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Heartwarming / Son of the Sannin

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Given that this is a story of Naruto growing with parental figures who love him dearly, it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's full of heart-melting moments all over.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

  • The premise itself: the fact that Jiraiya and Tsunade fight over who gets to be Naruto's legal guardian shows how much they care for his well-being.
    • Add to that that Jiraiya decides that keeping Naruto Locked Out of the Loop about his birth and lineage is a bad idea, and intends to tell him the whole story once he's old enough.
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  • A young Itachi asks Shizune about Naruto, since he hears all over town how he's dangerous. Shizune tells him that it's all a lie, because she lives with him and knows he's a normal boy. Itachi decides that if she's not afraid of him, he shouldn't be either, and the two strike a frienship.
  • Despite having a rocky start living with each other, it doesn't take long for Tsunade to return Jiraiya's feelings, and they eventually get married.
  • The beginning of Chapter 4: Naruto coming to greet Jiraiya and Tsunade after they come back from their honeymoon, and asking them if they brought a present for him. It's both funny and adorable.
  • The Hyuga affair gets solved without the need of Hizashi to sacrifice himself.
  • Chapter 5 is full of this:
    • First, Tsunade learns that she's pregnant, and nine months later, she gives birth to twins.
    • Tsunade and Jiraiya finally reveal to Naruto that he's adopted and the rest of the secrets behind his birth. While he's understandably surprised and breaks down crying at the reveal, he assures them he doesn't hate them for it, and they in turn assure him they'll always love him no matter what.
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    • Like in canon, Naruto meets Hinata when she's being picked on by three bullies, and he quickly goes to confront them. The best part, unlike in canon he beats them and drives them away.
    • Shisui quickly takes a shine to Shizune, and asks him if she has a boyfriend.
    • When Shizune finally notices that Hinata is spying on Naruto, she quickly catches that she has a crush on him, and knowing that Naruto could use a friend of his own age, she gives the little girl the push she needs so they start playing together and become friends.
  • In Chapter 6, when Hinata's mother is revealed to be ill and the Hyuga doctors are unable to find a way to heal her, Hinata rushes to find Naruto, who in turn asks Tsunade to help her. And thankfully, she manages to operate and save her life.
    • Moreover, the fact that Hiashi is so grateful and relieved that Tsunade saved his wife speaks volumes of how much he loves her.
  • Chapter 7 shows the budding friendship between Naruto and the Sand Siblings, especially Gaara, with whom he quickly bonds over the fact they're both jinchuriki and how they've been treated for it. Goes to show how much of a difference having a real friend (and his seal fixed) would have done to Gaara's family life.
    • On a lesser note, Yashamaru isn't forced to go through with that suicide attempt that would mark Gaara for the rest of his life.
  • Chapter 8, while being the prelude to the Uchiha Insurrection has some lovely moments:
  • Jiraiya lets Zabuza out of prison early in chapter 14 so that he can surprise Haku during his graduation.
  • Despite her best attempts to be impartial as the referee in Chapter 27, Yugao can't help but give a smile upon hearing Haku acknowledge her as his mother and seeing him show off the swordfighting skills that she had a hand in teaching him.
  • Chapter 35 features Tsunade dueling her grandfather Hashirama, brought back by Orochimaru's Impure World Resurrection for the invasion. Despite having to fight her, Hashirama is every bit the doting grandfather in his conversation with her, expressing his happiness that she is now married and has a family.
  • Upon becoming the head of the Hyuga clan in chapter 58, Hinata's first decree is to dissolve different branches of the family. She later follows it up in chapter 76 by revealing that she found a way to remove the Caged Bird Seal from all the former branch family members.

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