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Headscratchers / Smallfoot

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In General

    Himalayan Jumping Spider 
  • Where did Percy find that Himalayan Jumping Spider at to film her for his upcoming YouTube Documentary Show, ‘Percy Patterson’s Wildlife’? It was at the beginning of winter in the Himalayas and Jumping Spiders hibernate and hide underground during winter because they are cold blooded animals. So it would have been incredibly difficult for Percy to find a Himalayan Jumping Spider out in the open above ground during that time of winter season.
    Gayle at the Network 
  • When Meechee drops off Percy back in the Asian human city, Percy goes to a Wi Fi Cafe with Brenda and discovers that Brenda uploaded his video to the public. Anyways, he checks his voicemails on his phone and a bigwig leaves him a voicemail explaining that she wants that Yeti she saw in his video alive so that he and his show can be saved. Who exactly is Gayle at the Network? I heard of her before in other movies but when I try to look her up online, I find dead ends.
    Green Butterflies or Green Dragonflies 
  • While Meechee is singing her song, ‘Wonderful Life’ to Migo, in a couple of scenes we see these weird iridescent green flying insects. In the Smallfoot Movie Novelization it describes them as being dragonflies. But people online are saying that these creatures that Migo and Meechee encounters are in fact really just green butterflies. They look like butterflies but I don’t quite know if butterflies can look like an illusion of leaves on a tree then swarm all together like that around Migo and Meechee in circles. Are they really green butterflies or are they dragonflies? What are they?
    Percy’s Phone, An Android, an i Phone or both 
  • Is Percy’s phone that he has an android or an iPhone or both? It looks exactly like an android for several reasons including the way he can still touch the phone with his winter gloves on and you can’t touch an iPhone with winter gloves on. On the phone he has, is what looks like to be a pen for an android, but it also looks like an antenna. It takes pictures and records videos more similar to that of an iPhone though. And the photo gallery and delete button is very much like an iPhone. What kind of phone is it?
    • It might intentionally be a non-existent phone type combining the features of an Android and an iPhone, to avoid an explicit Product Placement.
    How did Migo get up to Meechee’s bedroom 
  • Meechee’s giant bedroom is literally on the second story of her Yeti Head Ice Cave House. Her two bedroom windows are the Yeti Heads’ eyes. So how on earth did Migo manage to come up into her room if it’s on the second floor? Did he use an elevator-like lift (a similar platform that was used when he and the Stonekeeper went down below to the giant machines while Stonekeeper was singing, ‘Let it Lie’) to go up to her bedroom or did he use stairs? He went up to her bedroom because he was extremely worried about her and he wanted to protect her because he thought she was in danger. He loves her that much. But what he didn’t realize was that she was only talking to the Smallfoot while playing an app game that was very similar to Candy Crush Saga.
     "We knew up here that Smallfoot could not survive" 
  • The Stonekeeper tells Migo that the Yeti society fled upwards because humans would not last long - thanks to the thin air. How on Earth did the Yetis of the past figure this out?