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Heartwarming / Aria the Scarlet Ammo

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  • Episode 5 is aptly named: "Butei Chapter Article 1: Trust in your friends and help when they need it."
    • Kinji rushes to the plane Aria's boarding because he believes she's the Butei killer's next target.
    • The emotional support Kinji provides and Aria showing a dere-dere side.
    • The "Shut Up" Kiss is used pragmatically but then it becomes heartwarming when both of them admit it was their First Kiss and Aria says Kinji may be 'the one'.
    • A large number of Butei students do whatever they can to help Aria and Kinji from the ground. When the pair have to land a plane lacking two engines on a lightless island, at night, during a storm, the students grab as many objects that can produce light as they can and head out there to create a make-shift run-way.

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