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Radiohead: They're frightening, they're moving, they're confusing, and they have a really weird sense of humour.

  • Most incarnations of Radiohead's website balance between hilarious and terrifying, in no small part thanks to the Ugly Cute bears and minotaurs that show up so often.
  • The "My Showbiz Life" interviews on The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time. Especially Ed's.
    Ed: HahahahaHONK.
  • Thom Yorke's storeroom of fucks is growing low, and winter is rapidly approaching.
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  • Their appearance on South Park. Little crybaby...
  • Poor Jonny...
  • The crying minotaur who served as Radiohead's mascot during the "Amnesiac" period has now been made into an intensely huggable plush toy!
  • Thom's signature goofy dance is pretty funny.
  • Several moments during the Colbert Report Radiohead Special:
    • Stephen Colbert (wearing a Santa hat, no less) solemnly introducing "Codex" as being from Radiohead's "upcoming Christmas album."
    • "Dr. Pepper Presents Stephen Colbert's Rocktember with Radiohead Who Present Themselves Because They Are Nobody's Corporate Tool, Brought to You By Dr. Pepper, The Official Soft Drink of Radiohead."
  • The awesome spoof of the film Se7en, from the Thumbs Down webcast.
  • Some could find the chaotic horn section at the end of "The National Anthem" as pretty hilarious.
  • The cover of The Bends. Just look at that dummy, and try to imagine what he's imagining.
    • Users on the B3ta messageboard once photoshopped the dummy to look like he was, ahem, receiving a certain kind of stimulation in a certain area of his body.
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  • While anticipating LP9, fans on Radiohead's subreddit got so convinced that the album wouldn't be announced come May 6, 2016, that they pledged to eat a picture of Thom if they were proven wrong. Some fans are already standing by their word, and it's even made some news sites!
  • When performing "Paranoid Android" live, Thom has been known to make the "pips" that preface the song on OK Computer before the band starts playing. See this Reddit thread for more. It's pretty funny.
  • The Surreal Music Video for "Lift", from the 2017 reissue of OK Computer, is Actually Pretty Funny. It's a four-minute long Uncomfortable Elevator Moment that Thom, holding two carrier bags, suffers while having increasingly weird encounters on his way down.
  • A different version of "Idioteque".
  • In a more recent show, technical problems let to Thom muttering "Aw shit." into the mic. Cue Jonny looping what Thom said, and even making him corpse.

Peep. "Yes?" "Mmmmmmmmmmmmoooooore cooooooookiieeees..."

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