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  • There is a Moment of Awesome that makes all the others possible: Danny Butterman and a sachet of ketchup. "Ta-da!"
    • Also credit to Angel for his reaction. While he might have thought he was stabbed at first, he quickly realized Danny was pretending and faked being dead or badly wounded. The minute they're out of town? He gets up and berates Danny for not noticing the murder.
    • And to Danny for managing to fool the entire cult and his own dad.
  • The entire extended shootout between Angel and the NWA at the end proves that with the right cinematography and editing, you can make a bunch of 60-year old Shakespearean veterans, scrawny little Simon Pegg, and frumpy looking Nick Frost look like bigger badass action stars than the most roided up musclehead.
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  • Angel dropkicking an old lady in the face.
  • Nick recruiting the Hoodies as a Heroic Bystander group; they spraypaint the security cameras for the element of surprise and help him take down the shopkeeper by weaponizing her automatic doorbell. As an added bonus, none of them get hurt in the confrontation!
  • Angel riding the white horse into the middle of town while NWA gapes in surprise and amazement.
  • One word: "Morning."
  • "You're a doctor. Deal with it." "Yeah, motherfucker."
  • "Fascist!" * blam* "Hag."
  • Then Major Bernard attacks Nick with a rapier, and in a moment for awesome for him, he actually keeps Nick on his toes while fencing with him! Nick could cold-cock him at any time but honourably fights on his terms — using a rifle as a makeshift rapier— before swiping at his feet and tripping him.
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  • How Angel convinces the other cops with some simple question: "Have you ever wondered why the crime rate in Sandford is so low and yet the accident rate is so high?" Some logic, and Danny Calling the Old Man Out, and the new guard immediately turns on Butterman.
  • The reprise of the swan.
  • Angel strapping every gun in the evidence locker on. And his Improbable Aiming Skills.
  • The officers shaping up for the final fight. The "incompetent" Sergeant Tony Fisher suddenly comes up with a comprehensive and decent plan very quickly. And even though the Andys' and Doris don't do any substantial detective work, they do end up kicking some substantial ass.
  • The sight of the old schoolteacher dual wielding pistols at Angel. While on a bicycle.
    • Danny clotheslining said teacher, with his car door. Both Badass and funny at the same time.
  • During the final standoff between Angel and Simon Skinner, as the Dalton-ator beats Angel to the ground with a series of sledgehammer like punches, and just as he swings the finisher "GET. OUT. OF MY. VILLAGE!", Angel catches it, stands up, crushing the hand and retorts "It's not your village anymore!" before punching Skinner's lights out, sending him crashing down into the miniature replica of his OWN SHOP.
    • This moment was mentioned specifically by Simon Pegg in interviews as the moment he realised 'I was fighting James Bond, and I was winning!'
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  • The gunfight is followed by a lot of paperwork, something real coppers appreciated. However, it's shot in the same way as the action: Whip pans! Crash zooms! Dual Wielding pens! Dramatic Pen Clicks! Awesome Paperwork!
  • Nick refusing to come back to London when the Jerkass inspectors from the Met come to Sandford to ask him to come back, as crime has grown tenfold ever since he was Kicked Upstairs. While you know it was mostly because Nick had grown to like Sandford and his new friends, you can tell it's also him getting a little payback.
  • Amanda Paver pulls two Walther PP Ks (the same model Bond uses) and wields them Guns Akimbo while cycling towards Nick, winging him in the shoulder. Danny, who was til now inactive, opens his police car's door into Paver's path, causing her to fall face-first onto the ground.
  • Reverend Shooter tries to call for the rampage to end, telling Nick surely he is a man of peace. Nick retorts he knows right and wrong and the difference. Then Shooter goes "Oh fuck off, grasshopper!" and lands a hit on Nick with his hidden rifle. Moment of awesome for both of them, and for Danny clipping Shooter in the shoulder.
  • When Danny and Nick take off to pursue Skinner and Butterman—we see a quick montage of them flipping the lights on, buckling up, and hitting the gas, while Nick shouts "PUNCH! THAT! SHIT!" Combined with the following close-up of the wheel spinning, you can almost hear the theme from Power Rangers Turbo blaring underneath....
  • In the climax battle, the police seem to arrest every single NWA member without killing any of them, or at least killing a minimal amount. A small group of cops fight the insane NWA who are perfectly willing to kill any threat without mercy. The cops win, without killing anyone, which ends up supporting Nick's own strong trust in the law in a way. It's a complete victory for justice. Judge Dredd would be proud.
  • Simon Skinner attempts to take a small boy hostage to make Angel back off. The boy promptly bites him on the hand, hard, until he lets go.
  • A tiny but nonetheless awesome moment from the very beginning of the movie. When Angel protests his transfer by saying to the Chief Inspector, "There's one thing you haven't taken into account..." the Chief Inspector's satisfied smile falters for just a second. Angel is so hyper-competent at his job, he manages to make a veteran officer several ranks above him genuinely nervous.


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