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Spoilers Off applies to all Wild Mass Guessing pages, so all spoilers below are unmarked.

June is a Time Lord, and Junpei is her TARDIS.

Because it's not that big of a leap to joke about.

  • The real question is "can we make a sexual innuendo about that?"
    • Plenty. 'Can you fit your key in the door' 'It really is bigger on the inside'note  and the obvious 'let's go for a ride'.

June is B.W.

Zero gave Seven those scars

  • Word of God is that Seven got his scars while fighting an evil secret organization. It also confirms that Zero really is part of a large organization as Ace guessed. Why wouldn't they be one and the same?
    • More specifically, when Aoi and Akane became rich with Cradle Stock under assumed names, Seven thought that was suspicious and investigated their connection to Hongou, having a few violent encounters with minions. What he found was the complete opposite of his expectations, to say the least. Luckily for him, they needed him alive for their time-gambit to work (and probably pulled a We Can Rule Together while they were at it.)
    • Jossed in the sequel. The large organization was actually an organization named Free the Soul of Y.

Gordain's game was a Reapers' Game
Must... resist... funyarinpa... urges...
  • So wait, are you saying that Gordain could bring the dead back to life?

The "knock-out gas" contains Soporil Beta
In the introductory speech about the drug, it's mentioned that it's a "practical, ethical and humane" drug used in crowd control situations by governments all over the world.
  • My god, you're right! Given that The CEO of Cradle Pharmaceutical uses it on himself, and Zero gained her power via Cradle Stock...
    • This isn't really a WMG since it's all but blatantly stated in-game that the gas used to kidnap the characters was in fact Soporil.

June's next boyfriend, who will not be Junpei, will know she's Zero.
And he'll have a dark fetish. Gas Mask sex, ahoy!

The Zero Escape series takes place in the same universe as the Infinity series.
And Cradle is an offshoot from Leibleich Pharmaceutical.

Ace's excuse for going into Door 1 would have been:
Ace: Well, while we don't have the right map to illustrate this, I believe that behind door 1 is the Bridge or Captain's Quarters. It seems to be a good location for it anyway.
Junpei: The Captain's... You mean Zero?!
Ace: Of course. It's a worthwhile possibility in any case...

Gentarou Hongou is Akane and Aoi's father.
16 children were reported kidnapped but the Nonary Game had 18 participants. I believe it was Seven and Santa who say Aoi and Akane were orphans but Seven would only know that by asking the children. Other things suggest they aren't orphans too. Aoi is dressed as someone from a private school. Junpei also knew Akane as a child and it didn't mention anything about her being an orphan (with seemingly no one to report her disappearance) which would be a pretty big deal. Even orphans have people looking after them. The only way they could have been snatched was if they were homeless (in which case they were some well groomed school attending homeless kids who apparently had very uncaring teachers) or if the one doing the snatching was the one looking after them. Ace wouldn't recognise them years later due to his prospagnosia and even Snake said Aoi's voice has changed. It would also explain why they couldn't bring themselves to kill Ace or have him kill himself despite it being clear he is the one they hate the most. I think this theory fits very well and makes the scene in the incinerator all that more heart breaking. The only thing to disprove this theory from what I can see is Akane's surname...Maybe their mother did die and they took her name out of respect/dislike of their uncaring father.

Look at this picture and tell me you can't see the resemblance.

Past!June grabbed the Idiot Ball because another esper forced her to.
  • Her capture by Hongou was necessary to unlock her kool powerz, and, by extension, to save the world and continue the chain of esper stewards. (Unknown Esper awakens June, who awakens Phi, ensuring the world's continued safety from things like Radical-6.) June's retrieval of the trinket seems like too random a variable to be left up to chance.

Snake and Clover's parents are manga fans

That is why they specifically named them Yotsuba&! and Light.

  • Except that Snake was already eighteen years old when Death Note was published, and Clover was 12 when Yotsuba was published. At least, assuming the game takes place around the time it was released, which the pop culture references strongly imply. (Junpei quoting The Dark Knight means the game couldn't have taken place any earlier than 2008.)
    • The sequel took place around 2029, 2 years after 999, so their birthdates aren't a problem.

Ace is an Esper

Why else would he build a death trap for a ship, kidnap 18 children, and set up the Nonary Game to test the Morphogenetic Field, if he couldn't even access it?

Voice actors for the HD remake

Ace: I'm almost certain that's Richard Epcar.
Snake: I have no clue.
Santa: Confirmed as Sean Chiplock in this tweet.
Clover: Wendee Lee's back, baby!
Junpei: As is Evan Smith!
June/Akane: And Rena Strober!
Seven: Also no clue.
Lotus: Uh... Marcella Lentz-Pope?
9th Man: Also no clue.

The real reason for Seven's amnesia is...
Zero is a college-aged young woman who probably can't be more than 120 lbs soaking wet. Seven is a professional detective built like a linebacker.
Zero: [dragging Seven along during the abduction] Sonuva monkey-flinging cotton-slinging turnip!
Santa: Having fun?
Seven: Ungh...
Zero: [gasses him again, accidentally overdosing him and wiping his memories] Fatty!

Santa and June's bracelet numbers...
They are actually 3 and 6. All the evidence pointing to them being 9 and 0 is circumstantial. Santa always going through the same doors as June can be interpreted as him not not wanting to leave his sister alone (note he isn't the one to protest when June wants to go through Door 5 with Junpei). His behavior at Door 3 doesn't prove anything as Lotus runs for it as well. He may have just been trying to preserve the timeline Akane had seen nine years previously. Also, Snake's reasoning behind his theory is shaky at best. His reason for that theory was that there was most likely not two bracelets with the number 6, but the theory results in two number 9 bracelets, and we already know there were two bracelets with the number 2. Additionally, his reasoning regarding Santa and June always going through the same doors could also be used to cast suspicion on Lotus, as she had also gone through all the same doors in that timeline. Sure, there are other timelines where Lotus did not go through the same doors, but Snake had no way of knowing that. Finally, at no other point in the game are there any doors or bracelets that are anything other than what they show, with Musashidou's bracelet being the letter O instead of the number 0, and the final door being a q instead of a 9. There is no way something could look like a 3 but actually represent 9: E would be 14 (5), M would be 22 (4), and W would be 32 (5).

The Camera in the Captain's Quarters
Let's go through some facts:
  • Ace's note from Zero states that he would be allowed out of the Nonary Game if he confessed his crimes in the Captain's Quarters. Specifically, he was told there would be a camera there, streaming a live-feed.
  • There is a a camera in the final room of the Captain's Quarters, and examining it reveals it's probably streaming a live feed to somewhere.
  • However, if this was meant to capture Ace's (and Musashidou's) confession, there's a glaring problem: The camera is pointed towards the exit door. In order to capture anything usable of the confession, it would most likely be pointed at the middle of the room instead. (Which would be far more convincing evidence than disembodied voices).

  • However, the next morsel of information comes when you realize that the only time Junpei (and thus, the player) gets to see the Captain's Quarters is when exploring it with Ace and Clover (1+4+5 = 10 -> 1+0 = 1). This is also, regardless of path, when Ace uses advance knowledge of the game to sneak off and kill Cap.
  • In other words, the only time we see the camera in question is after Ace has been on the scene. Given that he knew his confession would be recorded, he must have assumed there'd be a camera, and thus know about it.
  • Since he kills Cap (and remember, the camera would probably have been pointing at the center of the room in its default state), it's heavily implied he turned the camera around to avoid capturing a murder on a camera, not to mention one that was streaming its contents.

  • While technically, the camera might not have been intended to stream any footage for a confession at all (Zero was planning on Ace ignoring the confession anyway, and the footage might just have been wirelessly transmitting to one of the screens in the room itself), the key fact is that Ace would have thought it was sending information to some sort of hard-drive or live-stream.

The Field Parents are Manga Fans
Look at the real names of Clover and Snake in the Japanese version.

Clover is named Yotsuba, and Snake is Light (pronounced Raito). This one really explains itself, and while it could just be a coincidence, it's funny that they're both named after manga main characters.

The Bracelet Numbers on the Gigantic Nine Years Ago
The only bracelet number that's confirmed for Nine Years Ago is that Akane was definitely #5, but in what may be the most useless piece of 999 speculation, it's possible to take a reasonable guess at three other numbers.

When the nine children are trapped in the incinerator, they send five of them ahead through the 9 Door when they realized Seven is coming to save them. Based on the C Gs, the four who stayed behind were Light/Snake, Aoi/Santa, Akane/June, and Nona/Lotus' Daughter.

Since Akane must be #5, and three of the four show up Nine Years Later (with Nona instead having her mother be there), we can make an assumption that they might have the same numbers. Intentionally or not, this happens to work out, giving #2 to Light, #3 to Aoi, and #8 to Nona.

2 + 3 + 5 + 8 = 18 —> 1 + 8 = [9]

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