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Heartwarming / Son of the Desert

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In Son of the Desert

  • Hohenheim accepting Trisha's marriage proposals and them telling each other their names.
  • Hohenheim taking Trisha to see the ruins of Xerxes
  • Ed guarding the drunk Mustang and telling him that he forgives him and doesn't hold Ishval against him.
  • Ed's liberalia has hundreds of Isvalans and all of his friends and family showing up and everyone has a good time. Roy and Ed even dance together!
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  • Roy proposing to Edward and promising to wait for him.

In Sins of the Father

  • Kirah/Scar getting a fond smile when he thinks about the Elrics.
  • Hohenheim accepting Roy as Edward's fiancee after they have a talk about Roy's feelings for Edward.
  • Edward forgiving his father when Hohenheim asks to for forgiveness and renaming him.

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