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Openings and endings

  • In the dance theme ending the entire crew of the HQ is dancing in the Megazord bay.
    • For a brief moment, Go-Buster Ace is dancing too.
    • And in the second version, so are Go-Buster Beet and GT-02 Gorilla Mode.


  • #1: Hiromu sees a picture of a chicken in a newspaper, so he freezes. Floating in the air.
  • #2: Hiromu basically calls Yoko fat while oblivious to the fact that this is rather tactless. Yoko reacts by shooting him. Note that they are both in their respective mecha at the time.
    • Ryuji's face the whole time this is happening says it all.
    • Reminiscent of the Carranger Bizarro Episode in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, we see Cheeda Nick carrying off what is obviously a dummy of Hiromu.
  • #3: Yoko arguing with Hiromu and declaring she's the senior...only to fall flat to her weak point of not eating sweets, all while Hiromu chides her to think about her weak point more, in which Yoko yells "Chicken" at him, causing Hiromu to nearly freeze and instead walk as if he's got seizures.
    • Before that, while Yoko and Hiromu are arguing, you can see Ryuji in the background struggling not to laugh.
    • Enter's little animation that plays on his laptop as he describes his plan to Messiah.
    • GT-02 fires banana-shaped missiles with discarding sabots that "peel" to fire interior shells. The shells don't do much damage...but then the Megazord slips on the peels.
  • #4: Hiromu trying to give 'lessons' while being bandaged by Nick.
    Hiromu: So if the enemy acts like this, what's his nature?
    Yoko: That he's annoying?
    Hiromu: Idiot.
    Yoko: *Death Glare*
    Hiromu: *get his bandaging tightened to the point that it hurts* AACK!!
    • Enter sitting a guard post having himself some pizza on a TV tray as the Go-Busters arrive on the scene.
    • After creating the Metaroid, it slices the table in half to show off—Enter quickly grabs his laptop to safety and then cradles it like a baby while glaring at his own monster.
  • #5: The debut of RH-03's Animal Mode, and it punts the Megazord into the stratosphere...only to hit Ace when landing.
  • #6: Cheeda and Usada once again arguing, which results in Cheeda calling him Mr. Carrot.
    • Sprayroid tries to make himself useful while Enter tries to reactivate Gamma by melting random things.
  • #7: Enter's Metaroid of the week: Densharoidnote . What does it do? It runs down rail tracks to collect Enetron while moving his arms like a steam engine.
    • Ryuji's plan to get Densharoid off the tracks: use the Ichigan Buster in camera mode to produce a hologram of a train coming the other way.
    • DenshaZord and the BugZord's linking up like a train looks like a congo line.
  • #8: Enter gets a lot of these:
    • After disabling the electric fence to the base he stares into the security camera and makes faces.
    • Once inside the base he disguises himself as a security guard and dances around gaily until the Go-Busters show up...and is shocked they found him so quickly!
    • In a Hardware store, he lets out a little squeal of glee as the Drillroid comes to life.
    • Cheeda chastises Gorisaki eavesdrop in on Ryuji's conversations.
    • Look very hard for this one: The second time Cheeda catches Gorisaki eavesdropping, look into the background and you can see Morishita and Nakamura giving Takeshi a massage post-mission.
  • #9: This episode shows that Yoko can be manipulative when she wants to as she was able to get Ryuji, Hiromu, and the Chief to do her homework!
    • The flashback to why Yoko and Usada were fighting. It starts with Usada literally smoking and chewing out Ryuji and Hiromu for doing Yoko's homework. Then he goes on to say how Yoko is always finding ways to skip his lessons, not do her homework, etc. During this Yoko walks in and the other two Busters try to warn Usada. Sadly he only catches on after he says "We really can't afford to let Yoko get any stupider than she already is!" His reaction is priceless.
    • The kidnappers learn Usada is really, REALLY heavy.
    • When the ransom call is played back for the Go-Busters, the kidnappers demand 2000 trons of Enetron for Usada's return. Usada yells out that he's worth more than that, with the kidnappers telling him that there's no way they're going to fork up more than that.
    • When the Go-Busters show up to rescue Usada the first time, Yoko walks over to make fun of him. Usada responds by saying he was saving his energy and could escape anytime he wanted.
    • When Enter realizes that someone is trying to save Usada, he begins to rapidly press the enter button which causes the bomb timer to speed up.
    • The mecha fight sees the return of RH-03 Animal Mode, which not only kicks another Megazord in the ass but tries to act cute as the BugZords blow up by standing on its rear legs and running its paws over its face.
    • The end of the episode has Usada arguing with Yoko over getting Commander Takeshi to do her homework, Hiromu criticizing Morishita over his portrayal of him, Ryuji and Nakamura laughing at everyone saying everything is back to normal, and Usada falls over to end the episode.
  • #10: Nick. Just the sight of him being stressed out is amusing enough.
    • So depressed that he wants to hitch a ride, completely forgetting that he transforms into a motorcycle.
    • He didn't forget. He just got lost. Again.
    • At the end Nick gets depressed again because Rika has left and he thinks he went too far trying to help them. When Hiromu finds Rika's sketch pad and shows Nick the picture; a sketch of the family complete with Nick being depicted as a cheetah. It takes Nick a couple of seconds to realize that he's been added to the family.
      • Not to mention Hiromu's opinion of Nick's portrayal.
      Hiromu: She made you too cute-looking.
      Nick: Hey!
    • During the Mook fight at the start of the episode, Ryuji tries to cool off until one mook knocks the ice pack away from him. Overheated Ryuji appears and the first thing he does is punch the mook so hard in his face, he flies offscreen!
    • Also, during the climax of the episode, the DanganZord learns the hard way not to stand still, as GT-02 punched it off-screen.
  • #11: Gorisaki's attempt to modify his overheating sensor for Ryuji was to add a cooling system. Said system blasts Ryuji with a stream of air cold enough to leave frost on his face and hair.
    • FanZord uses its fan to blow RH-03 away and turn it into a Twinkle In The Sky.
    • At the end of the episode, Ryuji and Gorisaki decide to be honest with each other. Gorisaki begins to list out all sorts of problems with Ryuji, which causes him to chase Gorisaki around.
  • #12: A Running Gag for the episode was everyone noticing how much Yoko and Angie look alike.
    • When Ryuji and Yoko arrive to back Ace up they become confused to which is the real Ace. Yoko then has an idea: shoot both of them until the CopyZord returns to its original form.
    • At the end of the episode, Angie sends Yoko an e-mail in English thanking her for protecting her. Everyone waits to see what Yoko says after reading the message. Unfortunately, she can't read English.
  • #13: Enter, once again has plenty of funny moments:
    • When Enter notices the two tuba players, he sneaks up on them dressed up as a panda.
    • While Enter waits for Tubaroid to carry out the plan, he sits on the roof in a chair, wearing a band hat, playing a second tuba.
    • To show us how bad Nick is with directions, Hiromu tells him not to get lost in the amusement park while searching for Tubaroid. Nick reassures him he won't because he has a map. He proceeds to turn the map upside down and head out searching.
      • When we catch back up with Nick, he has left the amusement park, still clutching the map, asking for directions.
    • Speaking of Nick we finally get to see him fight after 13 episodes. Sadly all he does is flail around and fight pretty much like Don.
      • During the fight, after taking down a mook, Nick gets socked by another one of his teammates.
    • Usada...Poor Usada got the Chew Toy ball hard in this episode. From being strapped and forced to ride the merry-go-round, got stuck on the Ferris wheel, to getting picked up by the head from Gorisaki and thrown rather rudely into the tube system the Busters use to get back to base.
    • Listen closely when the group arrives at the amusement park. Python fans should get a chuckle out of the music that's playing, at the very least.
  • #15: The Metaroid's introduction. It continues to vacuum the floor, just like what it was doing before Enter transformed the vacuum cleaner.
    • And for some reason, Enter is wearing an apron and holding a feather duster when he goes to make it.
    • Beet J. Stag constantly getting in front of Jin, causing him to shove J out of the way.
    • After watching Beet J. Stag transform into Stag Buster, Nick immediately start pulling on his chest plate to see if he could do that.
    • After the group's first encounter with Jin and Beet J. Stag, Jin takes off by having his Buddyroid carry him off in his arms.
  • #16: Beet J. Stag trying to get the Busters' attention by banging on one of the base's secret entrances. He got his wish.
    • We (the audience), and the rest of the Energy Management Center, find out that Commander Takeshi's nickname was Kurorin.
    • Beet J. Stag's middle name is revealed. It's Jueki. Meaning, tree sap.
    • As Hiromu tries to probe Jin for information about Hyperspace, Beet J. Stag stares intently at a tree. Made even better when he busts out a magnifying glass and continues to stare excited.
    • Beet and Stag Busters join the group role call, but Stag Buster speaks out of turn, causing Jin to push him away again.
    • While it's kind of a dramatic moment, after everyone is in shock at Jin and Enter apparently being destroyed, J just calmly walks out of a closet he was apparently in for the entire fight.
  • #17: The opening gets updated to include our favorite Japanese Beetle Brothers...and their segment involves running from explosions in a panic. Here it is in all its glory!
    • For extra ironic humor, the lyrics at that point say "We won't run away from anything."
    • Ryuji gets called out to a Megazord transport reaction. When he arrives in GT-02, he finds it's BC-04 and SJ-05 in their beetle forms sitting on an Enetron tower as if it was a tree! Made even funnier when Ryuji shoos them off like actual bugs!
    • And how did GT-02 drive them away? It looked like it was dancing!
    • Yoko lampshades how, as a Buddyroid, Jin and Beet J. Stag never seem to get along.
    • Conmander Takeshi delivering a What the Hell, Hero? by phone to Jin, except it didn't go the way he *cough*Kurorin*cough* wanted...
    • After the Go-Busters transform, Stag Buster is about take charge off into battle with Forkroid, only for Beet Buster to hold him back so they can do the roll call.
    • At the end of the episode, Jin brings Ryuji some books on engineering...and sticks him with the bill for them. To add insult to injury Jin then takes some money from Ryuji claiming that since he's younger than Ryujinote , he's Jin's big brother. This causes Yoko and Hiromu to try and get money from Ryuji who tries to avoid them while the Buddyroids also get in on the act.
    • Jin screaming "Oh, shit!" was very unexpected and funny. Even more if you remember that hilarious scene from Magiranger where Tsubasa (also played by Hiroya Matsumoto) said he couldn't speak English.
  • #18: The 2nd Drilloid himself. He talks like some oddball. Except it's a ruse so that the Go-Busters can't read his next move.
    • Jin forces Hiromu to go with him...using a photo of a chicken which he then tapes on Hiromu's face and puts his helmet back on. What sells it is the way he folds Hiromu's frozen arms down and carries him off like a deckchair.
    • Beet J Stag breaks his usually serious demeanor to gaze in glory at tree sap. He then continues on as if nothing happened!
    • After Youko and J morph and do the roll call, J rushes in before Youko can give the call to attack, much to her frustration.
    • Jin fumes on how J blabbed about being ordered by Jin himself to help the Go-Busters and both end up fighting. Just as J is about to leave, Jin calls out for the Enetron, only to end up drop-kicking J.
  • #19: J and the other Buddyroids have a old west style standoff. Nick reaches behind his back and pulls out...a can of Enetron.
    • Next they have J say what each Buddyroid is noted for. When he gets to Nick he refers to him as "That Bike Guy."
    • Nick tries to find his calling in life. He starts as a chef, then an artist, and finally a crossdressing beautician.
      • He wasn't so bad at those things (except for that last one) but he doesn't seem to realize it!
    • Just as Spanneroid is about to attack Nick in the park, J suddenly intrudes in asking for Enetron. Spanneroid is then in appall that J finished a whole bottle very quickly. Soon after the battle, J is taking another drink.
    • During Cheeda Nick's darkest hour (drained of Enetron and close to becoming Buddyroid scrap), Hiromu drop kicks him HARD. Nick lampshades the situation that move was used in.
    • At the end of the episode, Hiromu learns how tough it was getting around the city without him. Nick was not amused. He was further not amused when Hiromu called him "Bike Guy". Nick gets mad enough to attempt to lunge at Hiromu twice, only to fall incredibly short each time.
  • #20: Enter, sitting in a movie theater while the screen has been given a old time black and white film effect.
    • While Jin leads the engineering team in creating Great Go-Buster, J walks past him with a blueprint scroll being held on the hook in his chest, carrying an empty oil drum going to get some enetron.
    • Filmroid's personality is very much like Ryutaros. This is made funnier when you realize who his Voice Actor is.
  • #21: Near the beginning, while Jin has a conversation with Gorisaki in the park we can see Beet J Stag seems to be trying to catch insects/play fight on the playground and have him fall down the stairs before cutting away. You can view part of it here!
    • Jin tells that Ryuji will die the next time he overheats. Gorisaki becomes so terrified that he runs away just before Jin can tell Gorisaki he was just joking.
    • There's an Imagine Spot about what the Go-Busters would look like in the distant future. The age difference between Ryuji and the others comes up in a crassly insensitive way, as Hiromu and Yoko are shown morphing as geriatrics while Ryuji has already died of old age. Funny how they left out the fact that Jin and J should remain unchanged by that time...
    • Jin asks J to look for Gorisaki Banana to say that Jin was joking about the whole Ryuji dying part. J thinks that he was looking for a banana.
    • While fighting the MOTW, the MOTW manages to make J his unwitting puppet and is still found unwittingly dancing while Jin, Yoko, and Hiromu fight the MOTW.
    • After Ryuji finds out that he will die the next time he overheats, he heads off to battle, Nakamura and Morishita unsuccessful in stopping him. Commander then asks where they heard that Ryuji will die and reveal that Gorisaki had heard it from Jin. Commander is then baffled at how the rest all took Jin's words at face value.
    • After J frees Hiromu, Yoko, and Jin, Jin asks if J had told Banana the news. J replies that he did, and shows Jin actual bananas. Jin then goes ballistic on J's stupidity.
    • As the Megazord is about to arrive, Hiromu tells Ryuji that he's really not dying and it was a sick joke from Jin, much to the shock of Ryuji and the core 3 Buddyroids.
    • After the MOTW is defeated, Ryuji then goes after Jin and J, seething on how much trouble Jin has caused Ryuji today.
  • #22: Hiromu has to disguise himself to blend into the public in order to investigate a possible prank call during an event. His disguise in question? A familiar brown coat, glasses, and pipe (that happens to blow bubbles) as well as the mole. Even better, no-one questioned the fact in the slightest, before he saw the flyer for the event anyways.
    • This troper finds the fact that Escape prefers Apple over Microsoft to be somewhat hilarious. Not like it was the first time this ever happened though...
    • As Keyroid fixes his broken key weapon, Escape comes up from behind and kicks him in the back of the head.
    • Take note of Jin's reaction when he sees Escape for the first time.
    • While J, Ryuji, and Jin are fighting Keyroid, J jumps in for the attack, much to Jin's annoyance. You can view it here.
    • During the Megazord battle, KeyZord manages to lock up Great Go-Buster. How do they break the lock? They tap into the booster systems, lift Great Go-Buster up and drop it on KeyZord. Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • #23: The Buddyroids' Happy Birthday song to Yoko. Cover your ears.
    • While grilling some food for Yoko's party, J is grilling his can of Enetron.
    • Jishakuroidnote  manages to hit Hiromu, Nick, Ryuji, and J with his magnet antennae, sticking them together. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Escape gets kick happy again as she tells Jishakuroid to hurry his repairs by kicking him out of his chair.
  • #24: All of Ryuji and Yoko's ideas as to where Hiromu went with Nick. They include:
    • Shopping; complete with Nick picking our weird outfits for Hiromu, who actually likes them.
    • Playing baseball with Nick's terrible sense of direction brought back up as he gets a hit and takes off for third base.
    • Seeing a movie. Neither Ryuji or Yoko can believe any of them.
    • When they do find Hiromu, he's in the clown costume from Mission 13 juggling.
    • Hiromu reveals a secret to his past life; he was part of a street preformer's club.
    • While J is fight Wataameroidnote , he is constantly pestering him about getting some of the Enetron Cotton Candy.
      • After the fight, he actually manages to get some of it.
    • As Jin and J head back to festival Wataameroid is actually going to attack, J is covered with various things from the festival they were sent to guard.
  • #25: The episode starts off with Jin telling a ghost story on the roof of the base. Hiromu, Morishita, and J are unaffected while Yoko, Nakamura, Nick, Usada and Gorisaki are scared for their lives.
    • The nightmares the main trio are put in by Rousokuroidnote . Yoko is stuck with the Ghost from Jin's story, Ryuji is chased by Zombies, and Hiromu has a giant chicken.
      • Hiromu's chicken weakpoint is played both for laughs and Nightmare Fuel here - he ends up frozen in the real world once he freezes up in the induced nightmare!
      • While Rousokuroid surveys his handiwork he gets Escape, who yells at him for not finding her a worthy opponent.
    • Jin puts J's egotism to good use as J gets used to keep Jin, and later Yoko, safe from Rousokuroid's hypnotic flame.
  • #26: Keshigomuroid note  infiltrating the base. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Due to Keshigomuroid's size staying the same, Enter assumes it was a failure and tosses it aside as he awaits the Megazord. The Go-Busters soon confront him, with Enter avoiding Hiromu and Yoko's questioning about the Metaroid. Ryuji then asks if the Metaroid even exists, prompting Enter's smirk to drop and him to awkwardly slide his goggles over his face.
  • #27: Any scene involving Ryuji and Dr. Kudo's daughter is consider this for the most part.
    • All of Mushikagoroid's note  scenes.
    • J gives us another Funny Background Event at the end of the episode when he takes a spray bottle hanging off his chest hook, begins to spray a tree and he starts talking to it. Then he goes running off for no reason.
    • How Hiromu tries to find his way around. While Ryuji keeps his hand on the right wall, and Yoko makes a trail of candy, Hiromu asks Nick for directions, and goes the opposite way. He discovers a fake wall when Nick tells him to go right, and he can't go left.
  • #28: We are given our second Sprayroid which, unlike the first one, acts and talks like a Street Punk.
    • Sprayroid 2 turns decides to spray the Busters to confuse them. Hiromu is painted like Yoko, Yoko becomes Hiromu and Ryuji becomes Enter! As an added bonus Nick is also painted like Hiromu.
    • When J enters the battle, he attacks the Bustersnote  and throws Hiromu painted as Yoko into a fountain. The paint washes off to everyone's surprise. J said it was all apart of his plan.
      • Hiromu gets his payback by kicking water all over J to wash the paint off the Buglars. Which leads into the Funny Background Event Running Gag as J is more concerned about his dripping all over than listening in on the plan.
    • Nick spills the truth about Hiromu's chicken thingnote . Then Hiromu re-enters the scene, Nick excuses himself, and Ryuji and Jin just pat Hiromu on the shoulders without actually saying anything. Cue WTF from Hiromu.
    • Buster Hercules cannot find SprayZord II because it has disguised itself as a building. J's solution to finding it; destroy every building!
  • From #29: After Enter seemingly stuns Hiromu with his LAN cables, he quips, "Sakujo kanryou...desu ka?"note 
  • #30: Throughout all the seriousness we get Jin, in BC-04, ramming into Messiah.
  • #31: Shelly steals all of Yoko's candy...right as she runs out of energy
    • To make up for this Shelly treats Yoko to a cartload of sweets which she tries to pay for with a giant diamond.
  • #32: The Buddyroids argue with their respective partners while J bangs on one of the posters outside demanding Enetron.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke when during a battle with Rhino Doubler, J runs out of Enetron and falls in front on Jin keeping him from doing anything.
  • #33: Our heroes do an obligatory Power Walk, except that J deliberately gets in front of Jin, who pushes him aside in a completely offhanded fashion. You can view it here!
    • Halfway during the ep, when Jin and J arrive, J stands in front of Jin as per usual. Jin shows how aware he is.
      Jin: Quit blocking me! Do you realize how long it's been since we've had screentime?!
    • Right after that Jin jumps down from the plane he was sitting in. He lands with a crack, and he's holding his back in pain.
    • Jin begins to celebrate the success of the Powered Customs J jumps in front of him to cheer "Banzai!" in his same monotone.
    • J asking the core Go-Busters if they want to do a Powered Morphin with him.
      • And the first one he asks is Yoko...
  • #34: While the core 3 Go-Busters are discussing the Messiah cards and Enter, Jin is found fooling around with a Cattail flower while J is giving Nick a drink of Enetron while Nick is in bike form.
    • As Hiromu and Nick patrol the city, they come to a stop in the park, where they find Jin and J goofing off with some teachers and students.
    • After J is weakened due to his own Enetron being siphoned from him, Jin calls on J to use the latter to morph, in which J gets up like he's just fine. After Jin morphs, J shuts down completely and falls over on Nick
    • After Puppetroid lets go of his victim that he put under control, he then takes Jin under control. Once under control, Puppetroid makes Jin go through various fighting styles one of them being Snake style, then suddenly transitioning into dance-fighting, and lastly sumo style, complete with the Hundred-Hand Slap and the "Dosukoi!". As Puppetroid leaves, so does Jin, but Jin leaves in a ballerina-style fashion.
    • While Puppetroid has Jin under his whim, he makes Jin go through a wooden obstacle course while Jin remarks he's not as young as he used to be, despite how fun it feels for him to go through the obstacle course.
    • After the obstacle course, Jin jokingly asks out Escape. Her answer? A swift kick.
  • #35: More Funny Background Event, courtesy of J. While Jin, Commander Kuroki, and Ryuji are discussing important matters involving a scientist, J is found in the background doing poses and sneaking around. Later in the episode, he is found playing with what appears to be a leaf and a tree branch.
    • While Hiromu tries to tame Tategami Li-Oh, Enter appears and attacks Yoko, J, Ryuji, Jin, and Mika. After Yoko tells the others that she and J will handle it, J interludes and stands in front of Yoko, which frustrates her as well.
      J: You'll have to go through me!
      Yoko: *shoves J out of the way* Do you have to do that to me as well, J?!
  • #36: The whole premise of the episode: Feeling neglected, Usada and Gorisaki demand to go on strike while Nick is the the only sane Buddyroid not to go through with it.
    • J is found once again found stumbling around due to lack of Enetron intake.
    • Nick in his Imagine Spot thinking that J will make the strike about the demand for Enetron instead of Usada's and Gorisaki's original cause.
    • While Usada and Gorisaki are making their demands known to their human companions, Hiromu and Nick unwillingly thrown into it, J is found in the background talking on his phone underneath Tategami Li-Oh.
    • After the Metaroid of the Week makes itself known, the core 3 Go-Busters head off to battle, including J, who crams himself in the same transportation chute with Yoko.
    • After Jin overhears J use the same phrase he did and asks J if he put them up to doing the strike, Jin berates J on his stupidity.
    • After finding out that Nick can't combine with Tategami Li-Oh and having to deal with a a hard day with Gorisaki and Usada, Nick runs away crying while J remarks it as absurd.
      J: Why are you running like that?
  • #37. The premise involves protecting a bride from the Monster of the Week, and Yoko has to stand in for the bride. Not only is Yoko getting too into it (the groom was her teacher that she still has a crush on), but Ryuji too, taking the Big Brother Instinct angle until he gets downright surly with the groom. And so does Kuroki!
    • Even before that, Yoko learned about the wedding firsthand, but got sidetracked at first as everyone was talking about first love, whereupon she brought up the whole teacher thing. And then she just announces "Guess who's getting married!" Cue a BEAUTIFUL Spit Take from Kuroki.
    • Before that you have J making Finger Binoculars looking for Tiararoid and the the busters running back and forth in one spot trying to catch Tiararoid.
    • Hiromu makes a comment on the slow speed of the Megazord's transport time (Which was 20 Hours). J runs in and mistakes that they were talking to him.
  • #38: After Hiromu has been unwittingly thrown into a Megazord gauntlet match, outside, the 4 other Go-Busters try to get their way in. Ryuuji tries to use his strength to smash open the coliseum doors, but fails miserably.
    • After the Lio Attache gets a signal on another Metaroid, J is found on one knee like he's looking through a telescope.
    • After the MOTW is defeated, Hiromu swears to stay away from the ring for a long time when asked by Jin to go see another martial arts fight. Jin then shows the fighters on the back of the flier, which makes Hiromu freeze up. And what could possibly make Hiromu freeze up? A wrestler wearing a chicken mask.
    • While above event is happening, we get another Funny Background Event in which J and Commander Kuroki are playing with action figures. A few seconds later, we see J again this time holding a magnifying glass.
  • #39: After J gets knocked down by Escape's armored form, Hiromu and Yoko jump in and ask if everyone is ok. J shoots his hand up while on the ground and reassures them he is ok.
    • Yoko touches Ryuji after he overheats. Big mistake.
  • #40: J provides a detailed report of his surrounding environment and the season, only to have Jin retort that he never asked for a report.
    • After J reveals his reason why he wants to save MOTW, and declares that to protect Jin's data, he will defeat anyone in his way, even Jin... Jin kicks J and says that if J wants Jin to be around in person, J shouldn't be killing Jin, to which J agrees. Here it is in GIF form!
    • After J and Jin morph, J lambasts how the 3 core Go-Busters are not even in sync, in which Jin replies that it was J's fault, to which J apologizes.
    • After Enter leaves the fight, and the MOTW no longer has a Messiah Card installed in him, all 5 Go-Busters outright slaughter the poor thing. Poor bastard never stood a chance.
    • After the MOTW is defeated, J is being complimented for his somewhat affection for his human companion, in which J replies that none of them get Enetron for complimenting him.
  • #41: While Louperoid is on his thieving rampage, Jin and J appear to stop the MOTW, but J is fixated on a insect painting.
    • After the MOTW is defeated, back at base, everyone,appears to be fighting over a letter meant for Hiromu, sent from none other than Pink Buster herself. Thinking that she has gone back to thievery, after promising Hiromu not to in exchange to fighting the MOTW, Hiromu reads the letter in frustration. As it turns out, Pink Buster has returned to thievery, but is after something different: Hiromu's heart, and she swears it will be hers. Soon afterwards, everyone starts teasing Hiromu, Commander Kuroki even making a heart sign with his hands.
    • During the Megazord battle Loupezord steals Buster Hercules' weapons (which is all of SJ-05), and proceeds to use them against Buster Hercules. J fights his controls for a second and gives up. Even funnier is J's reaction to them being taken.
      J: I...have been stolen!
  • #42: While Yoko is trapped inside a train, which is actually a Metaroid Megazord (try and wrap your head around that), she then tries to cheer up the downhearted passengers trapped with her by singing an optimistic song. The MOTW doesn't tolerate it and suddenly stops the train, Yoko going face first into the side windows of the train.
    • There's something kind of hilarious about the fact that by the end of the episode, we have a Messiah Megazord born from a Messiah Metaroid that was born from a Megazord born from a normal Metaroid born from a train.
  • #43: When J sees Enter and Escape dressed in black Santa suits, he believes that Santa himself has duplicated.
    • The Commander presses a button on his keyboard. A door opens and a Christmas tree slides out on a track.
    • Nick singing Jingle Bells during the climax of the episode.
  • #44: When Rika shows up in a Sexy Santa Dress, Jin puts the moves on her only to be smacked by Nick.
    • During the Christmas celebration at the school, the core Go-Busters, Buddyroids, and the core Command Center staff are all putting on a show for the kids. Various scenes are shown during the celebration, one of them involving J covered in Christmas tree decorations and stating he is a tree.
      • It really needs to be seen to be believed [1]
  • #45: The episode starts off with all 5 Go-Busters, Buddyroids, and the core Command Center team wishing the audience a happy New Year with each of the Go-Busters asking what the audience did for New Years, Yoko asking if they had any sweets, with J replying he did not. Jin then retorts that J can't eat at all, much to J's confusion.
    • After Rika unexpectedly and quickly leaves after meeting up with Hiromu, he heads back to base to find Yoko, Jin, and Morishita speaking about Ryuji possibly going on a blind date. In the background, J is seen sliding on the commander's chair shouting "Cheers!" and drinks his Enetron.
    • Feeling that Ryuji needs to settle down and have himself a wife, Gorisaki puts an unwitting Ryuji into a blind date.
    • During Ryuji's "blind date", Yoko, Jin, and J are watching over Ryuji's date, all 3 of them disguised. J's disguise especially takes the cake because he is disguised as a woman, and is willing to go on a date with him, after hearing Yoko grade Ryuji's date. Also of note here is Jin, who goes full on Disco Dan for this one. Complete with a Funny Afro.
    • The Buglars actually making the Metaroid, Omochiroid instead of Enter or Escape. Although really appearance-wise, it's just Eraseroid with a burnt center.
    • While Hiromu is looking for the Metaroid, J once again points out how Hiromu had Omochiroid hanging on to Hiromu's belt as they all split up. Jin, J, and Hiromu remark that this is the 2nd time this has happened, Hiromu even lampshading it.
    • Buster Hercules resembles a Mochi Snowman during the Megazord battle.
    • After repeated attempts to call the Command Center, Morishita finally answers Ryuji, but under the guise of a Funny Foreigner named Michael. Complete with bad accent.
    • Hiromu and Yoko defeat the Omochiroid by knocking it over.
    • After Omochiroid is defeated, Hiromu finds out that Rika wasn't on a blind date like he previously thought, but rather contract negotiations with her publisher. Meanwhile, Ryuji finds out that his blind date already has a boyfriend, much to Ryuji's relief.
  • #46. Just the fact that Cheeda Nick is apparently being abused by Bugglars when Hiromu pulls him over to activate Powered Custom...just in the nick of time.
    • While Commander Kuroki, Morishita, and Nakamura are all wondering where the last Messiah Card is and the whereabouts of Enter and Escape, J is in the background looking over what appears to be a pet case and worrying where his pet stag beetle has disappeared to. The fact that J has found the time to take in a Stag beetle is beyond comprehension itself. Although as the episode ends, the Stag beetle turns out to be a Chekhov's Gun.
  • #47: Enter has found out about Hiromu's weakpoint is a chicken and now Hiromu needs the help to conquer his weakpoint. One method involved him being locked in a cage filled with chickens, which left him frozen stiff. Hiromu then tries to past a finish line while he is shown a picture of chickens along the way, the pictures growing progressively from cute and cartoony to realistic. Hiromu manages to pass the finish line, but faints at the sight of Jin in a chicken mask taunting the former with a celebratory kiss.
    • After the MOTW and Enter are defeated, J is shocked to see that his pet Stag Beetle was actually hibernating on the side of his leg all along.
  • #50: In the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, J is found sweeping up a part of the forest with a broom, proclaims his name, and has the title of "Chief of Forest Guarding Services" on his shoulder.
    • During Yoko's party, Hiromu is about to eat a piece of chicken when Nick stops the former, making Hiromu freeze up. Rika then hits Hiromu out of his frozen state.
    • Shortly after aforementioned scene, Commander Kuroki is found telling J to hug him, in which J responds by wailing and hugging Commander.

Specials and Movies

  • From the Televi-kun Special DVD, we have J kicking off the LOL with his little song & dance at the start. "I love myself! I am Ju-Ju-Jueki!"
    • While Ryuuji and Hiromu are displaying the transportation chutes, the cameraman, revealed to be J, pushes Hiromu in. Yoko then makes her way towards the controls for the chute and sends both Ryuuji and Hiromu tumbling around, Yoko with a cheeky smile and a thumbs up.
    • Jin forcibly shuts J down after J gets infected by a Metavirus - and promptly turns a prone J into a chair!
    • While inside J's mind, Jin finds J sitting on a throne covered in a cloak filled with viruses and surrounded by Bugglars. J even pushes one of them aside.
    • J manages to regain himself again after a mere slap and a scolding from Jin.
    • After the MOTW is defeated, J makes the "Enemy Eliminated!" call and stands in front of Jin and Hiromu, despite the fact that J didn't do a thing.
    • While the the human Go-Busters are trying to clean up the Command Center, J is found standing around. Jin and Yoko each tell J to get to work, J baffled at the mere thought of it.
    • When J announces that the commander is returning, the timer used for Megazord transporting appears!
  • Tokumei Sentai Gobusters Returns Vs Dobutsu Sentai Gobusters has enough funny moments for its own page!


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