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  • What was the original purpose of the Megazords prior to the Transport Research Center Christmas disaster?
    • Maybe to be used in tasks that has heights involved like construction? Also the Megazords can probably be used as a weapon for future threats.
  • Why the hell did Yoko break down crying when Ryuuji tried to punch her in episode 5? I mean, yeah, she's fifteen, but she's also been working as a government soldier for quite a long time if not the majority of her life. You'd think they'd include some kind of psychological conditioning or at the very least explain why her friend would act irrationally if he overheats, no? It's implied they've been fighting Vagras for a while so this shouldn't be the first time Ryuu overheats, or if it was, it seems the Buddyroids and Mission Command knew about this defect so she should have been told this might happen. Is this just another Japanese case of There Are No Therapists?
    • Yoko had never seen Ryuuji overheat before, and even when she's told that he would attack her, she believed that their bond would overcome this. Furthermore, it has also been implied that Ryuuji practically raised her following the disappearance/death of her mother; given all this, it's hardly unreasonable that she would suffer a breakdown after Ryuuji almost crushed her skull like a melon.
      • But isn't "raising" the human-computer hybrid orphan supersoldier the job of the Energy Management Center? All I'm saying is you'd think that basic training would include psychological conditioning so that she doesn't throw a fit. I'd be more forgiving of her actions if, A, she hadn't been in the care of the government since she was like an infant and B, she wasn't already apparently a combat veteran. It'd make sense if, say, Hiromu had this problem (and to a degree, he does have some sort of poultry-phobia) because he missed out on a lot of training to be with his sister, but Yoko doesn't really have an excuse.
        • This was essentially explained in the show. For 13 years worth of training (and it should be noted that this did not involve any fighting against Metaroids, the first Metaroid they ever fought was in the first episode, as stated directly by Gorisaki), Ryuuji was essentially Youko's father (or older brother, as he would prefer it). He deliberately kept the effects of his Weak Point secret from her, and managed not to ever overheat to that point until this fight. Youko has NEVER seen him like this before and is convinced that her relationship with Ryuuji will snap him out of it. Not only does that not work, he doesn't even recognize her, nearly smashes her skull in, and then promptly collapses. I think I would be more concerned if a 16 year old didn't react with shock.
          • The thing is, Yoko isn't a real 16 year old. At least, not one that grew up in any form of regular environment. These characters aren't a rag tag group of Teenagers With Attitude, they're a paramilitary task force with years of training. You expect a bit more emotional maturity from characters in such a situation because that's what training is for.
            • You're acting as though training and conditioning are perfect; they're not. Plus, given that Yoko was able to recover and kick Megazord ass inside of 10 minutes or so, I don't really see what the problem here is supposed to be.
            • And really, the training would be designed to help cope with these issues, not be immune to emotional effects. That's why Yoko was able to bounce back and participate in the fight against the Megazord.
  • If Beet and Stag Busters morphing involves Beet J. Stage's golden parts transferring to Beet Buster, how did Masato transform into Beet Buster alone in episode 14?
    • If you watch, the parts are seen flying in, so presumably they don't have to be standing right next to each other.
      • Not the OP but I think you missed the point of his question. It’s not a distance thing it is that Beet Buster seems to take physical parts from Beet J Stag when he transforms. Therefore when Beet Buster is the only one transformed the gold parts are in two different places at the same time. The only explanation I can come up with is that the transformation shown is simply Rule of Cool and he Masato doesn’t actually take the physical parts from J.
    • Mission 18 sorta gives us an answer, or at least acknowledges the questions: when Jin transforms on his own to carry Hiromu off, copies of the Beet parts are seen flying out of the corresponding areas on J's body, leaving him untouched. When J transforms on his own later, the parts seem to just drop off him and vanish (teleporting to the subspace?)...
  • How did Enter create a Metaroid from an eraser and a magnet? Does the source material only needs to be man-made/processed?
    • Before episode 46 or so, the source material only needed to be inorganic.
  • In episode 35 where did Enter get that Epsilon Megazord?
    • He either generated from somewhere unknown or he has a backup handy. Best not to think about it too much.
  • The Megazord from #42 is awesome, but... what do you call it? A Megazord inside a Metaroid inside a Megazord... would that make it a Metazord? A Megaroid? Or since it's made from Megazordroid, would that make it the Megazordzord? A Matryoshkazord? A Turduckenzord? I'm getting a headache. Also, how many layers can you have? When Escape boards it, you have an avatar inside a Megazord inside a Metaroid inside a Megazord. That should... I dunno, break something.
    • For settle for calling it Metaroid Zeta instead.
  • Why was Hiromu at the Christmas party 13 years ago but his sister Rika wasn't?
    • Because Rika had always been afraid of the Megazords that were being developed there, so she did not go.
  • Recently, a Go-Busters V-Cinema returns featuring an alternate team, the Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters, which feature the Go-Busters being based on the animals the Buddyroids are based on. One Ranger on this team is a green ranger. However, instead of making the ranger related to Ene-tan, he is a hippo Ranger. Why? All the suit is is a repaint of the Blue Buster suit. Wouldn't make more sense for the green Ranger to be based on Ene-tan (the only green Buddyroid) and have the suit be based off the Yellow Buster suit (the Ene-tan mecha is actually a repaint of the Rabbit Helicopter mecha)?
    • Most likely because the events of 13 years ago never happen in that universe, Jin never got sucked into Hyperspace to make Enetan there. Thus, she doesn't exist in this universe.
      • But wasn't FS-0O a prototype Buster Machine, made before the event 13 years ago?
        • The Powers That Be are usually pretty good about including Ene-tan, but there's a chance that they merely forgot about Ene-tan simply because of plot.
  • How do BC-04 and SJ-05 get back to Jin's hanger every time? Surely they'd need a marker, and if there's one there, why did they have to wait for their parents to place one in Mission 29?

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