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The Shadow Overlord is AVGN.
In the 7up Spot review, it is mentioned that Evil Gamer and Shadow Overlord hired Chris Bores' colossal Hate Dom. Most of his haters are AVGN fans who accuse him of ripping the AVGN off.
  • Never conformed in-universe, as the Shadow Overlord is killed off while still a shadow.
Bores is a parody of similar critics.
He reviews games that James/PBG/Derek/WHOEVER would mindlessly praise and does the opposite; mindlessly criticize.
  • He's gone to E3 every year for the past 5 years. No troll would go that far.
    • You'd be surprised of what a troll would do; besides he did say that he is a "parody."
The Irate Gamer will die off by 2015.
  • Think about all the Skylanders crap he does, how many subs he's lost, so on, so forth.
    • With the Shadow Overload arc finished, he said he's retiring the Irate Gamer(Though he also said hiatus in some sources) So....Yeah....Right on the money.
      • While he will probably still die soon, he's still making videos. And they are worse than ever.

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