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  • The No Fourth Wall concept trailer for the movie released in 2013 is one big Rage Against the Author for Qwark. Irritated by the lack of scenery or action, Qwark chides the animators for being "lazy" and they respond accordingly:
    • Firstly, his textures are removed... which is evidently the CG equivalent to being stripped naked.
      Qwark: (covers himself) Gah! Don't look!
      Ratchet: (grabs Clank's script and uses it to cover Qwark's pelvis) Qwark, there are kids here!
    • Next, the animators put a Groovitron into the scene, forcing Qwark to do different dances for their amusement.
      Qwark: Fist pumping!? Now you've crossed the line!
      • And lastly, they decide to make him riverdance exorborantly enough to hurt his back.
    • After all is said and done, the animators add a dynamic background of Kerwan and the movie's "epic logo", only for Qwark to brag about them finally setting aside their "petty squabbles". Cue the logo falling on top of him.
      Qwark: (squashed) I'm calling... my agent...
      Ratchet: Never mess with the animators.
  • From the official trailer, we have the narrator starting with "In a World…" only for said world to be Deplanetized five seconds later.
    Narrator: (sighs) In another world...

The movie


  • The Ironic Echo Cut where Qwark ends his speech by telling everyone that if they have heart, then they have what it takes, only to immediately contradict himself by telling Ratchet that he doesn't have what it takes.
  • The passive-aggressive computer on the ship Clank escapes on: "Destination set. We will never make it. But hey, what are you gonna do?"
    • When the ship, having crashed on Veldin, is about to self-destruct:
    Computer: Prepare for imminent death.
    Ratchet: There's gotta be a better way to say that.
    Computer: Sorry. (singsong) Prepare for imminent death! How's that?
  • Captain Qwark screaming "Get it off! Get it off!" when the Captain Qwark fanboy clings to his leg.
  • (Wilhelm scream) "Wilhelm!"
  • Ratchet getting caught in a lie by Clank, thanks to the latter's built-in recording functionality. In the middle of an aerial dogfight.
    Clank: I thought you said [the Galactic Rangers] were your friends.
    [Ratchet makes an Oh, Crap! face]
    Ratchet: Whaaaaaaaaaaat? I think you're quotin' me out of context.
    [Clank stands up, glares at Ratchet, and presses a button on his chest while piloting the ship with one hand]
    Recording of Ratchet: The Rangers are actually my, uh, friends!
    Ratchet: Do you record everything I say?
    Recording of Ratchet: [as Clank maintains the exact same position and expression] Do you record everything I say?
  • Grimroth eating a bowl of Captain Qwark cereal when he sees on the television that Ratchet has become a new member of the Galactic Rangers.
  • Elaris' introductory scene has her getting really into a game that's definitely not Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, complete with trash-talking her opponent.
    Elaris: Haha! Yeah! Go on and cry to mommy!... [crying is heard over her headset] Wait, are you really crying?!
  • After Qwark defeats the Zurkons that Drek sent out, he turns around to notice that he ended up in The Chairman's Office. He proceeds to walk forward toward Drek, cocks his Combuster, and prepares to take Drek into custody. Except, Victor intimidates him and slices his gun in half. All the while Qwark's expression hasn't changed, but you can tell he's shitting a brick.
    Qwark: Don't. Move.
    Victor: (slices his gun in half)
    Qwark (with the exact same posture and expression): I'm listening.
  • Nefarious uses the Sheepinator on Chairman Drek, because, quite frankly, he doesn't need him anymore, especially while Drek is ranting on about T-Shirts and calling him "Neffie". He then launches Drek at New Quartu. All in a day's work for Dr. Nefarious...
  • The subtitle seen after Nefarious becomes robotic.
  • The Plumber's appearance at the end of the movie's credits, where he kvetches about the audience sticking around when the movie is over.

The video game

  • "They're making a game based on a holo-film based on my life?!"
  • Some of Qwark's Lemony Narrator moments can be pretty funny, and if you don't do something whenever he says "Ratchet did X" or something similar, he will often repeat it in an agitated manner.
    Qwark: Fortunately for our furry hero, a conveniently-placed crate provided Ratchet with a Combuster.
    (Ratchet doesn't collect the Combuster)
    Qwark: I SAID, "provides Ratchet with a COMBUSTER!"
    (Ratchet still doesn't collect the Combuster)
    Qwark: Oh, come on. Grab the Combuster. It's right... [camera puts it in the center] here.
    • And if you don't shoot the target to activate the bridge afterwards, Qwark will instead ham up your inaction by narrating that Ratchet thought long and hard or panicked about shooting a target. The fact that he doesn't sound as agitated here is what might catch you off-guard.
    • Take a moment to realize that Qwark is narrating the story to Shiv in real time... which gives the hilarious mental image of a confused Shiv hearing Qwark ramble or talk to himself in the middle of telling the story.
  • When Ratchet and Clank's ship is shot down over Novalis, the ship's computer asks if they would like to record their last will and testament.
  • The corny infobot video given by the Plumber, where Chairman Drek gives exposition on why he's stealing fragments from other planets. The icing on the cake is when Drek claims at the end of the video that Drek Industries will "work for you", which is immediately followed by a disclaimer denying this as Drek eyeballs back and forth.
  • The sheer incompetency of Novalis' mayor, who doesn't even know Ratchet & Clank's names and only has office hours every third Tuesday from 10 to 10:30.
  • After Ratchet and Clank get the Plumber to fix their ship, Captain Qwark claims that our heroes immediately went face to face with "A BRAIN-EATING ZOMBIE T-REX!" Solitary Bill is quick to point out that Qwark is making crap up. Qwark relents and tells the story normally, but not without bitterly calling Bill a "killjoy".
  • The statue tribute to Captain Qwark on Kerwan, which Qwark states really shouldn’t be hidden in a corner like this.
  • If you choose to wail on the Captain Qwark robot with the Omniwrench, it will reprimand you for damaging Galactic Ranger property and expecting extra points for being violent.
  • After getting surrounded by a bunch of Extermibots and a tank on Rilgar:
    Qwark: It was at this moment, Ratchet knew he was completely hosed.
  • Slim Cognito gives you the Trespasser on the grounds that you eventually bring him all of the RYNO cards in exchange for a RYNO. However, if you already have the RYNO and talk to him in Challenge Mode, he decrees that Ratchet is some kind of celebrity since he has a RYNO, and agrees to give Ratchet the Trespasser if he lets Slim take a selfie with him.
    Ratchet: Weird, but... okay!
  • When you go to the warship in Nebula G34 on your first playthrough, the reward for doing so will be a Predator Launcher, with the Blarg guarding it prior having an in-depth conversation about the warbots' special treatment by Drek's forces, and Dr. Nefarious' role in the grand scheme of things. By contrast, during subsequent Challenge Mode playthroughs, the reward is now some Raritanium, and the Blarg are instead captivated by how shiny it is, with one of them expressing that they're even tempted to taste it.
  • When the Blarg scientist on Gaspar states that he collects brains as a hobby, Ratchet snarks by stating he's going out on a limb and guessing that the Blarg scientist is single.
    • Said scientist supposedly became a brain scientist because he was tired of having his tuna sandwiches stolen. Many planets later, on Kalebo III, an announcement can be heard on the grind rail about such a sandwich being stolen from their refrigerator as well.
  • Big Al was scheduled to attend a panel at a convention in Pokitaru about everything wrong with comic-based holofilms, along with two other bloggers notable for hating everything they come across. Felton eventually states that complaining about everything like that must take a lot of keen observation.
  • The testing rooms on Kalebo III. They start off deadly enough, with two rooms full of robots, but then the third room is full of sheep, which Ratchet states will be easy to bleat. ("Oh, Ratchet...") Then the fourth room is supposedly full of fluffy rabbits, but it turns out that room got moved and in its place is an insanely large amount of robots. "Of course."
    • The Gadgetron break room, mostly for the absurdity of a ton of Blarg becoming sheep.
    • Wendell Lumos continues his attempts to try and market the Hologuise by getting Ratchet & Clank to post about it on "the social medias".