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Tear Jerker / Happy Happy Clover

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  • One story in Volume 1, has Mallow crying in front of her mother, Professor Hoot, and her best friend Clover after hearing them scolding Clover for convincing her to go down a dangerous hill. She blames the entire situation on herself since she wanted to be like Clover.
  • When Rambler gets stuck under a tree which also contains a hard rock. Clover attempts to get him out by digging under the tree. However it starts to rain and Rambler starts worrying about Clover's safety by telling her that she's in trouble. She begins to cry unaware of a flood heading straight to the hole that she dug up. She continues to dig deeper until the flood finally arrives and Rambler yells her name as she begins drowning. Rambler gets so worried that he uses his strength to lift up the tree that he was stuck under until he see's Mr Mole who saved her. It's a lot more emotional in the anime due to how desperate Rambler and Clover are during this situation which started out as a race.
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  • Kale crying in volume 4 because he thinks he's a terrible big brother. Keep in mind, at the time this was when Kale's mother was pregnant and is soon expecting triplets.
  • In the final story of Volume 3 and final episode of the anime. Clover starts crying while she's preparing to play the harp that Rambler gave her. This turns into a Heartwarming Moment when Clover's friends start playing their instruments which lifted up her spirit and began playing the harp.
  • In the Volume 5 story "In Search For Mallow's Dream", Mallow starts thinking she doesn't have any good future goals/dreams and smiles throughout the story which Clover refers to as a "Fake Smile" which starts depressing Clover. She's so worried about Mallow that she skips her lunch and later suffers a stomach ache due to this along with he getting more worried about Mallow. Mallow notices this and quickly thinks up a way for her friend to feel better. In the end of the story, Mallow reveals what he new goal is a nurse/doctor.
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  • Clover crying in her monster form in volume 4 after she notices that nobody including her friends even recognizes her. Mallow notices the monster crying until it eventually transforms back into her bunny self. Clover's friends thought the monster ate Clover which explains why they attack it.
  • In the Volume 5 story "Rambler Takes Cover From The Rain", Clover invites Rambler over to sleep at her place for the night. However he prefers to sleep outside but Clover insists for him to sleep inside. When it starts to rain, Clover desperately wants him to stay at her place for the night but Rambler refuses and as Clover tries pulling him back to her place he snatches his hand away from her. She starts crying and runs back to her place and starts catching a cold in the process. It's not until the next morning that Clover discovers Rambler quietly crying and tells her why he doesn't like sleeping inside a house or a bed. He reveals that reminded him of his old home he used to live inside along with remembering his mother. But ever since his home got destroyed, he gets very bad memories of the event. This drives Clover to tears and apologizes to him about the other night.
  • The last chapter, from Clover crying and hating Rambler due to him rejecting her until she realized he was just protecting the animals from a forest fire from Clover sacrificing her own life by becoming a fish to stop the fire, which Rambler somewhat regretted and cried that she is gone forever.
  • After Clover reads the apology letter written by Kale's baby brothers attached to the broken necklace which the bunnies previously broken which caused her to snap at them. Clover starts crying in guilt and decides to think of a special present to give to the bunnies.
  • One Illustrations shows Rambler standing alone with a sad expression with Sayuri's text mentioning that Rambler has no home.

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