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  • The shipping discussions in the OOC thread; specifically, the fact that every new character ends up being shipped with one within seconds of their entry into the game. Also, the existence of the shipping poll.
    IamanElfCollaborator: "MinoruxFuuka", referring to the recently added Minoru being shipped with Fuuka. This takes place literally seconds after Minoru's acceptance into the game.
  • Kyle is shipped with everyone.
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  • Breakfast with Haruka, Mao, Yukari, and Cado gets.....interesting.
    Yukari: *after Cado gets her and Fuuka's honorifics wrong* "Hopeless..."
    Cado: "Well, that's encouraging, tsundere." *smiles*
    Yukari: "I am not a tsundere! Haruka!"
    Haruka: "I take no responsibility for your behaviour, Yukari-chan."
    Mao: *sits back, grinning* "If you say so~"
  • Later, Yukari's reaction to Cado hugging her to try and get a Luminescent Blush out of her.
  • Setsu/Set's entrance into the game involves her faceplanting into the TV Kazuki and Haruka are watching anime on. And then later, Set jumping straight over Haruka without the latter noticing.
  • Shinji and Kazuki trying to play the other's games; Fate/stay night and Super Robot Wars respectively- and failing horribly.
  • Cado attempting to protect himself from being shot when he approaches Yukari at the archery club.
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  • Kazuki and Haruka's picnic.
  • The mere presence of Ms Takada scares Kenji and Mr Yaeger into silence, apparently.
    • The fact that Ms Takada is Aiko's mother and therefore used to (and probably still does) love Kenji makes it Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • Keith hugging Cado for no other reason apart from 'he's adorable', and Yukari's reaction.
  • Minako.
    Minako (In response to Shinji revealing he was mauled by a bear): "Then it's no use calling you pretty boy. You shall be called.... Grylls."
    Minako: "I like buttermoths . It means you like day and night. And flying butter."
    Minako: "The air up here is like a tiger. It throws you off."

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