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Headscratchers / Ratchet & Clank (2016)

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  • ...How was Zed able to make fog on the window of his cell? He's a robot!
    • He runs on hydrogen cells, and just like a hydrogen car, produces steam as exhaust. Like mammalian respiration, the water vapor is normally invisible unless the air is cold or exhalations are deliberately concentrated on a transparent surface.
  • Why didn't Dr. Nefarious just quit his job if he disliked it so much?
    • That's a very good question. When it comes to being part of a superhero team when you have a major conflict, you simply don't quit. You either found your own team, go solo or betray your team and become a villain yourself. Nefarious hated his team so he had to leave, but they were government sanctioned so he couldn't just start his own team, and because Quark stole the limelight he didn't have the reputation or credibility to go into either other hero work or other job employment. Becoming a supervillain was his only choice. Sad, really.
      • Except not really. He could've just become a regular inventor, or a mechanic, etc. The possibilities were actually quite wide.
  • How can the Novalis chairman be Skidd's uncle in this? They're clearly not the same species. We see other members of both their respective species, driving that fact even further home. What was the point of making them related when all it did was introduce an utterly unnecessary plot hole?
    • They are the same species, but look different. Variations in those species existed even in the original game (compare Skidd and the Hoverboard Girl to Qwark's Bouncer, or Ratchet to Angela, and both of them to Azimuth).
  • Why did Clank immediately want to warn the Rangers about Drek's plan? Did his status as a defect just so happen to give him an automatic clear sense of right and wrong?

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