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Famous Last Words / Son of the Sannin

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  • "I'm okay, it's only a superficial cut, the jacket protected me somehow. Try to remove the kunai if you can." Inoichi Yamanaka, just before said kunai explodes.
  • "What? But... how..?" Mikoto Uchiha
  • "What is this trickery? A genjutsu? Of course, it has to be. There's no way you can use the Wood Release!" Hiashi Hyuga
  • "Itachi... take care of Sasuke..." Fugaku Uchiha
  • "I see. Good job defeating me today, Itachi Uchiha. You did Konoha a great service you could feel proud of." Impure World Resurrection!Tobirama Senju. He's later revived again as Itachi frees his soul after the battle.
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  • "Sensei... now Kushina and I have to go... You've made a wonderful job keeping both the village and Naruto safe. Keep up the good work." Impure World Resurrection!Minato Namikaze
  • "And I hope both you and Tsunade-sama have a long happy relationship. I will wait until we can meet the two of you again, but... don't be in a hurry to see us again, ya know!" Impure World Resurrection!Kushina Uzumaki
  • "Really? That's great! I can't wait... to tell Mito-chan..." Impure World Resurrection!Hashirama Senju upon being informed that his (adopted) great-grandaughter is pregnant.
  • "No, wait! Can't we just calm down? There's no need to-" Jirobo
  • "No... no! This... aaarrrgghh!" Kidomaru
  • "Oh boy, I can't believe she got you with such a basic trick, brother" Sakon
  • "You... you bitch!" Ukon
  • "SHUT UP!" Mizuki, last words before being arrested and executed for treason.
  • "You make me bleed once, and you think you already won? You guys sure are confident." Han, last words. He got Better.
    • "Wait a minute, his jutsu! Whatever happens to him, happens to me too! I have to stop them!" Han, last thoughts
  • "Yes. Do know that I don't regret my actions or loyalties, and die as a loyal swordsman. And since I'm sure you're going to give my sword to somebody else, make sure it's somebody worthy of it." Jinin Akebino
  • "You... YOU BITCH!" Jinpachi Munashi.
  • "Right." Yagura Karatachi, after Deidara reads his Trigger Phrase. He got better.
  • "DIE!" Sasori
  • "What the fuck?" Hidan, last words before being sealed in ice
    • "This is not a genjutsu, this is a real Ice justus! Dammit, I need to break free!" Hidan, last thoughts
  • "H-how... How ninjas... so young... could have beat... me..." Kakuzu
  • "Stay away from us!" Yugito Nii. She got better.
  • "Live. Enjoy life to its fullest, don't be chained by the past, and make sure that when your time comes, you can look back and smile knowing you have no regrets." Utakata. He got better.
  • "What the...?" Roshi. He got better.
    • "I'm sorry Naruto... I guess I won't be able to write about this day" Roshi, last thoughts
  • "Get out of the way!" Torune Aburame
  • "Damn!" Fuu Yamanaka
  • "Orochimaru-sama... you won't be able to... he has powers now that... that you can't..." Kabuto Yakushi
  • "Amazing! Good job, Jiraiya-chan" Shima. She got better
  • "Damn, we failed. Anyway, while they're busy, we should get rid of-" Anko Mitarashi. She got better
  • "Maybe... I should have done this... when Yahiko first died... Now, Naruto... make this world... a better..." Nagato
  • "Sealing Art: Reverse Tetragram Sealing!" Danzo Shimura
  • "Oh shi-" Dark Fu
  • "So this is it, huh? You're going to let others do the heavy lifting. You're a useless brat that can never succeed on his own, so he needs to go crying to others for help! You can't win unless someone else helps you!" Dark Naruto
  • "Oh Naruto, we are already very proud of you. Despite how little we could see you, we can tell what a fine young man you've grown into." Chakra Ghost!Kushina Uzumaki
  • "Tell Jiraya-sensei and Tsunade-sama that we're very thankful for raising you into such a great man and ninja, and that they should't be in a hurry to meet us again." Chakra Ghost!Minato Namikaze
  • "Don't sweat it. Now make sure we both make to the end of this war alive. See you soon!" Chakra Ghost!Hinata Hyuga
  • "Take joy in peace, not battle, Konoha Jonin. Now do me a favor... and help end this war... so my fellow Kumo nin... can return home safe..." Impure World Resurrection!Sayu Tokimune
  • "What the-?" Impure World Resurrection!Pakura
  • "S-Shit...!" Impure World Resurrection!Akashi Sutoku
  • "W-What...? Tsunade...?" Impure World Resurrection!Gari
  • "The Hell!? That little girl has Wood Release!?" Impure World Resurrection!Taseki
  • "Can't... move!" Impure World Resurrection!Kakko
  • "Shit!" Unnamed Impure World Resurrection!Uchiha
  • "Shit!" Impure World Resurrection!Juzo Biwa
  • "You fucking-" Impure world Resurrection!Mizuki
  • "You shouldn't have [tried to be like me], you should have strove to be better than me. And I can say that you did it. You are a worthier wielder of the Helmet Splitter. Just like i did, fight for Kirigakure, fight for what you believe is right, so when your time comes, you will die without any regrets." Impure World Resurrection!Jinin Akebino
  • "No! Samehada!" Kisame Hoshigaki
  • "You should know that, no matter how much you harm us, our wounds will heal in mere moments. If you value your life, you should try to flee." Unnamed Older Impure World Resurrection!Uchiha
  • "Sorry old man, but this is-ARGH!" Unnamed Younger Impure World Resurrection!Uchiha
  • "Don't worry, son, I'm okay. Hold on, I'm going to-ACK" Shikaku Nara
  • "That's... all what I could have... asked for... I'm glad... that you two... and my daughters... are doing good..." Impure World Resurrection!Hiashi Hyuga
  • "A bow? Seriously? That's the best you can do? [laughs] Perhaps you weren't as skilled and powerful as I had first thought, princess. Now disappear!" Toneri Otsutsuki
  • "I love you, son." Impure World Resurrection!Fugaku Uchiha
  • "Fuck you... you b-bitch! I'm an artist!" Deidara
  • "If I can't avoid it, then I shall smash through it!" Impure World Resurrection!Ginkaku
  • "You! It was you!" Impure World Resurrection!Kinkaku
  • "Ha, I'd like to see-" Impure World Resurrection!Jirobo, last words before being sent into low Earth orbit
  • "Shit, I'm out of here!" Impure World Resurrection!Kidomaru
  • "Who cares? Just shut up and run!" Impure World Resurrection!Sakon
  • "You knew we where there? How? You are not a sensor!" Impure World Resurrection!Ukon
  • "The chains! Destroy those chains!" Tenzo
  • "Is that all you have-ACK" Choza Akimichi
  • "Dance of the Clemantis: Flower!" Kimimaro
  • You got shit!" Tayuya
  • "Orochimaru is a longtime mistake I plan to rectify!" Hiruzen Sarutobi
  • "Indeed. Unfortunately, that display of power is going to force me to go all out as well." Impure World Resurrection!Mito Uzumaki
  • "Guess that's all. Make sure you end this war as soon as possible." Impure World Resurrection!Hashirama, the second time.
  • "Really? That's-" Impure World Resurrection!Dan, before Orochimaru pulls a Villain Override.
  • "I'm glad that I inspired you so much, little brother. I'm sure you'll be an even better swordsman than I." Impure World Resurrection!Mangetsu Hozuki
  • "Heh, beaten by a mere child with such ease. Such humiliation... thank goodness I'm already dead... and thank goodness we didn't have to fight ninjas like you back in my time, other than that asshole Madara." Impure World Resurrection!Mu
  • "You missed-" Orochimaru, before being dragged into Tsunade's Bansho Ten'in and then having his soul sucked out.
  • "Contrary to my expectations, it seems that somebody was able to force that madman to undo the jutsu. Please send my thanks to whoever did such a magnificent feat." Impure World Resurrection!Tobirama Senju, the second time
  • "I..I... I don't know!" Zetsu
  • "Kakashi, Obito! You can't let Madara finish that jutsu! You need to interrupt no matter how! Rin Nohara. She got better.
  • "Good... now... I also wanted to say that... for all what's worth... I'm sorry... for the hell I put you through..." Obito Uchiha
  • "You'll have to do better than that. It seems that you also have quite a lot of chakra left, Akimichi. Gaki-" Madara Uchiha, though if one wants to get technical his last sound was "URK!" when Sasuke impales him.

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