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  • When Nicholas Angel realises that it's Danny Butterman's birthday and not only feels guilty that they've spent the morning investigating, goes out to buy him a Japanese peace lily like his own.
    • Danny's reaction to being asked why he hadn't said anything is heartwarming, too. He says "We were working, weren't we." like it's the most obvious thing in the world. This is soon after the scene where Angel chewed him out for never paying attention and never taking his job seriously (or so Angel thought).
    • When asked by the florist Leslie if the peace lily is for "anyone special", Angel hesitates while he thinks, then replies "yes it is".
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  • At the end when Angel leaves flowers at Danny's mother's grave with him.
  • The look of awe on Danny's face when Nicholas returns to Sandford instead of going back to London.
  • After the epic shoot out in Somerfield when one of the Andys turns to Nicholas and tells him 'Don't go being a twat now' in response to Nicholas going after Skinner on his own. They've been at odds throughout the entire movie, yet they manage to come together in the end. Even more heartwarming is Angel's smile as he responds that he wouldn't 'give him the satisfaction'.
    • Related to this one; when the cops are goofing off and having a laugh at the end when taking a break from doing the huge amounts of paperwork required from them. Similarly, after they've been at odds with Angel throughout the movie, it's nice to see both him relax with them and them openly let him into the group.
  • The morning after Angel and Danny had a little spat, Angel comes in to try and convince Danny to investigate with him.
    Angel: Thanks for the monkey.
    Danny: S'yours, isn't it.
    Angel: I won it for you.
  • Angel's reaction to seeing the reporter he was going to speak to die before him. Most of the time he is portrayed as having a stick up the ass, yet here he appears genuinely upset.
  • When Andy #2 thinks that Andy #1 has been shot, he screams in utter rage and returns fire, even after Andy #1 assures him that all the red on him is just spaghetti sauce. After seeing the two act condescending to literally every other character onscreen throughout the entire movie, it's good to see them at least show concern for each other.
    • Even better is Andy #1 and Angel's moment shortly after (when Angel goes after Skinner):
      Andy #1: Angel! Don't go being a twat, now.
      Angel: I wouldn't give you the satisfaction.
  • While giving everyone orders Angel says "Officer Walker, stay here with Saxon and hold everything down." Even while rushing and wounded, he took the time to keep the oldest member of the force and his dog away from the main action while still ensuring the wounded NWA members wouldn't give chase or warn the others.
  • A scene or two after Nick has informed Danny that proper terminology is to refer to traffic accidents as collisions note  Nick asks Danny how his mother died, and he responds innocently, "Traffic collision." It's a bit Comically Missing the Point (as it refers to a years-old case, not an actively-being-investigated one), but it also shows that, despite what Nick thinks at this point in the movie, Danny really is listening to what he says and taking it seriously enough to change his own behaviour. Turns into a Tear Jerker when it turns out she killed herself. In a way, he's saying her death was someone's fault.
  • Nick's insistence on calling Doris a "police officer" rather than "policewoman". Because according to him, gender has nothing to do with it.
    • At the end, when Danny is the one to bring up proper vocab guidelines about using staff instead of manpower, Nick is the one who is joking with Doris ("You wouldn't mind a bit of manpower"), showing he loosened up and is a part of the team.
  • Near the end in a Freeze-Frame Bonus, we see Mr. Peter Ian Staker happily reunited with his pet swan. He even seems to be cuddling it!
  • Angel's entire story of why he always wanted to be a cop is somewhere between heartwarming and badass. The fact that he persisted even when his hero worship of Uncle Derrick turned out to have been misplaced might actually make the story more powerful.
    Angel: (...) he bought me a police pedal car - when I was five. I rode it every second I was awake, arresting kids twice my size for littering and spitting. I got beaten up a lot when I was young, but - didn't stop me. (...) But I never forgot the clear sense of right and wrong that I felt at the wheel of that pedal car. I had to prove to myself that the law could be... proper, and righteous, and for the good of humankind. It was from that moment that I was destined to be a police officer.
  • After Angel decides to go after Skinner at the castle, Danny stops him and gives him his notebook, tucking it into his chest pocket and saying he might need it. Not only did he remember that the notebook has saved Angel's skin more times than he cares to mention (Angel's words), Angel sincerely thanks him for it. Boy did Angel need that notebook, all right.
  • How much Angel grows to respect and care for Danny. As where originally it's painfully clear Angel doesn't see Danny as a real police officer, and felt stuck with him.
  • Angel (however briefly) trying to reason with Michael.
  • A young boy winds up in the middle of the final confrontation with Skinner. After Angel thinks he's subdued him, he goes to check on the boy, and when Skinner gets back up and charges with a box cutter, Angel pushes the boy behind him. He does the same a few moments later, when Frank tries to shoot him.

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