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Heartwarming / Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken

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    Dai Gyakuten Saiban 

The Adventure of the Great Departure:

  • Seriously, just everything about Ryuunosuke and Asougi's friendship. Ryuunosuke was framed for the murder and absolutely no one believed him (to be fair, he was only the prime suspect after picking up the gun). Despite the overwhelming evidence against Ryuunosuke, Asougi refused to believe his best friend would kill someone and says he has his full trust in him. Even when things looked dire, Asougi stayed by his best friend's side through and through.
    • Points for Asougi allowing Ryuunosuke to take the stand as his own attorney. Even though Ryuunosuke was pressured to do so by Mr. Mikotoba, Asougi already knew the reason for this and allowed Ryuunosuke to do so. Why? Because he believes he'll do a good job!
    • The fact when in court, Asougi is all business but makes it clear he'll defend his clients to the better end. When he is not in court? He's making jokes and laughing! This shows that Asougi is only serious when doing his job (as, of course, a defense attorney in the Supreme Court must be) but when he's not, he's very cheerful.
  • Later, Asougi does confront Mikotoba about pressuring Ryuunosuke to defend himself. This was all because Asougi was supposed to represent Japan as their attorney when he went to the British Empire and a loss would result in him not being able to go. Asougi doesn't care about this one bit saying that even as Ryuunosuke defended himself, if he would lose, Asougi would drop out of the program anyway. Asougi just couldn't bear the guilt of going out to a different nation knowing his best friend is still behind bars.
  • Taizou Uzukumaru may be a thief who steals money from the rich along with their food, but he is only doing it for the sake of his family. His job doesn't pay him well, not to mention trying to care for his baby son.

The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band:

  • One with a dash of Tear Jerker: after Ryuunosuke shows Detective Hosonaga evidence indicating a possible connection between the murder and the cabin next door, the detective agrees to let him investigate. When asked if he's allowed to do that, Hosonaga vows to get permission, even if it means risking his life. Most players will laugh this off as a product of Hosonaga's dramatic streak until they return later and find him sporting a black eye and an impressive bruise on his cheek. Turns out he really did get beaten up for letting you go. Taken Up to Eleven when he still proudly declares that he believes Ryuunosuke is innocent and vows to help in any way he can.
  • Just the pure fact that Asougi begged Ryuunosuke to go with him to the British Empire just so he could experience going to a different nation with him. Seriously, Ryuu is lucky to have such a great friend like Asougi.
  • Ryuunosuke and Susato bonding throughout the case. At first, Susato (understandably) suspects Ryuunosuke of being Asougi's killer and is determined to have him arrested. However, Ryuu points out he would never murder his best friend and is determined to prove it. Susato remains cautious around Ryuu but she soon starts to see how much Asougi's death is affecting Ryuu as well and finally learned to trust him despite the evidence, once again, being heavily against his favor. It's pretty clear that Susato, like Ryuu, looked up to Asougi and is no wonder the two was able to bond over the loss of a dear friend. At the end of the trial, Susato even offers Asougi's sword, Karma, to Ryuu hoping he would continue Asougi's legacy and Ryuu gladly accepts.]]
  • This one is a doozy, but everything about the relationship between Nikomina, Mikrov Stroganov, and the rest of the crew. Nikomina was once a famous ballerina from Russia and you think she'd make a lot of money. Nope. Nikomina was only paid with food and water and never had any real money to support herself on her own. So, Nikomina contacted her old friend Stroganov and the rest of the Alaclair crew members to help her out and they gladly accepted. They went as far as to drug every other person on the ship with sleeping pills so that they could make an emergency stop to pick up Nikomina. They all know by doing this, Nikomina officially defected from Russia but made it seem she was kidnapped instead so she wouldn't be in trouble. The plan was to get her to a different nation so she could start her life over. It should be noted she also stole the ballerina crown hoping to sell it off and she also took her pet cat with her. It's pretty nice to know how much they care for each other especially in Stroganov's case who had been nothing but a major Jerkass throughout the case but quickly shifts to a Jerk with a Heart of Gold by the end of it.
    • Small note but it should also be noted that Stroganov took his pet snake on the ship despite the rules not allowing it. His response to this is that he cannot be separated from his pet as it's clear he loves it so.
  • Sherlock Holmes may seem like a massive troll to Ryuu and seemingly wanted him arrested but, deep down, he actually believes Ryuu was innocent and just wanted to make sure.
    • Also, this case introduces Holmes' Deductions and whenever Ryuu was helping to fix some errors, Holmes gladly goes with it! It shows that Holmes doesn't mind his deductions being corrected especially on how well he and Ryuu get along during them.

The Adventure of the Runaway Room:

The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro:

  • Patrolman O’Malley is revealed to have tampered with the crime scene out of desperation to enjoy his one free day and anniversary with his wife. Crying in remorse, he is prepared to be fired, but the Grim Reaper van Zieks assures him he’ll keep his job.

The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story:

  • Holmes referring to Ryuu as his friend. It's said in one line but it's very heartwarming on how far these two came in the game. Even though Holmes likes to mess around with Ryuu, he never means any ill will.

    Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 

The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney:

The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro:

  • After the truth of the trial is revealed, Naruhodo comforting Viridian Green on the stand, which causes her to smile with genuine happiness for what must have been the first time in months.

The Return of the Great Departed Soul:

Twisted Karma and His Last Bow:

The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke:


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