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Heartwarming / Tokumei Sentai Gobusters Returns Vs Dobutsu Sentai Gobusters

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  • After Nick makes the wish to God how he and J could go to a world where the incident from 13 years ago never happened, Nick is found at Hiromu's home, with both of his parents still alive and well. While not seen, this implies that Yoko's mom is also still alive.
  • The other versions of Hiromu and Yoko end up falling for each-other. It's kinda touching, due to how rocky the friendship between both versions of the characters started.
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  • The Stinger. Hiromu, Ryuuji, Yoko, and Jin all thank the viewers for sticking around with them for a whole year and to never forget them and that they will be back again someday.
  • In a meta sense, the cooperation between the Tokumei Sentai and the Dobutsu Sentai. The movie spends much of its time using the Dobutsu Sentai to mock silly Showa-era sentai tropes and to seemingly deliver a huge Take That! to the folks who criticized the Tokumei Sentai for being too serious. However, the two teams eventually work together and overcome a challenge that neither could defeat alone, and have nothing but the highest respect for one another. There's no telling if Toei intended this, but this could be interpreted as them saying "Whether they're serious or silly, heroes are heroes, and all of them are perfectly valid and important", essentially telling fans of either side of the Sliding Scale to play nice with each other.

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