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Hoo boy, where do we begin?

  • Forget it, Nicholas. It's Sandford.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it Shout-Out occurs repeatedly with the two identical twins running the front desk at the police station. One reads nothing but Iain M. Banks and the other nothing but Iain Banks novels. This is a subversion of... something... in that while Iain M. and Iain are the same man, the two identical desk sergeants are not.
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  • "You've always been here." In an inn, too. And his later compatriot is named Danny.
  • There's a bit where Nick has been stabbed by Danny, stashed in the boot of his car, then revealed only to be Not Quite Dead, that's a homage to Quentin Tarantino's favorite shot: from the boot of the car.
  • In the supermarket, the DVD of Shaun of the Dead can be glimpsed for a few frames, with the title 'Zombies Party'.
    • According to the DVD commentary, the Shaun of the Dead DVD was actually the Spanish version of the film, title and all.
      • Another shout out to Shaun of the Dead, when Nicholas and Danny are chasing the shoplifter, they come across a row of fences where Nick says "What, you've never taken a shortcut before?"
  • When a shed full of guns is revealed: "By the Power of Grayskull!". Also said later on when Butterman's film collection is revealed.
  • Outsider cop visits a small town and discovers an evil cult’s plot? Sounds like The Wicker Man (1973). Bonus points since Edward Woodward (who played the cop in the original Wicker Man) appears in the film.
    • Well technically, the NWA is not an evil cult, but a Well-Intentioned Extremist association Gone Horribly Wrong.
      • They just act like an evil cult, wearing black robes and chanting ominously, in a castle courtyard in the dead of night.
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  • The name of Janet Barker's twins announced at the NWA meeting, Roger and Martin; after the protagonists of the Lethal Weapon series.
  • The village staging of Romeo and Juliet takes several cues from Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet (1996).
    • Most notably, the use of The Cardigans' song "Lovefool".
    • Blower and Draper are using the famous knight/angel costumes from that film. (While the background characters are in period dress).
    • Juliet uses Romeo's Beretta to commit suicide.
  • The priest seems to have spring loaded pistols in his sleeves a la Travis Bickle.
  • The lines in the beginning of Shaun of the Dead.
    Danny Butterman: Do you want anything from the shop?
    Nicholas Angel: Cornetto.
  • "You've got red on you."
  • Michel “Lurch” Armstrong bears a resemblance to Lurch from The Addams Family
  • In addition to the NWA being a Shout-Out to you-know-what (see Fun with Acronyms), Danny's "Yeaaaahh booooyyyyy!" to the barman before getting drunk with Angel.
  • Mr. Treacher firing a Winchester Model 1887—sawn off—is a reference to Terminator 2. A Winchester also appeared in Shaun of the Dead and played a major role in that movie.
    • Whenever Nicholas chases after someone on foot, he emulates the T-1000's manner of swinging his arms.
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  • When Nicholas returns to Sandford, he interrupts Mr. Reaper's attempt to warn the NWA by slamming into his car. The only word Reaper gets out is "It's..."

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