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Heartwarming / Smallfoot

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  • At the beginning of the movie, during Migo’s song “Perfection”, Meechee says congratulations to Migo for getting his very first own gong ringer helmet and then Migo looks at her lovingly while blushing and smiling.
  • Meechee convincing Migo to find the Smallfoot through her song "Wonderful Life". Not only does it encourage Migo to leave his comfort zone and find the untapped wonders beyond their world, we see Migo fall in love with Meechee even more for her curiosity and unbridled spirit.
  • When Migo is too terrified to go down the mountain by himself with the harness and ropes tied on him, Meechee tries to make him feel better by saying that he’s gonna to do great. He then blushes at her and asks her if she really thinks so. You can tell right there that he truly cares for her, genuinely loves her and has deep feelings for her.
  • Migo saves the life of a wild Himalayan mountain tahr (goat) by throwing a big snowball at a Himalayan Golden Eagle who has the goat in its talons. He says that the Golden Eagle is being harsh to the tahr and thinks the bird is bullying the tahr.
  • During some parts of Percy’s song, “Percy’s Pressure”, when Percy is looking down at Brenda, he starts blushing, implying he has a crush on her.
  • After Migo thaws out Percy on a pit roaster from freezing to death while they are both stuck in a bear cave, he goes over to make Percy a rock bedding nest so that Percy can rest until the storm passes. Migo is being so selfless and so caring to Percy. Percy however thinks that Migo is going to have him for dinner.
  • After Percy feels pity on Migo who gets his big right toe caught in a bear trap, Percy removes the bear trap from Migo’s big right toe then bandages it up with duct tape. After Migo wakes up from fainting from seeing his own blood, he gives Percy loving eye contact as a form of saying "thank you" and "I love you because you are my best friend". You can clearly see at this moment that Migo truly loves Percy unconditionally and only as a best friend. Migo forms a bond with Percy. Their bond only grows stronger, which is even more strong at the end of the movie.
  • When Migo returns upon his mountain top home with Percy, the former and Meechee soon embrace each other lovingly.
  • The reprise of "Wonderful Life" called, “Wonderful Questions”, where Migo is so excited to see Percy's presence in the Yeti village as Smallfoot has inspired the other Yetis to invent and create new things.
  • Meechee and her dad hug a few times in the movie.
  • After Migo and his dad talk about Migo lying to the village about the Smallfoot and about his friends hating him, Migo said, ‘I love you, dad.’ Then his dad said, ‘I love you too, son.’
  • When Migo seeks the help of Meechee's S.E.S. friends, initially, they're pretty downhearted about how he threw them under the bus by lying about Smallfoot, not to mention slow to forgive him. But when Migo decides he's going to (literally) take the leap and save Meechee himself, the others (expect for Fleem) all jump to the cause. Even though he ultimately lingers too long to help, Fleem does have an earlier heartwarming moment where he points out the selfishness in Migo's actions...then adds that Migo acted just like Fleem would, and says he expected him to be the bigger yeti.
  • At one point later in the story, Migo comes to Meechee's rescue when she goes down the mountain to return Percy to more breathable altitude. In the safety of one of the buildings, Meechee discovers that not only do Smallfeet have a dark side, but they too view Yeti as savages. When she wonders if all Smallfoot are inherently savage and hostile like her father says, the only thing that keeps Migo from saying yes is when he looks down at the duct tape bandage on his toe. It's a reminder that humans like Percy are capable of kindness too.
  • "I 'mush' you too, Migo."
  • Towards the end, Stonekeeper finally shows his son Thorp affection.
  • The end of the film. The Yetis reveal themselves to the humans, and images during the closing credits show the two species becoming best friends. Brenda standing alongside Percy in solidarity to stand up for the yetis is also a sweet moment.