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  • #2: Hiromu reveals to Yōko that the reason he joined the Busters is that he made a promise to her when their parents disappeared into hyperspace to save them one day. The fact that he remembered this long ago surprised her that she actually smiles.
  • #5: Hiromu handing Yōko a handkerchief to dry her tears with after being scared of Overheated!Ryūji, all while a mellowed version of the theme song is playing.
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  • #7: Hiromu encouraging Koyama while the latter repairs Go-Buster Ace after acting coldly towards him earlier.
  • #10: Hiromu's sister Rika has spent the last 13 years hating Nick because she thinks he's forcing Hiromu to be a Go-Buster and trying to break apart their family. Nick finally gets the chance to set Rika straight, showing her that Hiromu is fighting so nobody else will suffer the same loss they did when their parents disappeared. After the battle, Rika is gone, but Hiromu finds her sketchbook; inside is a picture of them, their parents... and a red cheetah sitting next to them, showing that she finally accepts Nick as part of the family.
  • #14: It turns out that Yōko had made a surprise birthday party for the Buddyroids, which was the reason why she took everyone to the amusement park back in #13.
    • Ryūji was all choked about it, as he noted that she had learned how to bake a cake just for this occasion.
  • #20: As Hiromu is stuck in the illusion of being with his family again that Filmroid created, Yōko tells Hiromu that he shouldn't have to hide his loneliness and he shouldn't have to go everything alone. Almost doubles as a Tear Jerker.
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  • #23: Jin lets Yōko know how much she's like her mother, which Yōko remarks is the best birthday present she could have asked for.
  • #24: Hiromu tells his friends that he owes his middle school teacher something. It turns out that because of the kindness and positive guidance his middle school teacher gave him throughout his school years, he was able to break his antisocial and cold nature and make him warm up to people a little more.
  • #33: Several.
    • The Busters' determination to ensure that they rescue the people taken by the Sunadokeiroid, so that no one else would have to face the pain they did with their parents.
    • Hiromu's rescue of Nick.
    • The Powered Custom Armor shows each Buddyroid's face when first equipped, as well as allowing the Busters/Buddyroids to speak with one another seamlessly.
    • Each Buddyroid can be heard fighting alongside their partners. Nick announces the finishing blow along with Hiromu, Gorisaki growls with Ryūji as they heft a rock and toss it, and Usada and Yōko can both be heard as they hop and jump around. Buddyroids indeed.
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  • In #34, J reveals that Jin tends to joke around because he tends to get depressed sometimes and in the same episode as Jin and Hiromu battle, Hiromu deduces the reason why he can be like that: Jin didn't want the core Go-Busters to find out the fate of their parents so they could take out Messiah without any emotional problems, but Jin took it the hardest since they were all his friends and co-workers. Hiromu then tells Jin that the Go-Busters work together and that they will shoulder the grief together.
  • #36: Feeling neglected and in need of better treatment, Usada and Gorisaki go on strike while Nick is the only sane buddyroid through all of this. While all 3 buddyroids are holed up in the same hangar as Tategami Li-Oh, Nick tries to talk some sense into the 2 buddyroids, saying they shouldn't be treating Li-Oh so maliciously. The reason why Nick says that is because he can sense that Li-Oh is lonely, due to the fact that his original creator is long gone and wants to go out and fight, but has no partner unlike the buddyroids. Nick then says that all 3 of them should be there for Li-Oh to help him out through all of the trouble.
    • After hearing that both Yōko and Ryūji are about to hit their weakpoints, Usada and Gorisaki grow concerned for their human companions and rush out to help them, forgetting all about their strike.
  • #37: After defeating the MOTW, Ryuuji, Jin, and Hiromu meet up with Yoko after she has just attended her teacher's wedding reception. All episode long, Yoko has called her 1st grade teacher, "her first love", but now she sees it quite differently, as now she sees her teacher as someone she cares about a lot. Jin tells Yoko that someday she will find her true love, and she believes she will too.
  • #39: All episode long, Child of the Week Kenta has been wanting to become an engineer, but can't because he fears his father will just scold him and think that Kenta is just making up excuses because his father believes that his son is weak. Come the end of the episode, Kenta confidently tells his father that he really wants to be an engineer, not because he wants to run away from it, but because he's passionate about it. Kenta's father approves of it, also proud of his son's assurance to his dream.
  • #40: J reveals the reason why he's protecting the MOTW: It's revealed that not all of Jin's data was transferred, while the remainder of Jin's data was transferred into Messiah, and is now backed up into the Messiah Card, in which the MOTW now holds.
    • While J has Jin at gunpoint, J reveals why he did some of the things he did recently. He's protecting Jin's data because during J's time up in the real world, he has experienced so many great things, and he wants Jin to experience them too, not through an avatar, but in human. Really shows that despite J's egotism and his somewhat lack of intelligence, he really does care for his human companion.
  • #41: Despite Pink Buster's ( real name: Reika Saotome) life of thievery, she does not want innocents to get hurt, this explains why she decides to help Hiromu take down the MOTW.
    • After defeating the MOTW, back at base, Hiromu finds a letter sent by Pink Buster herself. The letter reveals that despite promising to Hiromu that she would give up her life of thievery, Pink Buster finds it hard to do when she's now found something finally worth stealing. And what exactly has Pink Buster found that is worth stealing? Hiromu's heart, and she will not stop until his heart is hers.
  • #46: While Commander Kuroki, Nakamura, and Morishita are discussing the whereabouts of the final Messiah card and Enter and Escape, J is in the background worrying his missing Stag beetle. While it is funny that J even makes a stag beetle his pet, it's still heartwarming to see J worried about a companion he wants to take care of, despite the fact that he could accidentally kill it at any time.
    • The whole main plot of the episode. Yoko and Ryuji get into an argument about what Yoko will do after the whole battle is done. Ryuji is trying to look out for Yoko while she dismisses it and calls Ryuji annoying, sending him into a Heroic BSoD. During a battle in the forest against Escape and Enter, Ryuji overheats and gets swept away in a river alongside Escape. Yoko is now worried that Escape will finish off Ryuji now that he is alone, and is also told that Ryuji got depressed after the argument he and Yoko had. She then devises a plan that will snap Ryuji back to his senses. Yoko, Jin, Hiromu, and Nick eventually find Ryuji again, but this time fighting against Escape once more and Gorisaki is found after Ryuji breaks the Powered Morphin mental connection due to his overheating. Hiromu takes on Escape while Yoko tries to snap Ryuji back to his senses. After a swift beating, Yoko reminisces back to her life growing up with Ryuji as he's been there with her longer and both Ryuji and Yoko have experienced so much together. She then apologizes for her actions towards Ryuji earlier on and says she still does care despite all his shortcomings. She then runs towards Ryuji shouting his name and throws herself and Ryuji off an ocean-side cliff, into the ocean where Ryuji is cooled off. Usada in vehicle form arrives and saves both Yoko and a now demorphed Ryuji.
  • #49: After Go-Buster!Enter escapes in the opening fight, the 4 other Go-Busters and Buddyroids discuss their plans to try and take care of the back-up card inside of him. Ryuuji then asks if Hiromu is okay and almost punches him, but stops at the last second. Ryuuji then calls out Hiromu on his failed attempt to off himself along with the card in the previous episode and the latter replies that he could not ask the others to do it. Ryuji then asks Hiromu if he really does think that little of his comrades after the ordeal in subspace in which many people were lost in order to take down Messiah. Ryuji then tells Hiromu that if there is no other alternative but to delete the latter, Ryuji would do it and then tells Hiromu to not go everything on his own anymore. Yoko and the other buddyroids, minus Jin and J agree the same and Hiromu decides to put his life in his friends.
    • As all 5 Go-Busters battle Enter in their mechs while the Command Center staff try to support the fighters to Hyperspace, the base gets rocked. During the mecha fight in the base, Commander tells Morishita and Nakamura to leave and tells them That's an Order!, but the 2 refuse. Morishita replies by saying that if the dangers of working for the Command Center was enough to chase them off, they would have quit a long time ago. Nakamura and Morishita both tell the Commander that they are willing to put their lives on the line to fight and help as much as possible. Touched by their words, Commander then makes the call to finish the operation.
  • #50: In the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, J is found wearing a memorial block necklace to commemorate his recently deceased creator, comrade, and friend, Masato Jin.

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