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  • It always just bugs me where does Chris Bores lives. I mean, it looks like he's living in an apartment. Yet in Home Improvement, he went to his store room to destroy his game.
    • All we know is that he lives in Ohio.
      • Chris Bores (the real life actor) clearly lives in a house. In his season one dvd, he mentions that he used his garage for the oppening scene of the Indiana Jones review. In the E.T review, he leaves his house on his bike and you can clearly see the outside of it. The Irate Gamer (the character) lives in an apartmant, he puts a fake number up on his door in several episodes just to make it look like that whenever the plot requires, like in the Monster Party review, where all the other "residents" kept comming to his room asking for directions.
  • Fridge Logic: Why does the Irate Gamer need an evil twin? Doesn't Irate Gamer imply that he's bad?
    • In fact, why is the evil gamer evil when he should be the opposite, thus, an extremely positive reviewer?
      • It's also strange how he's considered the "Good" version when he constantly kills others (The Kool-Aid Man, an alien mothership taking back E.T.)
      • Irate just means angry, not bad. So the Evil Gamer should be calm, cool, collected, and generally upbeat. Then he could shill for shitty games, praising them, hoping to make money from their makers for the plugs...oh wait.
    • In his Yo! Noid review, he "sold out" to Domino's Pizza. Yet somehow selling out to Domino's warrants advertising completely unrelated products like Dr. Pepper. He even went as far as to plug Dancing with the Stars. *boom*
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    • In his Zombies Ate My Neighbors review he takes a phone call from Ronnie, prompting IG to tell someone off-screen to cut the line when Ronnie won't stop talking. He answered the phone so why doesn't he just hang up?
      • There may be a reason for this one - he was telling the person off-screen to cut the line so that on Ronnie's end, it would appear that it was an accidental disconnection. If IG actually hung up, Ronnie would have heard the phone click and known that IG hung up on him.
  • How does taking over the Irate Gamer show free Shadow Overlord?
    • I don't think he was trying to take over the show to free him, or that he was working for him ALL ALONG, I think that, at first, he was working alone, and just wanted to take over the show so he could become an internet celebrity and make money, but he later met Shadow Overlord and changed his plans to wanting to take over the world. Shadow Overlord mentions that a missing artifact can free him. The reason they are still after the Irate Gamer is because he is the chosen one destined to stop them.
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    • It's the other way around. Evil Gamer wants to free Shadow Overlord so that he will destroy Irate Gamer, and Evil can take over the show.
  • In his Back to the Future review, why did killing the LJN executive erase the Irate Gamer from the timeline?
    • Two possibilities: One, it created a time paradox. By killing the creator of the game and making the game cease to exist, he made it so he couldn't have gotten mad with the game and gone back in time to erase it from existence. Two, it wasn't meant to be taken seriously and was just a parody of the "erased from existence? time travel cliché.
  • On a similar note, the executive mentions Alan Silvestri. Why does he need the composer's approval to make a game adaptation?

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