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  • Clover defending Mallow after Kale sees her ears and yells out "Big Ears" ("Weird Ears" in the manga). Mallow starts to cry a little when Kale talks about her long ears.
  • While also a Tear Jerker, Mallow defending Clover after Mallow hurt her foot after going down a dangerous hill in Volume 1. She later starts crying in front of the adults and Clover after she explains why this situation happened in the first place. Near the end of the story, Twirl the squirrel decides to visit Mallow after hearing what happened. He genuinely feels sorry for her and actually gives her a gift that is actually genuine which Clover at first doesn't notice when Mallow mention what the gift was from. Clover opens up the gift and it turns out to be food Clover then feels surprised and thanks Mallow since she learned that despite Twirl being a trickster and causes pranks. Clover learns that Twirl has a good heart deep inside.
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  • In volume 5, the story "Mallow's Heart Flutters" where Shallot accidentally confesses that he loves Mallow since Mallow learns that Kale wasn't at school for two days and decides to visit his room and starts taking care of him. He explains how he got bruises on his hands and Shallot tries giving excuses until he gets frustrated and accidentally tells Mallow that he really likes her complete with a shot in the next panel of Mallow blushing and decides to hug him. Shallot reacts to the hug by passing out in pure happiness and Clover then notices that Mallow's been hugging a lot of animals lately and she tells Shallot that it's a habit much to the surprise of Shallot. Mallow mentions that her heart started feeling very strange when she hears Shallot's words since this is the second story which focuses more on Mallow then Clover.
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  • How Hickory takes Clover's bad situation in Volume after framing the Bulbul brothers for being thieves. She's afraid of telling this to the adults but Hickory comforts Clover and makes a hand gesture meaning even if she does get in trouble. He will be right by her side.
  • Clover putting a leaf on a little girl who just scratched her foot after running away and tripping after getting spooked by Blackberry' mother in volume 2. While the girl has not treated Clover very good, when she sees her crying after hurting herself. She feels very sorry for her and uses a leaf as a band aid. It is later revealed that the boy that Clover meet in Volume 1 was his young daughter and recognizes him.
  • One story in Volume 4, has Clover getting so worried about the show that a new bunny who visits Crescent Forest named "Luna" grabs her hand and squeezes it to calm her down. When the actual show begins, it's Luna who gets very worried and Clover does the same with him. In the end of the story, Luna kisses Clover much to the surprise of the other animals.
  • When Clover is preparing to play Rambler's harp in Volume 3 and the final episode of the anime. Clover starts crying in front of the citizens of Crescent Forest until she hears Mallow, Shallot, and Kale start playing there instruments to encourage and lift her spirits up.
  • An anime exclusive episode called Protect The Light Grass, it features Clover and her friends deciding to grow Light Grass (which are lanterns). However, when a dangerous thunder storm and flood start heading toward the forest, Clover quickly heads to the area and puts a basket on the plant so it won't die of overwatering from the flood. Hickory (later joined by Mallow, Kale, and Shallot) decide to help her out by also putting baskets on their plants. They are later seen holding each other's hands and start humming out loud while the dangerous thunderstorm continues, until they fall asleep. Meanwhile, Clover's parents start getting very worried about the disappearance of their daughter and later, the entire forest starts searching for them. They later find Clover's group sleeping as they are protecting the plant.
  • In one illustration between one story in Volume 3. Clover tells the viewer why the word "H" in Hickory's name is so special. Because he has a big heart. Awww
  • In August 2015, Comiiket 88 sold a Happy Happy Clover Anthology submitted by various artist and fans of the manga in Japan. The anthology also contained artwork celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the original publication of the manga on Ciao Magazine. Here's one of the illustrations celebrating it's 10th anniversary.

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