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Heartwarming / Son Of The Seven Kingdoms

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  • All of William's interactions with his younger siblings and his cousin Shireen.
  • William calling Robb, Jon, and Theon his brothers regardless of blood and all of them doing a group hug.
  • Eddard hugging the Brothers of War after the Battle of Long Lake, because he was glad that they were safe and proud of what they did.
  • The reason why William started to fall in love with Arya? Because she was so different to all other girls he knew.
    • And then, it turns out Robert felt the same way toward Lyanna.
  • Daenerys fears Drogo will kill her if he learns she can use Dragon Shouts. When he does, apart from asking her to explain and to test it on him, he takes it very well, just asking to keep secret... so that he can later reveal it to the Dothraki, and thus show them his son will be the most powerful Dothraki in history.
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  • William saying goodbye to the Stark household, and them giving him heartfelt goodbyes.
  • William makes sure to stop Nymeria from leaving, so Arya gets to apologize to her for trying to drive her away.
  • William crowns Arya as his Queen of Love and Beauty, and she apologizes for her insecurity that nearly drove her away from him. The two of them reaffirm their vow to marry each other and fall asleep in the same cot.
  • While dying, Eddard gives his blessing to William and Arya, and tells William to keep fighting, because he will be a great king.
  • William apologises to Robb and Catelyn for not being able to bring Eddard alive. Robb thanks him because, at least, he managed to bring him back.
  • Ser Barristan Selmy comes to William, apologizes for not doing anything to help Lord Stark, and asks him to give him a chance to atone for that mistake. William welcomes him without a doubt.
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  • After the Battle of the Bridge, Greatjon Umber proudly stating how it doesn't matter what Renly chooses to do, because they have the Black Prince and the Young Wolf of Winterfell. And then goes on to say that he'd follow Robb into any battle and proclaim William as the only man born in the south he would gladly call his king. With Theon and the rest of the North and Riverlords proudly hailing the Black Prince.
  • When a distressed Myrcella comes to Tyrion and asks him if she's really a bastard born of incest, his uncle assures her that no matter her parentage, she is and will always be Will's precious baby sister.
  • William pointedly averting Sins of Our Fathers when he told Theon he cared not that he is Balon's son, managing to forge a friendship with him.
  • Renly tells William that, by setting Arya aside and marrying Margaery, he could get a hundred thousand troops and the Seven Kingdoms. William replies that Renly could offer him a million soldiers and a thousand kingdoms and Arya would still come on top.
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  • Theon earning the respect of his men at the battle of Torrhen's Lake.
  • Tywin teaching Arya how to be a queen - because, if William wins, he wants his grandson to have a great queen by his side.
  • Theon lets his sister go after their fight in Deepwood Motte ends in victory for the former, because he does not want to fight his sister.
  • Arya and Sansa's reunion at King's Landing: after so many years of petty fighting, and being separated for the most part of one, they finally manage to bury the hatchet and admit that they have missed each other. And Arya, after forgiving her sister for inadvertently starting the entire shitstorm, promises to get Sansa out of King's Landing.
  • When Farengar reveals himself as a Blade to Daenerys, he makes it clear that he's not simply following her because Will ordered it, but because he honestly believes in her as a leader, and that he doesn't want to see her and Will go to war, since he wouldn't be able to choose a side.
  • Valeria Targaryen helps Daenerys get through the worst part of learning about Farengar's Blade status and that she is not the Dragonborn.
  • Captain Steffen reveals to Jaime Lannister that the Blades respect him because he killed Aerys to prevent King's Landing's destruction even though he knew he would look like an oathbreaker.
  • Captain Renault lays it on Arya for her stupid mistake that allowed the Lannisters to capture her. Arya, rather than making excuses, accepts full responsibility for her actions and tells Renault she is completely in the right, offering to make sure she can have any other job if she does not want to remain as her bodyguard.
  • Robb getting married with Jeyne - and, unlike in the books, it is because they truly love each other.
  • William and Arya's reunion after months of separation - and their First Kiss.


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