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Headscratchers / Sound! Euphonium

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  • Mamiko's conduct is just ... weird. Sure, it's nice that she came to Nagoya to see the performance, but why did she try to avoid seeing Kumiko afterward? It's not that she really put in a lot of effort to get off the premises unseen anyway. And when Kumiko finally catches up with her, Mamiko doesn't even bother to walk back to give Kumiko a hug. That's all just a bit odd for someone who supposedly loves her little sister so much.
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  • The auditioning system seems to make sense, because you only want the best, right? The issue though is that Kitauji's wind band is actually very small, and especially the bass section seems to be chronically understaffed. There only ever seems to be one contrabassoonist, for instance. So, what do you do if that contrabassoonist flunks the audition? Go without contrabassoon? You could try, but cutting one of the more important bass instruments would severally limit the number of works you could reasonably perform.

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