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Headscratchers / Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

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  • As this question has bugged people I'll put it here: if Sentinel Knight could restore the powers of the other rangers in "Once A Ranger", why didn't he restore the Overdrive Rangers' powers.
    • And my answer: Sentinel Knight could restore the powers of the other rangers because their sections of the Morphing Grid were undamaged, he couldn't do that with the Overdrive Rangers because of the damage caused by Thrax. Had the damage spread to the other sections, the other rangers would have lost their powers as well.
    • It could also have been an Aesop. The Overdrive Rangers were getting rather cocky at the start of the episode, so it may have been a conscious decision on the Knight's part to leave them unpowered to teach them not to take their powers for granted.
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    • Why didn't, for that matter, he restore every Ranger ever? Did he just not have enough juice for it?
      • That's exactly it, he states that he uses "the last of his energy" to restore the new team's powers. Before being restored at the end of the season, the Sentinel Knight was just a reflection of his formal power. It is also possible that the damage to the morphing grid was why he picked Rangers from different groups, rather than, say, all of Mystic Force. Taking rangers that were all tapped into different parts of the grid would be less likely to overtax the already damaged grid.
    • Okay, I can buy the explanations for the Sentinel Knight not repowering every ranger or the Overdrive rangers given here...but that raises another question: Why didn't the Sentinel Knight just summon rangers from teams that still had their powers (i.e., the In Space, Lightspeed Rescue, or Dino Thunder rangers)? Surely that wouldn't have taken as much energy as repowering 5 rangers from different teams (and that's assuming that it would take the same amount of energy to repower each ranger since the 5 he summoned all relied on different power sources); heck, it would actually be a smarter idea to summon an entire team that still had their powers, since they would have worked with each other before.
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    • The Dino Thunder rangers don't have powers. They burned out their gems defeating Mesagog.
    • I can buy restoring the powers of rangers, but the Sentinal Knight had to explicitly bring Bridge from the future and yet he continuously says he doesn't have enough energy to do anything else or something like that...
  • If Andrew Hartford was so willing to become a ranger, why didn't he make another morpher for himself after his son got the position? Furthermore, why did the Retro Rangers leave after "Once a Ranger"? The Sentinel Knight did not seem to consider them temporary. He implied that they would replace the Overdrive rangers. If he planned on keeping the team, why didn't they just team up with the Overdrive team (other than Sentai reasons, of course)? It couldn't have somehow put too much strain on the Knight, as he was shown being just fine (and even more powerful with Excelsior) when they did team up.
    • Why didn't he keep them? They had their own lives. They were willing to help out with the incumbents incapacitated, but if they're not needed, it would be cruel to keep them from their own lives and, in Bridge's case, era. As for Andrew, we don't really know what power source or materials he was using. He may not have had enough for a seventh, and he probably knew based on his wardrobe that he wasn't cut out to be silver.
      • But it's been proven before that you only need to start wearing your color exclusively after receiving powers. Plus, they all wear uniforms, anyway.
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    • To address the part about creating the extra morpher: while Power Rangers has created extra rangers in the past, usually they were only to fill in the role of Sixth Ranger for series that didn't have one (the VRV Master from Carranger was promoted to Ranger status in Turbo, while the Titanium Ranger was created exclusively for Lightspeed Rescue), and since Boukenger had a sixth ranger, there wasn't really any need to make one; however, that does make me wonder why Andrew Hartford didn't just become the Mercury Ranger.
  • So, Ronny is a race car driver, but Will gets the Speed Driver?
  • Dax and Miratrix. I'm okay with him getting over her whole deception in one episode, since they hadn't been dating for long, Dax is The Ditz, and the writers needed An Aesop. However, IIRC, their relationship is mentioned all of once after this. I dunno, I just feel like they could have used their previous relationship as the basis for more plotlines (and possibly jokes)...
    • How do you use a nonexistant relationship for more plotlines,especially after her reveal as a villian? And by "once" you mean the rest of the season right?
      • What do you mean "the rest of the season"? Last time I checked, they barely referenced it. As for plotlines, Miratrix could create a plan/trick hinging on Dax being more sympathetic towards her (he wouldn't have to fall for it; the important thing would be that Miratrix thinks Dax is enough of an idiot to let his previous relationship with her cloud his judgement). Or they could have tried a Star-Crossed Lovers sort of deal.
      • That would have been awesome.
  • Okay, so in Once a Ranger, the veteran rangers are seen piloting a zord. This isn't a problem, the hell does Xander know how to pilot a zord??? In Mystic Force, the rangers became the zords.
    • I would imagine Mr Hartford designed the zords to be quite user friendly. The Overdrive rangers figured out how to drive after all, and only one of them was a professional driver.
  • Why did Tyzonn seemingly show feelings for Rose in "One Fine Day" when he has a fiancee? Maybe he was just trying to be her friend, but it seemed really odd...
    • Didn't he think his fiancee was dead? Maybe he was trying to move on until he found out she was still alive.
    • Not really. He never outright implied he thought she was dead, he only said that he would continue searching for her because he thought she was alive.
  • Man, Overdrive has a lot of these, doesn't it? So when Norg speaks to Vella, Vella says "there can be only one Tyzonn." Didn't Tyzonn himself state that his name was common on his planet?? This is a pretty minor one, but it still bugs me.
    • Maybe she meant that there can only be one Tyzonn for her - she didn't necessarily mean there can only be one person named Tyzonn.
  • How the FUCK did Mack move a car and rip the door off one in "Kick Into Overdrive, Part 2" when his genes weren't even re-sequenced yet?
    • It's not uncommon for rangers to show great feats of strength. In one episode of SPD, Bridge is able to hurl an entire car at a monster. It's implied that morphing enhances the user's physical strength. Mack's supposed gene re-sequencing simply allowed him to use super strength when unmorphed as well.
      • "Supposed". Exactly this. As a robot he might have had the strenght all along, the resequencing was just to keep the masquerade and did nothing at all.
  • Why did Andrew Hartford build Mack to look like he was in his late teens? Was he too lazy to update him to simulate growing up? Or maybe he had other reasons....either way, it's kind of weird.
    • It was most likely the former. Because Mack is a robot and won't physically age past the age of 18 or so (how he was built), he's at a relatively reasonable age to live on his own when Andrew passes away while still getting to enjoy being a kid. Basically, Andrew probably built him approaching young adulthood not because he had weird intentions with him, but because he didn't want to have a son that was permanently stuck at an age where he wasn't able to take care of himself; considering how human Mack looks, it probably took Andrew a really, really long time to build him, and to constantly update him to age him would only waste his time.
  • Tyzonn's backstory doesn't make much sense. How exactly does a rockfall kill shapeshifters who are able to assume a highly mobile liquid form at will?!?

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