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Tear Jerker / Smallfoot

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  • According to the director, Migo was constantly bullied throughout his life for being very different from the other yetis and for thinking outside the box. That’s how he broke his left horn in half. Bullies forcefully pushed him to the ground and broke his left horn in half a day before the beginning of the movie took place.
  • Migo’s own unnamed mother died way before the movie took place and the Smallfoot movie novelization mentions that she died do to unknown causes when he was only a toddler. Migo probably misses his mother badly.
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  • When Migo gets banished from the village the look on his face is just so heartbreaking as he looks on in disbelief as the other yetis ignore him when he is looking at the entrance of his own village.
  • The scene right after Migo gets banished is when he’s walking around the mountain all alone in the snowy fog and he’s looking down all depressed and incredibly sad from being banished.
  • The scene when Migo gets his big right toe caught in a big bear trap when he is innocently following Percy out of the bear cave and then he cries out groaning in severe pain several times. He literally soon has tears in his eyes because he is in severe pain. And he couldn’t get the bear trap off of his big toe by himself because he is in too much severe pain.
  • There’s a sad scene after Migo asks his dad, “Is this the best day ever or what?” The scene starts with Migo’s dad, Dorgle questioning his own existence after finding out he missed the gong and broke his helmet, the glowing snail rose on its own this morning. Migo tells him that it might not even be a snail and Meechee thinks it might be a burning ball of gas. Dorgle is shocked to realize that the job he’s had for so long is all but pointless and a lie and he asks his son in disbelief, “If I’m not the gong ringer, then what am I?” Migo is heartbroken and deeply feels for his dad, he pauses for a minute and then wants to tell his father something but gets interrupted by Thorp.
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  • Also the Yetis’ ancestors that got murdered by the Smallfoot humans during the beginning of the song “Let it Lie” is incredibly heartbreaking when you begin to realize that the Yeti ancestors are only wanting true friendship from the Smallfoot humans (they try to give them food from an apple tree as a symbol of generosity and friendship) but the Smallfoot humans were selfish and fearful and hated the Yetis. It also brings a lump in your throat when you realize that the Yetis are the exact same species as the Smallfoot humans because Stonekeeper mentions that the yeti ancestors were almost entirely wiped out by the Smallfoot humans by GENOCIDE (Otherwise, we surmised we were facin' genocide). Genocide means to kill a large population of a different race of people.
  • When the Stonekeeper forces Migo to lie to the village about the existence of Smallfoot, Migo has a very sad, confused and worried look on his face immediately after he lies to the village about the existence of Smallfoot. It is incredibly depressing.
    • Gwangi's reacton to Migo calling him crazy infront of the whole village. He looked honestly hurt by this.
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  • When Migo literally has tears in his eyes because he is thinking of stone 15 and he misses being ignorant and he feels like he’s a jerk because he thinks that his friends hate him for lying to them.
  • After Migo found out that Meechee took Percy back to his hometown by herself, the worried look on his face after jumping off the mountain the second time is depressing. It’s like he only tried so hard to protect her but didn’t protect her enough for her to leave without him and for him to worry that she’ll be in danger from the other bad Smallfoot.
  • While Meechee is exploring the Asian village, she comes across hundreds of Smallfeet and all she wants to do is communicate with them, but instead the cops show up and they try to corner her and tie her up and strap her down. At this scene, it’s incredibly sad because Meechee is very confused and upset that they want to hurt her. She begins asking, “Why are you doing this?”
  • While Gwangi, Kolka, Migo and Meechee are all hiding out in the Asian village local Yeti museum, after Migo and Meechee reunite and Migo tries to apologize to Meechee for lying, he tells her the reason why he lied to her and shows her Yeti pictures of the Smallfoot killing the Yetis with weapons and there is also a dead polar bear picture. Then there's a giant wall mural of a painting of a giant Himalayan yeti that has three eyes and breathes out fire and looks demonic. Very depressing scene for people who love yetis.
  • The depressing look on Meechee’s face during the climax of the film when she thinks that the SWAT team shot Migo with a tranquilizer dart and he fell to the ground. Luckily that's not the case.
  • The Stonekeeper saying "what have I done?" when learning Meechee is going down to the man village to return Percy. He's the closest thing the film has to a villain, and he's not even evil. He truly believed we are the evil ones. And judging by Let it Lie, it's perfectably understandable why he'd think so.


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