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In a world as crazy as that of The Insane Quest of Unfathomable Randomness, it was only a matter of time before people started coming up with some equally crazy theories about it. Please note: If you are an active participant in the Insane Quest, do not post theories about your own characters. Since you are the creator of those characters, that would mean that your "theories" are in fact not theories at all but actually Word of God. Also, if someone posts a theory about one of your characters, don't confirm or joss it right away: half the fun of Wild Mass Guessing is waiting to see whether or not your predictions come true! Other than that, enjoy.


Random WTF is one of the Lollipop Lords

  • The reason he keeps showing up is because he is secretly helping Smoosh along in their quest. Likewise, the reason Snow keeps appearing to get rid of him is because the Lollipop Lords aren't supposed to be introduced yet and Random WTF keeps appearing too early.

Eddie and Sarah will end up together

  • Seriously, with that much tension, there's only one way it can go down: confrontation, abandonment, resentment, revelation, redemption, happy ending. However, it probably won't be set in motion until ??? gets his own chapter. However, in a quest known for its randomness, anything can happen...
    • This is very likely.

Mortal and Jack will get their own chapters

  • They've both expressed interest in getting one.


Haruvia is Luna's homeworld

  • Haruvia has been mentioned several times; one time was when the character in the Chapter VI prologue mentioned the awesome socks from Haruvia. This, combined with Luna's own awesome socks, could mean that Luna is from Haruvia.
    • It will also probably be the setting of Chapter VII.
    • Can you say "Confirmed"?

Ace will NOT end up with Luna

  • Even Luna herself has noted Ace hasn't shown much affection for her. It seems that Mortal has been trying to gain her affection, like in Chapter V when he gave a piece of gum to her, finding Ace's gum.... despite the fact Mortal shouldn't have access to it. Try not to think about it.

We will see the first Smoosh members.

  • Around Chapter VII where the Wham Episode is supposed to take place.
    • Heck, we might even see Nintendoki and Segami in Chapter VII.

Nico will finally admit that she is Bisexual.

  • With all the sexual tension with Lori and Luna. It's possible it could be until we go more into her backstory. But for now we don't know.
    • It's important to remember that Nico's family was murdered, so she probably has some...issues from that,and she might just be projecting them onto Lori (since she's also a fox).
    • It's also entirely possible that Nico is lesbian (though I hope not for Washington's sake).


There will be a sequel

  • Snow would be a idiot if he didn't make a sequal after the main quest is over.
    • My guess is either a Spin-Offspring or some similar premise that involves a time skip.
    • Not to mention that Snow stated he had an idea for a sequel.

Chompy is actually Haruhi Suzumiya

  • Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Also, Washington is a Time Lord.

The Insane Quest will conclude with a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue

  • It just seems like the most fitting choice for how the story should end. Think about it: after the day is saved and the story is concluded, we get to see Mortal being crowned king of his planet, Frost getting his powers back, etc.
    • You know, I thought that was how the story would end too.

When Ein does "stuff" he's looking at his pictures of Oldbag

Sarah's Doosh counterpart might be a succubus or a werewolf hunter.

  • It would kinda make sense, either one would be possible.
    • Or perhaps she'll be like Bella from Twilight.
    • Either one of those would be hilarious. I'm still trying to figure out what Rustynuts's Doosh counterpart is going to be...a Baby Black Knight, perhaps?
    • You mean a hippogriff, don't you?

Latrom has his own version of Cotton Buddy

  • And it is Black!

The original Smoosh will be a boss at some point.

  • They're totally different from the current Smoosh. Maybe Nintendoki will order them to kill Luna, and our heroes will leap to her defense.
    • I could easily see that happening. Maybe Doosh will show up too and it will become a Mêlée à Trois.

Latrom is going to pose a serious threat to Smoosh

The way I see it, there's a chance that Latrom may turn out to be the second most deadly member of Doosh (the first being Sola, obviously). Here's why:

  • So far, Latrom hasn't been seen, only referred to. This could easily make him a sort of Chekhov's Gunman.
  • Mortal is happy, childish, eccentric, and a pretty nice guy. This means that Latrom will likely be ruthless, aggressive, and cunning.
  • If Latrom turns out to be a blob like Mortal, then imagine what someone would be capable of if they were to use those abilities for evil: passing through air vents and under doors, absorbing and suffocating opponents...heck, for all we know, Latrom could even dissolve things like acid!
  • Why does everyone keep saying that Latrom has yet to be seen? Sure, he wasn't in the Chapter III boss battle, but he was seen before that in a short "Doosh preview" paragraph, so we know he's a red cube.
  • If only I was around for that. But even though he's a red cube, he might still have Mortal's blob abilities, and it seems quite possible he has his own Cotton Buddy, so you never know.

Lori's counterpart will be a wolf that's named Irol von Heimlich-Garcia Wolf.

  • A light colored Wolf who has German-Italian descent and who has done 40 jobs. Who wears a black suit and wears an eye patch. Also, Shi's best friend! That's what could be Lori's counterpart!
    • Or a male dog who has never had a single job in his entire life.

Rustynuts's Doosh counterpart is...

  • Segami himself! Yes, it seems that Rustynuts is the least deadly member of Smoosh; obviously, Segami is much more dangerous than Doosh, so Rustynuts' Doosh counterpart, instead of sticking with the group, became Segami!

The final boss will be...

  • ...either Segami or, perhaps, even Nintendoki. I don't know why, but I'm personally leaning towards Nintendoki for this. Just a feeling in my gut.

There will be a MadWorld chapter.

  • It'll be a great concept, Trust me.

The Gods in The Insane Quest follow the same rules as the Gods in the Discworld novels.

Basically, in Discworld, when a group of people strongly believe or worship a particular deity, said deity is brought into existence by the power of their belief. The more people believe in the god, the more powerful that god is. This would explain how Hades had his realm taken over by the devil after ancient Greece's polytheistic religion was replaced by Christianity, as well as t5he origins of some of the other gods:

  • Nintendoki and Segami are Anthropomorphic Personifications of the video game companies they are named after, created by gamers who were fans of said companies. Nintendoki's jerk-assedness and lack of compassion towards his minions could stem from complaints from some gamers that Nintendo doesn't care about its fans (whether or not that is true doesn't matter. If they believe it, it becomes real). Segami became evil as a result of Sega's descent from popularity, being downgraded from a first-party to third-party company, and a tarnished reputation due to the recent Sonic the Hedgehog games. This has compelled Segami to take revenge on the world for turning its back on him.

  • After defeating the king of the Netherworld, Frost was ascended from a human with special powers to a full-fledged deity when his penguin servants began to worship him. Rose probably had a similar event in her origin story.

    • In the words of The Judge: "One is just a coincedence, but two is more of a pattern." The fact that you found four is...weird.

Sola and Luna will have a ultimate duel.

  • And it won't be pretty, it'll probably be comparable to a certain movie At least the last time we see Doosh in the story. Nico might intervene at the end, but anything goes.

    • Does that mean there will be a Darth Sola? Eep.
    • If this does happen then, Snow better use this song. EPICNESS!! I SAY!!

Link and/or Zelda somehow sent Luna's entire homeworld 2,000 years into the future.

  • So, let's review what we know so far: The Original Smoosh existed 2,000 years ago. In their search for the Miracle Thread, they ended up attacking Luna's homeworld, where Luna and Sola were present at the time. My original theory was that Link used the Ocarina of Time or some other time-manipulation device to send Luna (and Sola) to the future, but during the most recent appearance of Sola, she mentioned that Luna's father was dying, when logically she should have already been dead centuries ago.

This is where my theory comes in: Link's actions while in Luna's homeworld either directly or indirectly caused Luna's entire homeworld to be sent forward in time. Perhaps Zelda was also somehow responsible, in order to keep Nintendoki from harming Luna's world for another two milennia. And of course, the consequences such and act would have on the fabric of time and space could have resulted in the original Smoosh getting sucked into a parallel universe. Link also must have given Luna the Master Sword to defend herself and then left the planet before it was sent through time. The denizens of Luna's world must have either suffered short-term amnesia from the time travel or failed to notice it altogether (if your entire planet was being moved through time, with only the space around it changing, would you notice?) since Luna would have probably mentioned something this significant if she was already aware of it.

On a slightly unrelated note, The Original Smoosh's siege also interefered with Sola's attempt to kill Luna, which probably made Sola resent Nintendoki and prompted her to join Segami to bring him down.

In summary, I think of some very strange things in my spare time, and should probably consult a psychologist as soon as possible. Now, if you excuse me, I need to go lie down.

  • That would also explain the different Links.

Mark Pincus is Sola's father

The chains he used to bind Hades to the wall seem to have a lot in common with the "Demon Chains" Sola used on Luna (which she says she obtained from her father...coincidence?) That, and their personalities seem similar. The only thing that contradicts this theory seems to be that the two have different last names, but two thousand years would be ample time for Pincus to adopt a new identity.

  • Normally I'll never debunk theories here, but I just have to make it very clear that I would never have a Real Life figure tie-in with one of my original creations by blood. Sorry. :P ~The Game Master
  • Thanks for ruining the fun, Snow. D:
  • Meh, it was bound to be jossed sooner or later ~OP

Doosh attempted to kill Travis because of his Genre Savviness

Think about it. Travis is pretty much Otaku incarnate. The Insane Quest's story is similar to that of an anime. Segami must've figured that sooner or later Travis would realize what Segami was up to and figure out how to stop him. To prevent this, Segami sent Doosh to sabotage to UAA and tipped off George Lucas to get rid of the assassin before he had a chance to interfere with his plans.

  • Possible, just for laughs!!
  • Apparently Jossed. According to the Q&A section of the wiki, Doosh targeted Travis because he plays an important role in the history of Planet Suda, and removing him would alter the future.

Ronald McGiygas might be a boss in a future chapter.

It would be funny but yet scare if Snow made him!! A boss!! I mean it's Giygas!! But you never know Snow may or may not have played EarthBound to get it.

If Ein gets his own Chapter...

...A large part of the plot will be focused on the story of Chompy's creation, and the blades in Ein's bag will finally set their plan to conquer the multiverse into motion. Also, there may or may not be a subplot concerning Carlos.

  • Also, prepare for really, really, long posts, in that chapter.

Jack and his family are immigrants from Mobius

He's supposedly related to Espio, and you don't see a lot of anthropomorphic lizards running around in the Advance Wars universe. Heck, if my world was contantly being terrorized by an obese man with an army of robots, I'd probably get out of there too.

Nintendoki, Segami and Sonyami are all brothers.

Their father? The oldest god in the Randomverse and creator of the 69 worlds, the legendary Atarius!

Sir Rustynuts was a knight who guarded the Holy Grail.

But he stopped afterward and gave it to the knight in the movie. Also, he was in the last crusade.

My theory on the new Doosh members, form the Q&A.

So, this is basically what I think on the answer Snow gave me form the Q&A."OK, let's is angelic on the outside but demonic on the inside."- This is definitely Sarah's counterpart"One literally leaks power."-Must be Sir Rustynuts. Or, should I say, Sir Shinnyass?"One would fit better in Tetris."- Mortal's already known doosh member, Latrom."One is a loser who loves the moon."- Lori's counterpart, Irol whats his name."One is a thing of few words."- Carlos the MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGIIIIIIIIICAAAAAL PEEEEEEEEEENCIIIIIIIIIIL's counterpart."And one is allergic to grass."-No other than Rose's counterpart.

Yep so there's my theory!

Orlando and Zel are currently living in Fluffy Cloud Heaven

Written out of the story due to player inactivity? Heh, I don't think so. Since both of those characters were first encountered by Smoosh in Hell, it can be assumed that they died some time prior to meeting Smoosh. They also must have been big sinners to end up there in the first place. Fortunately, after helping Smoosh defeat the devil, the gods decided Orlando and Zel would be redeemed and granted access to heaven. Case closed.

Eddie is only a half-vampire

I suspect that his father, Vladimir, is a vampire, but his mother was human. Because of his mingled heritage, he never received the awesome powers of a vampire. Or perhaps Eddie is his "human" half, and the scent of blood triggers his "vampire" half, Edmund. Also, having human blood in his veins (ahem) could explain why he was sympathetic to Sarah. Also, his human mother is probably dead.

"Smoosh" and "Doosh" are acronyms

Because I was bored earlier today and began to wonder if the teams' names actually meant something. Here's what I came up with:

  • SMOOSH: Special Mercenaries' Organization Of Superb Heroism.

  • DOOSH: Diabolical Organization Of Segami's Henchmen.

If anyone can think of anything better, please speak up.

  • SMOOSH: Super Men's Or Other Sexes' Heroics

  • DOOSH: Diabolical Organization Opposing Stupid Heroism

The Doosh counterparts are from Moonside.

  • It just makes sense to me that they could be from there. Since there Bizarro World counterparts, this was kinda inevitable. Well at least to me.
    • Apparently Jossed, as it's been stated that the members of Doosh were created by Segami using HAX.

The Death Series takes place on an isolated world in the Insane Quest's universe.

The government has cut off access from the outside universe to prevent widespread panic. Only Kylie knows about what lies beyond, which is why she seems to be aware of Smoosh, and in particular, Lori.

  • I don't know, I'm pretty sure Mungo knows more than he lets on... Don't misinterpret that, please.
  • Well, duh. Kylie and Lori are neighbors if you have been paying attention.
  • Of course, the OP (me) should probably mention that even if this theory is true, he doesn't expect it to be of any actual significance to the plot of either RPs (except for the occasional Shout-Out.)

Sir Rustynuts was a participant in the trials in The Death Series.

  • And instead of going to heaven and since he was a brave knight. King Schrodinger deciced it was reward for Rustynuts to live again.
    • Or possibly, he's still a participant, and helping Smoosh is one of his Trials...nah, probably not.

Sola was a prototype Doppleganger

Luna's uncle must have been experimenting with the power of HAX, and attempted to use it to create a clone of Luna, which he intended to raise as his own daughter (hence Sola calling Luna "cousin"). Unfortunately, things didn't exactly go as planned, and since nobody anticipated that Dopplegangers would have the exact opposite Character Alignment as the original...yeah. Also, since Sola's been around much longer than the other Dopplegangers, she's had more time to "evolve" and diverge from Luna, which is why she didn't temporarily die when she killed Luna like the other members of Doosh.

Mortal is Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

  • Due to a experiment gone wrong, by Dr.Weird. Meatwad turned into a blob!! I'm joking tho! This would never come into place. It was just on my mind.

Sola deliberately sent Ember to her death in Chapter V

Why exactly would Doosh send only two of its members to lure Smoosh into a trap when they knew they would be outnumbered by more than five to one? Because those two particular members of Doosh were people that Sola wanted to get rid of. Ember was focused on maintaining "order" in the universe, something that would probably conflict with Sola's love of murder and mayhem. As for the Cheshire Cat, Sola probably viewed his loyalty to Ember as a threat if a mutiny were to occur. She could have just killed them both herself, but Segami would likely not approve of that. So to kill the two without seeming completely responsible, she sent them both on a suicide mission. However, she didn't anticipate Cheshire surviving the fight with Smoosh, so she might still have a problem...

  • Possible tho, but it would be stupid of her to deiced or think to kill her own teammates. That's just me.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that Sola is similar to Azula?
    • No you are not, my friend.

Mortal's home is a Raygun Gothic world.

  • Blobs are so Fifties. So, I figured this.

As an alternative to the above theory, Sola is not a doppleganger...

...But Luna is. Long ago, a deity or similar figure sensed the evil in Sola's heart and created Luna to maintain the Balance Between Good and Evil, or something. That's the real reason why Sola didn't die when Luna was killed. What a twist!

  • Or, Sola could be Replicant, that was suppose to be a clone of Sola.. God I'm such a Cyberpunk!
  • Or Sola is actually Luna from the future who has become cynical and went back in time for some reason. That's why she likes to mess with Luna, but never actually kills her, because that would be suicide. Also, the paradox caused by Sola and Luna being in the same place at the same time created a hole in the timestream, sucking Luna's homeworld 2,000 years into the future.

Johnny is Falcon's big brother

  • They both seem Totally Radical. And the reason why Falcon doesn't feel as radical, in my belief is his brother's death.

The Death Series takes place in the past of The Insane Quest of Unfathomable Randomness

The Death Series takes place on present-day Earth. However, in the future, a massive nuclear war destroys the entire planet except for Japan. Then, Japanese scientists discover the existence of other worlds and communicate with them. Also, this nuclear war resulted in various mutations, including mutating Shigeru Miyamoto into someone with godlike powers. Isolated worlds became that way because they didn't want Earthlings to destroy those worlds with nuclear wars.

Also, Kylie is a younger Sola. And Mungo mutated into the Random WTF.

  • And Ludwig became Segami.
  • This theory makes a lot of sense, except for the part about Miyamoto. He probably had those powers even before mutating.
  • Eix became....I can't think of anything, nothing in the quest really resembles Eix at all.
  • Sorry to say, but this theory is kinda flawed. I mean one thing, Kylie and Lori are neighbors! Before she died, at least. That easily kinda ruins the time stream. Also, Sola owes Kylie and her family, money.....
    • Don't forget that Sola is also from 2,000 years in the past, so that could be explained away with a time paradox. 'Sides, it doesn't really matter, does it? It's not significant to the plot of either RP.
      • Good point, but I'm just saying tho. Speaking of time paradoxes, I'm going to go play TimeSplitters.

Their's a Big Bad helping Doosh's side just like Miyamoto

  • No other than Sega's Yuji Naka. The creator of Sonic! And he can use the Sega Dreamcast's controller in counterpart to Miyamoto's Wiimote! Also, either Sonic or Nights or Reala, could be summoned by him!

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