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Kumiko/Reina examples are listed here.

  • Asuka gives off some vibes to the other girls, specifically Kumiko and Midori.
    • With Kumiko it gets expanded on and then some in later novels and in the anime's Season 2. Kumiko even pushes Shuu out of the way in order to get to Asuka at one point, and on Asuka's graduation day Asuka gives her one of her most prized possessions— a music book her father used to own.
    • After nationals, Kumiko gets a surprise hug from behind by Asuka. The scene closes up on her face and shows her blushing into the hug.
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    • Hazuki also notably became sparkly-eyed when she first saw Asuka, in awe of her appearance.
    • Kaori is also "obsessed" with Asuka's opinion, and even Haruka often shows admiration and infatuation with her. Overall, Asuka is a popular girl, indeed.
    • Asuka says Kaori probably gets bitten by bugs a lot because of her tasty blood, then asks Kumiko, "Don't you feel like you want to take a bite?"
    • In the finale of season 2, Kumiko outright confesses to her.
  • Yuko's admiration of her senpai Kaori borders on this.
    • In season 2, she gushes over how good Kaori looks in a swimsuit with little hearts in her eyes.
  • Speaking of Kaori, at times her and Haruka's interactions can feel pretty deep into Romantic Two-Girl Friendship and all the dubious Les Yay within said trope.
    • This pairing is notable among the others for being pretty much entirely anime-original, as these two are hardly ever shown to interact at all in the novels.
  • And then there's some teasing between Yuko and Natsuki. In fact, Asada Nikki (the artist who did the illustrations for the Hibike! Euphonium! books) likes it so much, that she's produced fanart of her own in support of this.
    • The final adds a little more as when Natsuki gives Yuko her good luck charm, it is far bigger than everyone else's. Natsuki says it was made with love... the love of harassment.
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    • It also doesn't seem like a coincidence that they both have Alliterative Names (Natsuki Nakagawa and Yūko Yoshikawa). Also, the fact that both of their family names end with the character 川 (river) makes for a convenient Portmanteau Couple Name "Nakayoshikawa", the word nakayoshi being Japanese for "getting along well".
    • In Season 2 Episode 2, at the pool, they're seen bickering a few times.
    • Yuko is visibly feeling down, at the end of Season 2 Episode 4. Natsuki tries cheering her up, smiling at her. Yuko is moved and expresses surprise. Of course, it turned out to be a very typical conversation between the two.
      Natsuki: But you know, I think Mizore was lucky she had you.
      Yuko (moved, and then in a loud, mocking tone): Are you... trying to cheer me up?
      Natsuki: Huh?
      Yuko: There, there. Don't be shy.
      Natsuki: What the heck?
      Yuko (while running away): Ew, Natsuki's being nice to me!
      Natsuki (chasing her): Quit being so creepy.
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    • S2 E5, they're seen arguing while walking to school together.
  • Mizore with Nozomi due to the latter having been her only friend. Mizore joined the band for Nozomi and was devastated when she left the club without telling her. During a conversation between Kumiko and Nozomi, the flutist shares that Mizore used to play "very passionately", like "an explosion of emotion", and is surprised that lately, she's been told to "play with more heart". Given that Mizore has been playing this entire time for Nozomi, the latter's departure from the band is likely what made Mizore's music become so emotionless. After their reconciliation, Kumiko, Yuko and Natsuki contemplate as they listen to Mizore play, noting how pretty it sounds. At the Kansai regional competition, Mizore says she will play for her. Nozomi, surprised at first, gently smiles, and affectionately touches her head in response.
    • Liz and the Blue Bird is a whole movie about this. From Nozomi and Mizore growing up together, to one's heavy admiration and affection for the other, it expands on the very ambiguous "adolescence" theme that the main series liked to talk about.
  • Yuko obviously cares a lot for Mizore and worries about how she feels. Since Mizore's introduction in the second season, Yuko's often seen hanging around her, trying to support her, and has been shown being very casual and touchy-feely. During the confrontation between them as Yuko tearfully poured her heart out, she ends up pushing her down and stays on top of her as she continued speaking, basically pinning Mizore to the floor. After Mizore and Nozomi finally reconcile, Yuko bittersweetly comments on how "all this time, Mizore was playing for Nozomi", that she "just can't compete" with her, despite that they were "together for a whole year".

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