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Heartwarming / Bay 12 Katawa Shoujo Role Play

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  • Half of Cado's interactions with Yukari. The other half are Funny Moments.
    • If you need a specific example, the fact that Cado, despite being blown off by Yukari five times, and despite Yukari having said otherwise, still sees it as his fault and decides to get her an Apology Gift. This impresses her so much she actually defrosts a bit due to the gesture.
    • In fact, the fact that he is trying so hard to defrost her because he genuinely cares about her qualifies.
    • Their Relationship Upgrade (into friendship, UST notwithstanding).
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    • Yukari's Unbroken Vigil over Cado despite him pushing her Berserk Button, her apology, Cado's Love Confession... in fact, everything they do the moment Cado is hospitalized counts.
    • Their Big Damn Kiss.
  • Aoi treating Haruo and Haruka as respected elders, despite being capable of calling them what she likes due to her status counts as a minor one.
  • Minoru's reaction to Fuuka is to immediately befriend her.
  • Mao and Jack in general.
  • Everyone's reaction to Cado's defenestration. Keith's in particular, although this can cross into Nightmare Fuel territory.
  • Minako and Rose's friendship.
  • Haruka just doesn't back down against Runa and offers her a melon bread. A little act, but an act which, to someone like Runa, is most likely the first time someone did that

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