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Heartwarming / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice

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As per usual of Ace Attorney, it has moments that leave you all warm and fuzzy.

The Foreign Turnabout

  • Alhbi's relationship with Maya. The two became really close while she was training in the kingdom and gained a big sister/little brother thing.
  • Ahlbi finally decides to trust Phoenix and be more cooperative after Phoenix proves he's willing to put his life on the line for Ahlbi. It's also heartwarming that Phoenix agrees to abide by the Defense Culpability Act, as he's earlier given a chance to leave freely and go back home, but he intentionally puts himself at risk so he can defend Ahlbi.

The Magical Turnabout

  • Ema in general, having finally conquered the forensics eligibility exam and achieved her career goals. Her personality hedges considerably closer to the bright-eyed teenager we first met in "Rise From the Ashes".
  • Apollo uses his Perceive ability on Trucy when he senses doubt in her words, prior to defending her. Her response reveals how much emotional weight she tries to keep behind her smile and Apollo assures her that it's alright to break the facade when the time is right. Trucy breaks down touched by Apollo's devotion to proving her case in spite of her own doubts.
    • Just the fact that Trucy cries in front of Apollo. For the first time since they met, Trucy is showing her real emotions in front of him which she has never done for anyone but her father. Shows how much she's grown to trust Apollo. Furthermore, recall that Trucy is Apollo's little sister thus making the whole scene a Big Brother Instinct moment, even if the two aren't aware of their relation.
      • Present your Attorney's Badge to Trucy after you see her in the detention center, and Apollo offers it to her to play around with, if only to take her mind off of the situation. Trucy thinks that he's throwing down the gauntlet, and threatens to make the money in his wallet disappear. Apollo merely laughs it off, and says that'll disappear on it's own when he proves her innocence, and promises to treat her to ramen from Eldoon's, cake… whatever she wants.
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    • Originally, when Apollo and Trucy first met, Trucy refused to tell Apollo how her magic tricks worked. Now, when Apollo needs to know for her upcoming case, she explains her magic, with a complete understanding of the gravity of the situation. Shows how much Trucy has matured, and come to trust Polly.
    • At the end of the case, after Retinz is found out, Apollo once again reassures Trucy, who is now having doubts over Retiniz's parting words that he had triumphed over Troupe Gramarye with his own magic and that Trucy was nothing but an insignificant novice who couldn't see his game for what it was. He reminds her of the Troupe Gramarye creed that is written in Magnifi's notebook and that nothing Retinz says can ever have any power over her, which gives her back the confidence she needs to open her show.
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  • During the investigation, Apollo's fear of heights triggers when he and Athena have to climb above the stage. Athena jokingly asks if he'd like to hold her hand and he accepts. After some more time up there and Apollo is about to freak out, Athena asks if he needs to hold her hand again, and this time does so sincerely.
  • Phoenix finally calls home after receiving frantic messages from Apollo about Trucy, and the agency being in danger of repossession. While on the phone, he tells Apollo that he believes in him, and that he trusts him. This is enough to put a smile on Apollo's face and give him courage to keep forging on with Trucy's defense.
    • Nick calls again later after the trial to check in, and once again affirms his faith in Apollo, thanking him for looking after things at home. It's a sweet moment.
  • Midway in the case, Bonny de Famme is so inspired by Trucy's brave performance in court that she finally stands up to her twin sister Betty and points out a contradiction in the video footage.
  • A small one, but if you pick "Bonny's life choices" during the Revisualization segment regarding Bonny's mistake, Apollo thinks this:
    Apollo: No, no. I should never say a person's life choices are a mistake. I'm sure she can be a great magician someday if she works hard at it. Good luck, Bonny!
  • Trucy decides to let the twin de Famme sisters off the hook, saying they didn't do anything wrong, only Retinz did. This is after Bonny admitted that the twins did agree to participate in the prank because Retinz paid them to, so Trucy is being very forgiving.
  • This line from the judge right before the Not Guilty verdict.
    Judge: I'm about to announce my verdict...Could I see that wonderful smile of yours — that smile of a true entertainer — as I do?
    • It's even better because the judge probably knows Trucy on a personal level, considering how close he is to Phoenix and Edgeworth (as he bickered about not getting tickets to Trucy's magic show in Dual Destinies, and seems to know a lot about his personal life). He wants to see this young girl he's known for quite some time smile like she used to.

The Rite of Turnabout

  • During the investigation portions of this case, like usual, you can present random evidence to all the characters you come across. However, presenting your attorney badge to Maya and Ema prompts a small, touching conversation where they congratulate Phoenix for getting his attorney badge back. Which is especially poignant considering that most of the time, presenting your badge results in either ignorance of the significance or humour at the expense of the lawyer.
    • Also, Phoenix will also return the praise to Ema for finally becoming a forensic investigator.
  • At the start of the second day of investigations, Phoenix runs into Rayfa who’s depressed over having misinterpreted another one of her divination séances and he decides to try and cheer her up despite the fact that he was essentially on death row, even putting himself down in an attempt to help her past her depression. It works, though granted she takes the putting down bit further than he intended and in true Tsundere fashion declares that she will be watching him again to make sure he doesn’t do anything unethical.
  • Mean as she is, it is beautiful to see Rayfa telling Phoenix to be tactful while interrogating Beh'leeb.
  • A couple more minor examples when encountering Beh'leeb Inmee again. Firstly when Phoenix tells her that he is defending Maya based solely in his faith that she is innocent which Inmee notes is similar to her faith in Khura'inism and agrees to co-operate. When she says that if Phoenix is lying about his faith in Maya, she says that she will curse his family and disciples for the next eight generations which leads to:
    Phoenix: Hey! Leave Athena and Apollo alone, buddy!
  • Everything about how much Beh'leeb Inmee and Tahrust Inmee love each other.
    • Likewise, the Khura'in Judge unhesitantly agreeing to honor Tahrust's last request: to help protect Beh'leeb and her unborn child. And yes, this is despite the Judge now knowing that the couple are actually La Résistance members — a status that's traditionally grounds for complete and utter scorn.
  • At the end of the trial, Rayfa believes it was Maya's channeling that brought the truth to light, not the seances. She also feels that her insights may have led to false convictions and thus she isn't fit to be the country's future ruler. Maya gives her one heck of an uplifting speech on why she cannot quit:
    Maya: Your role is to bring forth the voices of the mitamah into our world. If you don't do it, who will?
    Rayfa: You know nothing, Maya Fey! It was spirit channeling, not a Divination Seance that brought the truth to light. How...How DARE an outsider like you employ the queen's secret art! But what can I do!? My spiritual power does not even approach yours! Ha ha ha ha! Is it now a cruel joke!? The royal priestess, bested by a lowly outsider!?
    Maya: Listen, your Benevolence...You were just fulfilling your duty, weren't you? And you're the only one capable of performing the Divination Seance, right? The station of royal priestess is not something to abandon lightly!
    Rayfa: ...The station of royal priestess?
    Maya: The people of your kingdom believe in you. But if you really mean all you just said...then what are they supposed to believe in?

Turnabout Storyteller

  • The reason why Simon Blackquill insisted that Athena defend Bucky Whet is because Whet is the current proprietor of Blackquill's favorite soba shop, so Blackquill is willing to assist the defense instead of the prosecution just to save a soba shop from closing.
    • And then after the case he and Athena bicker like siblings, with him insisting that she's still green but he won't teach her since it's not in a prosecutor's best interest to make better defense attorneys.
  • A subtle one, but the moment it is revealed that Uendo has multiple personalities, the Judge has them introduce themselves and from that point on they are treated as separate people.
  • The moment where Simon gives Athena a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! moment by literally grabbing and shaking her a bit to snap her out of her doubt in her client shows that while he may be a prosecutor and distant socially, he wants to see Athena toughen up and fight for what she believes in.
  • Athena ordering an udon meal from Bucky for Geiru after the trial. Despite the latter being arrested as the true killer, Athena seems to believe Geiru's sheer My God, What Have I Done? means she can still be rehabilitated.

Turnabout Revolution

  • There's a completely optional moment of heartwarming during the first investigation phase: if you present the picture of Jove Justice to Sgt. Buff a second time (you have to do it once to make Sgt. Buff open up to you), it prompts Sgt. Buff to ask if maybe Apollo could come over and visit sometimes. Apollo replies sure, he'll come visit, and he'll even bring his co-workers! This prompts Sgt. Buff to cheer about getting more brothers-in-arms. Although the heartwarming is mitigated slightly at the end of the case since Apollo leaves for Khura'in, and thus won't be around to visit as much.
  • Upon seeing Phoenix and Apollo on opposing sides of court, the Judge wonders if he's wandered into a mock trial by accident because he can't imagine that happening, and when it's confirmed it's a real civil lawsuit, he expresses concern for their future working relationship. Just because he can be such an obtuse Cloud Cuckoolander who seems to exist primarily to acquiesce to the prosecution doesn't mean he can't regard those two lawyers as a friend.
  • Ema also has a minor moment by saying Apollo has some nerve taking on Phoenix. Sure, it's soured by the fact that Apollo is only trying to do the right thing, but the mere fact that Ema instantly comes to Nick's defense is a testament to how much she cares for her friend.
  • Sarge choosing to come out and fight is awesome and heartwarming, especially after the words of comfort and encouragement Apollo and Athena provide when, just moments before, Sarge had been going crazy from overwhelming emotions. Not only does she wheel herself into court, having been a shut-in for the previous six months, but she then chooses to literally stand on her own two feet. To top it all off, her presence provided the decisive evidence needed to convict Paul Atishon-Wimperson.
    • Another nice point is that Phoenix was able to not only meet face-to-face with Armie, but convince her to come with him to court. He really is a great dad-figure.
    • And, even after Sarge is revealed as 12-year old Armie Buff, Apollo continues to use "Sarge" as an affectionate nickname.
  • Edgeworth charters a jet for the entire Wright Anything Agency so they can rescue Maya from Khura'in, and tags along to help Phoenix investigate the next case. They spend a majority of their time together affectionately making fun of each other, but Phoenix admits right out of the gate that he'd have been lost without Edgeworth's help. A lot of their little moments are pretty funny, too:
    Edgeworth: I never thought the day would come when we'd be investigating a case side by side.
    Phoenix: Oh? 'Cause I never thought the day would come when you'd get sentimental on me.
    Edgeworth: Nghrk! Come on, Wright! Time's a wasting!
    • Speaking of which, if you present Edgeworth with evidence he doesn't have an opinion on (such as your badge), Nick will tell Edgeworth he heard from a mutual friend that he used to present random evidence to people all the time. Edgeworth replies that he'll have to remember that for that person's next salary review. It's sweet that the hapless Detective Gumshoe is still on their minds (and apparently still on the force) even though he hasn't appeared in a game since Apollo Justice.
  • Edgeworth's absence from the final trial makes a certain sense, given that Athena is also told to stay out of it because of the danger, but when he does show up at the end, who's with him? Trucy, who had smuggled herself along in his suitcase. He stayed back to make sure someone very important to Phoenix would be safe.
  • At a tense moment the day before the last trial, if Apollo presents his badge to Phoenix, the reply is "You flash that badge like a pro now. And with such confidence, too. I can really feel it." And then he flatters/embarrasses Apollo with a little speech about how he's finally come into his own.
  • Seeing Phoenix standing beside Apollo, essentially fulfilling the role of Mia Fey, really leads to the realization of how far he's come from starting off as an unsure but determined rookie since his first trial to being the current Big Good veteran lawyer he is now, especially for long-time fans who have followed his progress since the very first game. The student has definitely become the master.
  • Surprisingly, Apollo's early childhood is this. After his dad died in a fire, Apollo was adopted and grew up happy with Nahyuta and Dhurke, which was only cut short when Dhurke had to leave him in America.
  • Basically all of Dhurke's stay in America. Dhurke came to America just to see Apollo and ends up reconnecting with him, sharing quite a handful of heartwarming moments, especially as Apollo starts warming back up to him. Unfortunately made sad in retrospect, but the moments they shared still melt your heart.
    • There's Apollo's memory of the time he and Nahyuta almost drowned in some rapids, only to be saved by Dhurke, who proudly declares:
      What father wouldn't risk his life to save his own children?
    • When Apollo almost drowns in an underground lake, he gets rescued by Dhurke. The player is treated to a beautiful sight of Dhurke carrying Apollo to safety. On top of that, after Apollo is brought back to Kurain Village, Datz gives Apollo a plate of sushi from Dhurke and this time, Apollo accepts. As Apollo happily eats, the music from when you win a trial starts playing, showcasing Apollo's joy of both being alive and respecting his foster father.
    • Trucy's impression of Dhurke is this too. Unlike Apollo, Trucy only knows of him as an insurgent from Khura'in. Even when Dhurke suddenly shows up at the Wright Anything Agency, Trucy doesn't get frightened of him. Instead, she gets to know him, says he's cool and even affectionately refers to him as "Dad", which isn't a totally inaccurate name given Apollo and Trucy's relationship.
  • For all his faults, it does seem like Inga truly did love Rayfa as a daughter.
    • It is possible to view Inga's marriage to Ga'ran as a political one or that he went through with it to gain easy access to the throne, but deep down he truly wanted a wife and a child of his own. So in the midst of plotting to overthrow a woman he didn't love and was just as power-hungry as he was, he lived his fantasy a little by doting on his 'adopted' daughter.
  • Phoenix telling Athena that she can't participate in the defence team for the final trial due to the Defence Culpability Act, because as her boss, he's ordering her not to...and because Simon Blackquill wouldn't want her to be in danger. D'aaaw.
    Phoenix: He said he'd use me for sword practice if I put you in harm's way.
    Athena: Nrrgh...Simon...
  • One that's easy to miss is Rayfa asking Phoenix to remove her robe for the Divination Seance while Nayna is missing. In her roundabout, Tsundere way, that's her showing she trusts him enough to attend to her.

Turnabout Time Traveler

  • Sorin telling Ellen, "Come home soon. I'm lost without you," before the start of the first trial is the first sign of his truly returning Ellen's feelings. Nearly all of their interactions together from that point are these too.
  • The judge noting that with Phoenix and Maya on defense and Edgeworth as the prosecutor, he feels like he's at a reunion and wants to go out for dinner and drinks with everyone. Phoenix suggests that they can do it as a welcome back party for Maya and Edgeworth says he'd consider joining everyone if it happened after the conclusion of the trial.
  • Larry finally became successful as an artist (in a manner of speaking) thanks to "Franzy's Whippity-Whip Trip". The fact that Franziska actually accepted to model (or allow Larry to draw her) in an illustration book says a lot, given how much he drove her crazy in the games they met. It also means that he has finally found his true calling after following Elise Deauxnim's footsteps.
  • Ellen being revealed to have a very quirky yet adorable personality and a plainer-looking face beneath her bridal makeup, with ruffled hair and Youthful Freckles, which implies that Sorin loves her for her whole being. Bonus points for her keeping that look in her redux wedding, after the case is over.
  • The judge gives his blessings to Sorin and Ellen in court, followed by Sorin doing the Bridal Carry to Ellen. Depending on how you interpret the wording, he might have married them right then and there, with Phoenix and Edgeworth serving as witnesses. Edgeworth even says, "I see what you did there, Your Honor," after being asked if he has any objections.
    Judge: This court finds the defendant, Ellen Wyatt... Ah, that's not right... This court finds the defendant, Ellen Sprocket...
    Not Guilty
  • Ema Skye finally gets to testify in court for her favorite prosecutor, who rewards her obvious hero worship with little tidbits of admiration. Cute stuff.
    • Not only that, but Ema is one of the few witnesses that Edgeworth DOESN'T have trouble with getting to say their name and occupation.
    • And their post-credits scene is her telling him that she's going to Khura'in for a while to work with Nahyuta, which is written a bit like an amicable break-up.

Phoenix Wright: Asinine Attorney

  • Surprisingly, there's a moment of heartwarming in "Phoenix Wright: Asinine Attorney": Pearl lies to a gunman and claims to be Rayfa Padma Khura'in, attempting to sacrifice herself so that the gunman will neither kill Rayfa nor shoot everyone in the courtroom (which he threatened to do if they didn't hand over Rayfa to him).
  • In another heartwarming moment in the same DLC, Ahlbi tries to prove Pearl isn't Rayfa solely because Pearl is a customer of his, and he's willing to go to great lengths to protect a customer.
  • Even when it turns out that the whole thing was just an emergency-response training scenario and no one was really in danger, Edgeworth reminds the court that the "two youngsters on the stand" weren't aware of this, so Pearl and Ahlbi's heroism was real.

Apollo Justice: Asinine Attorney

  • After being convinced to visit Nine-Tails Vale and see Trucy's magic show at the Penrose Theater, Rayfa personally invites everyone in the courtroom to join her and volunteers to personally cover all of their expenses. When the Judge asks if he can bring his grandchildren, Rayfa immediately gives her approval.


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