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A quotes page for Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. Spoilers below.

"On April 14th, 1912, the famous ocean liner, known as the Titanic crashed into an iceberg. After remaining afloat for two hours and forty minutes, it sank between the waters of the North Atlantic. I will give you more time. Nine Hours. That is the time you will be given to make your escape."
Zero, on the Exact Time to Failure.

"Have you heard the story of the two Santa Clauses? It goes that a long time ago there were two Santas... One of 'em wore white, and the other one wore black. The white Santa gave presents to good kids, and the black Santa played tricks on bad kids.
They went on like that for a while, but eventually the black Santa's tricks started to get worse and worse. Pretty soon the white Santa couldn't stand it anymore... And he stabbed the black Santa to death. When he stabbed the other Santa, the white Santa got blood all over his clothes. And that's why, these days, his clothes are red. You could say that red is all that's left of the black Santa.

Junpei: By the way, Ace... would you mind if I asked you something?
Ace: What is it?
Junpei: Do you know... who I am?
Ace: Wh-What!? What kind of question...
Junpei: Just answer it, please. Who am I?
Ace: You're Junpei. Of course. Who else would you be?
Junpei: Unfortunately, that's the wrong answer. Actually... I'm Santa.
Junpei, giving Santa an identity crisis.

Zero: Game over.
Junpei: Y-You son of a bitch! Where are you hiding?!
Zero: I am right here... I've always been close to you.
Junpei: What the hell are you talking about?!
Zero: No matter. I will tell you again. Game over. This game has ended.
Junpei: No! No, it hasn't! I'm not gonna let it end yet! I'm gonna get out of here with Kanny!
Zero: You can't. That is impossible.
Junpei: Why?
Zero: Because you chose the wrong path.
Junpei: The wrong path?
Zero: That is correct. Your path was inevitable, however. Admit defeat. Where there is shadow, there is light. Where there is light, there is shadow. So it goes.
Junpei: W-What are you talking about?!
Zero: It matters not. The loser has been decided.
Junpei: I told you, I'm not gonna lose!
Zero: No. You misunderstand. You haven't lost. I... have lost.
Zero, ending the game.

June: W-Wait!
Junpei: What..?
June: I-I-I-I'm not really...uh... I just... Oh Gosh...
Junpei was at something of a loss. What could she possibly be so frightened of? After a little thought, Junpei decided that she had to be nervous about being locked up in such a small space alone with a boy. In a way, it was kinda cute. Very...demure, you could say, he thought. Still, even though it wasn't exactly roomy in the elevator, they weren't going to be pressed up against one another. At least, they didn't have to be— Still, it was making her nervous. Junpei couldn't help but think how innocent she was...
Junpei: C'mon, let's go.
Again, he stepped toward the elevator—And again, he felt himself restrained.
June: I said wait a minute!
Junpei: Why?!
June: Aren't you afraid, Jumpy?
Junpei: Afraid of what?!
June: Well, I've know...
She'd never been in an elevator with a man alone before? Even so, she still seemed awfully alarmed...
June: I might...get wet.
Junpei: Wh-What?!
June: Down there... I'd get soaking wet...
Junpei: W-Well, I mean, of course you would, that's the way it works. I mean, I've never heard of anyone getting soaking wet...somewhere...else...
June: That's...that's true...
Junpei: ...
June: You...don't mind?
Junpei: Mind what?
June: Getting...wet...
Junpei: W-Well, I dunno, I think I'd probably... You it.
June: Gosh, Jumpy! You're so brave!
Junpei: ...Really? I mean, I kinda think any guy would do the same thing, you know? What happens, happens, right? If you get the chance, you've just gotta go for it. That's what a man's supposed to do, I guess.
June: Y-You're so cool, Jumpy! I really admire you!
Junpei: Uh, that...doesn't really seem like the sort of thing you oughta admire someone for...
June: I'm...I'm really scared...
Junpei: Y-Yeah... I mean, like you said, you've never...done it...before...
June: Yes...
June: So I don't think I'll be able to last very long, and then it'll be...over...
Junpei: ...O-Over...?
June: Yes. I'll go to heaven...
Junpei: ...Heaven...?
June: It feels kind of like you're floating in space, and your mind gets all fuzzy, like when you pass out... At least, that's what I've heard from people who have experienced it...
Junpei: A-Ah, yes, I've heard that too. Although I don't think the same thing happens to guys.
June: ...What?
Junpei: ...Huh?
June: But, it would happen to men too, wouldn't it? It would happen to anyone. Once it gets into your body, the same thing happens to everyone.
Junpei: ...Well...I mean... Usually it doesn't...go inside...the man... I mean, generally...
June: Yes, it does. Well, eventually it will. It's not like you really have a choice... Your body will force you to swallow some of it, eventually...
Junpei: Wh-What are you trying to do to me...?
June: Nothing... I'm not going to do anything to you. I'm just saying that that's what happens. It's a psychological reaction to what you're experiencing...
Was...was that really how it happened? It occurred to Junpei that perhaps that was how it worked... Perhaps he'd been mistaken all these years. Had he misunderstood life so gravely? The thought terrified him. June seemed to be entirely oblivious to Junpei's mounting confusion and terror.

What was left of the body sat in a sea of blood. Chunks of flesh, torn from the body, sat in the blood like tiny islands in a great, red sea. A vast ragged hole had been torn in his torso, and what remained of his intestines spilled out like fresh spaghetti. Smaller chunks of meat had splattered against the wall, and became stuck there as they dried. Globules of yellowish fat had left trails like tiny slags as gravity pulled them down the wall, even as they dried to it. It looked as if the explosion had been quite powerful. His legs were bent in an odd, unnatural way, and his left arm had been split open, exposing the painfully white bone of his ulna. His bracelet lay next to him. It seemed to have hit the wall hard enough to have shattered the display, which lay on the ground in pieces. Half of his head had simply collapsed. The blood coating made it look like raw pizza dough covered in tomato sauce. His clothes, too, were covered in blood. The burgundy tie, the white shirt, the jacket with the yellow piping, and the gray slacks... They were all familliar to Junpei.
A horrific surprise in the shower room.

Junpei: What do you mean "what the hell is a funyarinpa"? You don't know?!
Lotus: How the hell would I know!?
Junpei: How could you not know?! That's...that's practically blasphemous. Say you're sorry! Apologize to the funyarinpa!

As he sank, he could see Clover's face getting further and further away. The water twisted and distorted it into something that barely seemed human.
The Syringe Ending

Junpei: Science Boy! Noooooooooo! Oh, the humanity!
Lotus: What the hell is "Science Boy"?! Are you...are you talking about the mannequin?!
Junpei: ...Yes...
Junpei, mourning the loss of a friend.

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