if they fail, it'll break Angel's confidence alongside her long-standing Stage Fright. Her friends naturally help her get over it and learn to relax.
  • Second Place Is for Winners: Fluttershy and Angel take second place, losing to Applejack and Winona. Considering that the two are novice herders who managed to beat many of the more experienced ponies and dogs, this is an impressive feat in and of itself.


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