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  • “And the best part, everyone’s happy! That’s because our world is built on a foundation of stones.”
  • A male Yeti Villager smiles at the camera while holding some stones in his arms. Migo says, “Not those.” Then the male Yeti Villager frowns and says, “Oh.”
  • “Like how the world was created when we all fell from the butt of the great sky Yak.”
  • During the beginning of Migo’s song "Perfection", when he’s in town, he cracks open a rock fruit with his thick skull to give to Soozie, anyways, Soozie’s young crush, Zozo the toddler yeti tries to copy off of Migo but hits his head on the rock fruit, grunts and tumbles over.
  • Also during "Perfection", a shop owner male yeti pours water on the ground from a wooden bucket and the water freezes, then Migo does the splits while singing, “Frigid and freezin’”.
  • Another funny scene that happened during the song Perfection is when five worker yetis held up their arms in the air then a giant ice chunk lands on top of them, nearly crushing them alive. Well another worker Yeti hops down from an ice chunk and helps them raise up the giant ice chunk and they get back to work as if nothing had happened to them.
  • At the end of Migo’s song, “Perfection”, it looks like Migo is humping or pelvic thrusting the air in front of Thorp.
  • Throughout the entire movie, Thorp always says or does something really stupid and funny.
    • Helped by the fact he's voiced by youtube personality, Jimmy Tatro.
  • Dorgle hoping Migo joins the other gong ringers in their family that eventually got flat heads and shorter bodies from the job. The odd man out is a yeti named Doug with a “dumb mallet theory” that caused him to be remembered less fondly than the others.
  • The entire plane crash scene is a very hysterical part mainly because Migo doesn’t fully realize or understand what a plane is exactly, so he freaks out and runs from it instead, not wanting it to hit him.
    • The pilot's high pitched scream.
  • The Himalayan Jumping Spider scene is really funny when the female spider scares the cameraman by landing on his nose and the cameraman freaks out and runs in the other direction right into a wall while breaking his glasses and camera in the process.
  • Fleem gets tossed and shoved by Kolka a few times during the movie and it’s so hilarious.
  • As Migo falls off the mountain the first time, he is screaming and panicking, then he pauses for a few seconds then resumes screaming right before he lands in the snow below the clouds, making a silhouette Yeti shaped hole in the snow.
  • Getting his body stuck in the wrecked cargo plane then taking off in the plane is pretty funny too.
  • Don’t forget it when he got shot into the air after being launched from the plane, then he hit three trees and landed on the snow while slowly becoming a giant snowball.
  • The entire bridge scene is funny, especially when he tries to frantically put the ropes back together while flexing his biceps, then the two rock pillars come together and nearly crush his head. As he finally gets to the top of the other pillar, he lets out a loud Whooo-hooo! Then the pillar he’s on quickly thuds to the ground down the ravine below.
  • At karaoke night in the Yak Shack, as a random dude tries to nervously ask his girlfriend if she wants to marry him, Percy interrupts him in the middle of his question and rudely pushes him aside with his own body and steals the mic from him.
    • The backup dancers shrug and go along with it.
  • Percy pelvic thrusts or twerks during his song, “Percy’s Pressure”.
  • When Percy comes up to Brenda on his knees and sings, “Brenda, Brenda I’m a desperate man.” Brenda looks around and becomes embarrassed because Percy is making a scene in front of her.
  • The backup dancers during the whole song, “Percy’s Pressure”.
  • During their first time meeting, Migo tries to gently grab ahold of Percy with his big hands then Percy freaks out and tries to bring the yeti down by tickling him. As Percy is tickling Migo, Migo begins laughing and stomping his right foot up and down fast on the ground while saying stop it right before sitting down on the ground.
  • While returning home, Migo is happily trotting and whistling to his song, “Perfection” with Percy in tow, Migo finally stops and sees a powerful winter blizzard heading his way. The funny thing about this scene is that he questions what he sees and asks himself, “Is that a blizzard?”
  • The scene where Migo freaks out and thinks Percy is going to die from freezing to death while stuck with him in a bear cave. Later when Migo begins to thaw Percy out on a pit roaster then sticks an apple in his mouth is a pretty hilarious scene.
  • The useless argument between the sleep deprivation mother bear and Migo is a very hilarious part especially when she begins to worry that Migo will wake up her sleeping husband and cubs who took her weeks to put them to sleep. Percy woke her up but instead of blaming him, she blames poor Migo.
  • Dorgle banging his head on the gong in the Yeti Village a couple of times in the morning is pretty funny, especially when you question why he is doing this.
  • When Gwangi wants to go down on the rope instead of Meechee, he says that he should go because he’s the strongest and he’s trained himself to sleep with his eyes open and that he’s asleep right now and that his friends are all apart of his dream is a very funny part.
  • When Migo returns into the village with the S.E.S. members to show Percy to the Yetis, he starts to give an intelligent speech to all the Yetis who gathers around him. The funny thing about this speech he’s giving to them is that you don’t quite understand what exactly he’s talking about.