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Jossed. Aria's mother is the leader of EU
The leader of EU beat Vlad, so he or she should be really strong. Aria is considered a failed Holmes because of her lack of a partner, so the rest of the Holmes family should be incredibly strong. Kana wanted to kill Aria to stop something. Perhaps Kana wanted to stop her because she was trying to release her mother. While her mother's charges are mostly fake, there could still be real charges in there. So, EU leader => strong => Holmes => Aria's mother.The leader is Sherlock Holmes.

Riko is Lupin III's daughter
Because it's too damn obvious a crossover NOT to be true.

Shiranui has a crush on Kinji
He has a lot of odd moments with Kinji, which Kinji specifically points out look odd. He is apparently popular with the girls, yet has never shown any interest in them. Finally, when he saw Kinji in an award situation with Watson, he simply turned away promising to tell nobody, with only his fist slightly shaking. Kinji attributed it to something else, but it could easily point to Shiranui being interested in him and hiding it. Of course considering how Kinji can't talk about him without mentioning the word "Handsome"....

Aria is more of a Mycroft than a Sherlock
Her "instincts" are just reasoning that's happening at a pace that she cannot explain to other people, or often even to herself, but are on the mark.

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