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Trivia / Son of the Sannin

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  • He Also Did: The author also wrote the Family Guy fanfic The Spellbook and the Jackie Chan Adventures fanfic Shadows Awakening, albeit none of them enjoyed the same level of popularity as this fic.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Third Hokage was meant to die during the Uchiha Coup D'etat, but the author changed his mind.
    • Yakumo Kurama from one of the pre-timeskip filler arcs was planned to be introduced in the Byakugan Princess arc, but the author decided to leave her for later to give more focus to Hinata and the Hyuga Clan. She would be introduced properly during the ROOT arc.
      • Also, as per the author's notes of the epilogue, she was planned on bonding with Rock Lee as he trained her in taijutsu which would have developed into an eventual romance. The idea was skipped due to Yakumo's too late introduction, but the epilogue still makes an abridged version.
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    • Shibuki was planned to die during the Hidan and Kakuzu arc, to later be resurrected as an Edo Tensei zombie. However, he ended up making it through alive.
    • Hagane was considered to die during the Roshi Retrieval arc, but the author changed his mind.
    • Minato and Kushina's counterparts were considered to appear in the Genjutsu World, but they were removed.

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