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Quotes / Smallfoot

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I saw...a SMALLFOOT! - Migo

Look, I know what I saw, and I’m going to prove it! - Migo

Don’t call me crazy. - Gwangi

Yeah, never call a crazy guy crazy. - Fleem

Actually it’s not really good time right now, we’re in the worst place ever but at least we’re together! - Kolka

Even you, Fleem. Wait, Where’s Fleem? - Migo

Okay, pros and cons, here we go. PRO! Migo needs you. CON! But you are useless to him if you’re dead. Con 1 Pro 0 PRO! - Fleem

Thank You. Wait, where’s Fleem? - Meechee

(sighs) Pros 10, Cons 65. Argh, this is torture! - Fleem

Yeah, Fleem sucks. - Gwangi

Fleem’s pathetic. - Kolka

PRO! If you go down there, you’ll meet lots of people! CON! Uh, you’re not really a people person. Argh, this is torture! - Fleem

Is it too late to have second thoughts? - Migo

Uh, the plan might need more planing. - Migo

Oh, holy wowness! - Migo

Say the word, son. - Dorgle

Uh, did I forget to mention you have to keep your feet up? You have to keep your feet up. - Dorgle

The stones are here to protect us and keep us safe. - Stonekeeper

Hey, Migo welcome ba.. wait hold on, aren’t you supposed to be banished? Ah, cool! - Thorp

Look at your Smallfoot! Smallfoot. Smallfoot. Smallfoot. OH MY GOSH! ITS A SMALLFOOT! - Migo

It came at me from the sky. It was like some sort of hard shiny flying thing. Then it was like *imitates metal crashing* and that’s when it scooped me up! - Migo


This proves...NOTHING! - Migo

These are all lies, Migo. We saw you go below the clouds. - Gwangi

Hey, Migo. My dad wants to see you, which must be nice for you ‘cause he never wants see me. Why did I shout that out? That’s so embarrassing. - Thorp


I love you, dad. - Migo

I love you too, son. - Dorgle