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Haiku / Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

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Hey, it's a coffin!
I wonder what's inside it.
To Be Continued...

On the "Coffin" ending

The young Akane
Survived the Nonary Game:
The Power of Love

On the "True" ending

Seven, Santa, June,
Murdered for Clover's revenge.
Junpei takes her hand...

On the "Axe" ending

So, Snake is alive.
Except Clover is now dead.
Ace gets his demise.

On the "Safe" ending

At last, we made it!
So many mysteries left...
But, oops! You got knifed!

On the "Knife" ending

Fuck! Everyone's dead!
But what's that in the water?
Got knifed in the back!

On the "Submarine" ending

All of this trouble
Leading to a Sudoku?
Moment of Awesome.

On the final puzzle and its solution

What are these bracelets?
Perhaps they serve some purpose!
What a mystery...

On the subject of the bracelets

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