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  • From "No Surprises:" "Such a pretty house, and such a pretty garden..."
    • Which is ironic, considering how depressing the context is.
    • Or that makes the little flashes of heartwarming even better.
  • From "Worrywort:" "It's such a beautiful day / go up to the mic / go on and get some rest."
  • From "Videotape:" "Whatever happens now / You shouldn't be afraid / Because I know / Today has been / The most perfect day / I've ever seen."
  • From "Subterranean Homesick Alien:" "I'd tell all my friends but they'd never believe me / They'd think that I'd finally lost it completely / I'd show them the stars and the meaning of life / They'd shove me away... *pause* / But I'd be alright..."
    • "...I'm just uptight."
  • "Lift," just in general.
  • "Lucky." An uplifting track about superheroes on an otherwise bleak album. "It's gonna be a glorious day..."
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  • Stopping an entire show to help a fan who had passed out.
  • "Atoms for Peace" from Thom Yorke's solo album. "Hey... it'll be okay."
  • "Separator," which is genuinely uplifting (albeit in a twisted way- this is Radiohead, after all).
  • "Staircase" is just a really sweet, nice-sounding song.
  • Despite the sad and heartbroken tone of "Let Down," it's also rather uplifting in some ways, especially the line: "one day / I am going to grow wings."
  • "Codex:" "No one gets hurt. You've done nothing wrong."
    • Off of the same album, "Give Up the Ghost." All of it.
  • The first ever live performance of "Treefingers," in memory of Scott Johnson (their drum technician, killed during a stage collapse.)
  • There's just something about the sound of "15 Step" that encapsulates pure warmth and joy.
  • "Pyramid Song." Some lines manage to warm the heart, others manage to break it: "And we all went to heaven in a little row boat / there was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt..."
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  • "Motion Picture Soundtrack" is both heartbreaking and uplifting, providing a bright light at the end of a very ominous album: "I will seeeee yoouuu in the neeeeeext liiiiiiifffeee..."
  • "True Love Waits" may be a sad song overall, but the lyrics will definitely have you feel soaring with happiness at the same time.
  • From Thom Yorke's solo work, you have his cover of "All for the Best" by Mark Mulcahy. Mark Mulcahy was a major influence for Thom when he was growing up, and he recorded this cover as part of a project to raise money for Mulcahy after the death of his wife so he that could continue to make music while raising his children.
    • To make it even more heartwarming, Thom's younger brother, Andy, provides backing vocals on the song. The two brothers used to listen to Mark Mulcahy's music together as teenagers, and this is the only recording you can find with them both singing together.


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