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  • About the series in general, wouldn't it have made more sense for KC Undercover to be on Disney XD? That's where all the action-oriented shows are. Given all the spy action, the whole "working for the government" premise, and all the awesome tech featured, the setting and tone surely qualify it for a Disney XD show. All other shows that currently air on Disney Channel are geared towards music and family-themed comedies.
    1. Disney's live action and animation departments are becoming much more gender specific these days. Live action shows with female leads (or co-leading female leads instead of supporting, like Austin And Ally) are always on Disney Channel while Disney XD always gets shows with boy protagonists. Take the then upcoming Mech X4. The show started on Disney Channel with reruns on both DC and Disney XD, but it eventually had its premieres and encores strictly on Disney XD midway through season 1.
    2. Regarding animation, it's more or less the same principle. Boy centric (or male leading) shows with a TV-Y7 rating become Disney XD shows since Toon Disney's conversion to Disney XD targeting only boys. Female lead (or co-lead) shows with a TV-Y7 rating are shown on Disney Channel because of that, like Tangled: The Series, Hotel Transylvania: The Series, and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny because of that. I know there's Star vs. the Forces of Evil , which has a female lead, but Star is a different breed of princess than Sofia or Elena. Sofia and Elena are meant to just be subversions on a classic Disney Princess where they can act independent yet still feminine. Star is a flat out tomboy with the type of self referential, modern, wink at the audience personality that fits alongside other Disney XD shows due to hoe generally wreck less and unfeminine like that she is. This is also why Disney Princess projects never air on Disney XD. Whether you think they're well written or not, Disney Princesses are meant to be strong and independent, yet still have a noticeable feminine touch. As such, they only air on Disney Channel and Disney Junior since they produce female centric/lead animation.
    3. This can also be true for when Disney movies get made into TV shows. The Lion King is rated G while Big Hero 6 is rated PG. Since G movies based on tv shows are only from TV-Y rated shows and vice versa, midquel series The Lion Guard airs on the gender neutral Disney Junior since it's based on a G rated film. Big Hero 6 is rated PG, and PG ratings are only from TV-Y7 shows and PG shows, hence why the sequel cartoon airs on Disney XD.
    • Well you have to remember the lead is a girl, thus it's on Disney Channel. If the lead was a boy, then it'll be on Disney XD. Also it has a rating that's better on the latter but an embarrassment to the former (That's TV-Y7-FV, a rating that would be better off on Disney XD, but only good in small amounts on Disney Channel (Like the Star Wars Rebels shorts that aired there).) Why do you think they don't show its rating when its episodes are reran?
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    • So what if the lead is a girl? After doing extensive research, I'm not entirely sure that's how it works for deciding which show goes on which network. After seeing shows from both networks in recent times, it seems that the genre and premise carry more weight and emphasis than the gender of the protagonist. For example, Austin & Ally is on Disney Channel, it's main lead is male, Laura Marano's role is the deuteragonist, but it is centered on comedy and drama. If anything, it is the TV-Y7-FV rating that should decide which show goes on which network, like you said, and no other Disney Channel show currently airing has that rating. So by that logic, the rating and genre are enough to determine that KC Undercover should go on Disney XD. Plus, with so much action, there's just so much potential KC Undercover is missing out on that it could otherwise have on Disney XD. Besides, Disney XD has truckloads of female fans, and not just for the male leads, but also because they can relate to female characters like Bree Davenport, Kim Crawford, and Skylar Storm. They may not be the lead protagonists of their shows, but they have plenty of appeal, and they're far beyond the "sole female character of the story". If KC Undercover was on Disney XD, it would be the same effect, and there are more than enough female fans to go around. As long as there is plenty of action worthy of Disney XD, I don't think anyone, even guys would care that the main protagonist is a girl.
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    • Um, no, Austin and Ally are both the protagonists. Hence the show title.
    • Doesn't matter, the trend for girl power in Disney live-action shows started with Olivia Holt through Kickin' It. This led to subsequent action shows experiencing that surge in girl power, where Action Girls had more prominance than were given in shows preceding Kickin' It. Placing an action show with a female main lead in Disney XD would be taking girl power to the next level. Doesn't placing KC Undercover on Disney Channel look like a step backwards in the girl power department, especially when Disney XD is trying to promote it? Plus, the fact that the audience of Disney XD is a mix of both boys and girls makes it pointless to seperate to either channel based on male lead vs female lead.
  • In the episode Assignment: Get That Assignment, Beverly gets really mad at K.C. for not turning in her debriefing (despite the fact that she's only been back for a couple of days). She even calls K.C. at school, demanding the debriefing. Does Beverly somehow not know that K.C. has school and maybe can't do her debriefing immediately because she has homework, or something else important? I mean, she should know that, at 16, K.C. has other things in her life that need doing, at least as much as a debriefing.
    • Keep in mind her spying is kind of like a job.
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    • Not like a job, is a job. Considering the matters they deal with often involve legitemently dangerous people, or important people. Having reports filled in and returned in time, could have national consequences. She took up that responsibility when she excepted being a spy.
  • In some shows KC and her family is supposed to use the Memory erasing spray on who find out their secret (such as in Photo Bombed she was supposed to spray Marisa, and in KC and the Vanishing lady she sprayed the rich elderly lady....Why on other times like in "First Friend", "KC's The Man" they don't spray the people who find out she breaks cover, she doesn't use /pretend to use the memory erasing spray.
    • In those cases, generally it was involving people who they could let into the loop. For example the first being the Presidents daughter, her knowing the identities of a few agents assigned to keep her safe is perfectly reasonable. In the second case, the only person she revealed it to was the son of another spy, who clearly had been briefed on all this.
    • Actually she revealed it to everyone who was standing on her vicinity at the cadet academy dance when she took off her disguise.
    • No, she revealed she was a girl who had dressed as a boy to infiltrate the school, she never revealed to anyone except the son of the other spy, that she was a spy.

  • Why does Judy have an easily accessible deactivation switch?
    • The last thing you would implement in a combat android is the ability for an enemy to switch her off. It would be more pragmatic to require a code phrase spoken by voiceprint identification instead. For example, Judy could only be deactivated if a Cooper spoke the code phrase aloud. That way, it would require someone to both know the secret code and be authorized to power her down.

  • Why did Marisa actually kiss Ernie? We never find out why. And she doesn’t even end up with him at the end of the series, she ends up with Brady. Is this just lazy writing?

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